YouTube TV Vs Dish Network (Full Comparison)

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This article will cover all you need to know about YouTube TV Vs Dish Network. In 2022, if you’re sick of paying a hefty monthly cable bill, you could discover that cutting the cord and switching to YouTube TV is a beautiful way to save money.

If you want to permanently cut ties with cable, one alternative is to use this live TV streaming service. Sling TV and Hulu + Live TV are other choices. You’ll be happy to learn that YouTube TV has deals for 2022 and beyond with both Roku and Disney, even though you may have read stories on highly-publicized disagreements with both in recent months.

YouTube TV Vs Dish Network

Although it doesn’t offer as many channels (or services) as satellite TV, YouTube TV is a worthwhile alternative if you have a smart TV or media streamer connected to a TV. If YouTube TV has the channels you want, it is worth a go.

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YouTube TV

  • In recent months, the length of YouTube TV’s free trial period has frequently changed. It advertised a free 14-day trial for the base plan as of November 2, 2022. That’s longer than other people’s recent experiences of seven and ten days but shorter than the current 21-day advertising period.
  • A limited-time offering provides new clients with a $10 monthly discount for the first three billing cycles. There could be a $30 savings there.
  • In November 2022, the Spanish Plan channel list received the addition of TUDN, a sports channel. The price is even better on YouTube TV’s Spanish Plan, which offers $10 off each month for the first six billing cycles.
  • T-Mobile is providing consumers who subscribe to its wireless phone service and home internet the chance to receive 50% off YouTube TV for a year as part of a new “Internet Freedom” campaign. That implies you could subscribe to YouTube TV for a whole year for just $32.50 a month.
  • YouTube TV improved family account sharing by adding a new profile menu that makes it easier for users to swap between user profiles. Before, switching users required going to the Settings page.

Channel Lineup

The channel lineup is the most significant consideration when looking for a cable or satellite TV substitute. One of YouTube TV’s most important advantages is that it offers local ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX affiliate channels throughout the country.

You should go to the website and enter your ZIP code to verify the availability of local media. A further benefit is that YouTube TV offers more sports and news channels than the majority of its rivals. Several RSNs are no longer part of a subscription due to contractual disputes with a channel provider.

YouTube TV’s Spanish Plan

YouTube TV unveiled a brand-new monthly subscription plan for Spanish-language programming in May 2022. A $35 monthly fee is required for the Spanish Plan. It offers access to more than 28 Spanish-language networks, from news and entertainment to sports. Separate from the regular $65 price, you can get this package, which allows for as many as six different users and unlimited cloud DVR.

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Cloud DVR

If you’re concerned that cutting the cord will mean losing your DVR capabilities, you’ll be relieved to learn that YouTube TV offers a DVR experience that is on par with the finest cable options. The cloud DVR storage offered by YouTube TV is limitless and cost-free. Therefore, you can keep as many recordings of shows, motion pictures, or sporting events as possible.


One of the few streaming services, YouTube TV, provides limitless cloud storage for its DVR. Some firms even charge more for the ability, while others have a cap on the amount of cloud DVR storage you may access.

Other benefits of YouTube TV’s cloud DVR storage include unlimited simultaneous recording, access to your library from anywhere, personal library space for each account, and nine-month retention of recordings. The cloud DVR and some other aspects of the service, including its live TV guide, which resembles what you get with cable, are demonstrated in the video below.

Supported Devices

The range of ways you may consume the material is one of the main benefits of cutting the cord and choosing a subscription-like YouTube TV. Because the cloud DVR is portable, you may switch between devices without a hitch and carry your recorded content with you so that you can bring your preferred movies and television shows on vacation.

On a computer, tablet, or phone, you may watch YouTube TV. However, many of us still like to watch television shows from the comfort of our couches.

  • You’re also covered there by YouTube TV.
  • Apple TV (4th generation) Apple TV 4K gadgets are on the list of TVs that the streaming service supports. Amazon Fire TV units are also on the list.
  • Devices that use Chromecast and Google TV
  • Google TV (Note: There is a chance that Android TVs that use a mobile OS won’t work)
  • Smart TVs from Samsung and LG as well as Vizio (2016 models and newer)
  • Xbox:  HiSense TVs; PS5 and PS4; and other devices.
  • Roku Multiple Streams
  • TiVo Stream 4K

Making sure that everyone in the family can enjoy watching television the same way they have with cable is another major issue for cord-cutters.


This is another area where YouTube TV excels, and it does all that without making you pay extra for a separate set-top box for each TV. Up to three streams can be watched simultaneously by each household. Also included with a YouTube TV membership are six accounts so that each family member can have their own cloud DVR storage space and consumption preferences.

Benefits Of DISH Network Satellite Broadcasting

Compared to conventional cable TV, satellite TV offers several advantages. The fact that it is far more accessible is the most significant of those. You don’t need additional connections throughout your Home because it receives the signal via satellite. More channels are often available from satellite TV providers than cable TV providers, and the visual quality is typically superior, especially for consumers who live distant from service centers.

Theoretically, any channel with a deal with the provider is available to satellite TV subscribers. Over 700 regular and premium channels are available with DISH. Additionally, you can independently add the service to any other service you are currently receiving.

You might simultaneously use a cable connection and a DISH connection. Using two independent input channels, customers with such configurations can even effortlessly switch from their cable connection to DISH on the same television.

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Why Choose DISH TV?

DISH, a Fortune 250 company, has been providing services to the American market since the early 1980s and has since established a reputable name. They emphasize adaptability and give customers more customization options than other satellite TV companies. They provide inexpensive channel packages for fans of sports, movies, and TV shows. Compared to specific providers, they fall short in terms of material but make up for it in value.

Equipment And Add-Ons

DISH has always placed a strong emphasis on innovation and is frequently an early adopter of technology that later becomes standard in the sector. The Hopper set-top-box (STB) has been a part of DISH’s whole-home system since 2012. The Hopper 3, a DVR currently in its third incarnation, can stream video in 4K definition, record up to 16 shows simultaneously, and allow simultaneous viewing on up to four screens.

For each extra TV, DISH offers a smaller STB unit as part of their multiple-TV package. Joeys, which are little DVRs, connect to the main Hopper and are an additional $5 per month. The DISH Anywhere app enables viewing on any compatible device with a suitable internet connection to ensure continuous service. Additionally, content can be recorded for later viewing on portable devices.

Channels And Content

The four introductory channel packages DISH offers are all priced regularly, so unlike most other providers, the cost will stay the same after the first year of service. The channel packages include local networks, ESPN, Disney Channel, HGTV, Food Network, and other essential networks. The information on DISH TV packages is provided here.

The more popular channels are available in more expensive packages, although all channel packs are reasonably priced. DISH costs about 33 cents per channel, whereas the closest rival charges 38 cents per channel for a comparable channel package. Value is the fundamental focus of the DISH approach. Subscribers pay a set sum and receive what they paid for.

DISH largely stays away from channel stuffing, a practice whereby providers artificially inflate their channel count by including various music and lifestyle channels that many subscribers don’t genuinely desire.

Even though the possibilities appear to be somewhat limited, they can offer a more concentrated and valuable service in this way. DISH offers channels across all genres, but they are particularly good at covering college sports. They have the most college sports channels compared to other direct broadcast services. However, their selection of premium channels could be more impressive and include HBO or Cinemax.

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One of the few satellite broadcasters that offer contract-free service is DISH. Pay-as-you-go solutions are a little more expensive but eliminate the long-term commitment for viewers who don’t want to sign a contract. DISH offers free installs, which is another significant benefit. Their professionals will install any STBs, mount the satellite dish in the most practical and effective location, and complete any installation-related duties.

DISH and other satellite broadcasters have recently begun to offer on-demand video to compete with Netflix and Hulu. The on-demand selection provided by DISH is extensive, and the company aims to increase it and concentrate more on on-demand entertainment in the future.

Is YouTube TV Is Better?

Yes. Only $49.99 gets you 70 channels. The likelihood is that you will watch these networks. Enter YouTube live pricing into your browser to learn what channels your location offers. Then pick option number one. After that, you can enter your zip code to discover which channels are accessible in your neighborhood. If your internet connection is fast, this might be your best course of action. You may now manage up to six accounts and have limitless storage space. This would be a better choice, so yeah.


I hope you understand the differences between YouTube TV Vs Dish Network in this article. Despite a gradual price hike over the past several years, the service continues to provide cord-cutters with one of the most incredible live TV streaming experiences at a cost that is still less than most cable bills. The unlimited cloud DVR is a significant plus for folks who prefer to watch traditional television programs but have a schedule that doesn’t offer much flexibility for sitting in front of the TV at a given time.

Additionally, it’s straightforward to distinguish between adult content and children’s programming and vice versa, thanks to the ability to build unique DVR storage spaces for individuals within a family. Although it is undoubtedly more expensive than on-demand streaming services, satellite TV is still a viable alternative for in-home entertainment, and the selection of material is unmatched.

DISH is a fantastic choice for those who want a straightforward service with a transparent pricing structure and no extraneous baggage. Their technology is some of the best, and their channel packages are focused and cost-effective. Additionally, they support Netflix and provide on-demand material comparable to that of most rivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything better than YouTube TV?

The price of streaming services with hundreds of channels is also the same: DirecTV Stream, Fubo, and Hulu with Live TV are around $65. There are excellent, less expensive options, though. Sling TV ($35), Philo ($25), Friends TV ($6), PlutoTV and Xumo TV (both free), and Friendly TV ($6) are the least expensive alternatives to Youtube TV.

Does Dish Network have YouTube TV?

On your Hopper, head to the Apps page by hitting Home and choosing Apps to access the YouTube App. With just a few clicks, you may explore and search to your heart’s delight by clicking on the YouTube tile. The app can also be opened by navigating to Channel 371 in the guide.

Is it worth switching to YouTube TV?

If you cut the cord and miss live TV, require a DVR, and stream content across several devices, YouTube TV is worthwhile. You’ll be let down. If you follow local sports closely or frequently visit countries outside the US, you may be interested in this.

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