Will An Iphone XR Case Fit An Iphone 11? (Answered)

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A little money saved is always welcome so that you might wonder Will An Iphone XR Case Fit An Iphone 11? Every new phone model brings with it a slew of new accessories. Often, this results in a different amount of stock for the previous generation of phones, as the new phones become the focus of companies.

Only last year’s iPhone XR was still available when the iPhone 11 was announced by Apple. This means you can quickly discover cases for the XR if you leave it in play. There are certain similarities between the iPhone 11 And The iPhone XR, such as the same size and form but different camera arrangement.

Will An Iphone XR Case Fit An Iphone 11?

Yes, because they are the same size and form, attaching an iPhone XR case to an iPhone 11 is simple and should work well. Since the camera setup is slightly different, iPhone XR cases often conceal the iPhone 11’s flash.

But the similarities imply that you might be able to cooperate, and if you’ve found an iPhone XR case that you already like that aren’t available on the iPhone 11, you might be beginning to wonder Do iPhone XR Cases Fit The iPhone 11? 

Iphone XR Case Fit An Iphone 11

iPhone XR Cases On The iPhone 11

Snapping on an iPhone XR Cover On An iPhone 11 should be simple due to their similar sizes and shapes. iPhone XR cases often cover the iPhone 11’s flash because of the device’s unique camera layout. If your phone has a blue or pink case, the flash will be tinted that color.

Your phone can probably rectify this, but it may still be noticeable. Even if you can’t afford the iPhone XR case, you can still use it on the iPhone 11. If it were to work in reverse, that would be interesting. If you’d wish to use an iPhone 11 cover on an iPhone XR, how would you go about doing so?

Is It Possible To Put An iPhone XR Into An iPhone 11 Case?

Because the objects’ dimensions and shapes are identical, you’re only seeing the world via the camera lens. Thanks to Apple’s move to a square camera area, the camera window on iPhone 11 cases is larger and more accommodating. That means it’ll operate better with the iPhone XR, even if it doesn’t offer as much protection.

The good news is that the Apple Smart Battery Case will work just fine with an iPhone XR when put in an iPhone 11 case. With the iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case, you may use the extra camera button on the side of your iPhone XR.

To use the camera button on your iPhone, you’ll need to update to the newest version of iOS, which was 13.2. A unique battery cover for the iPhone XR adds a camera release button to the camera button, which is otherwise useless.

What Cases Can The iPhone 11 Fit?

  • Products for iPhone 11 fit on iPhone XR.
  • Products for iPhone 11 Pro Max fit on iPhone XS Max.
  • Products for iPhone 11 Pro fit on iPhone XS /X.
  • Products from iPhone 13 Pro Max fit on iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Will An iPhone 11 Case Fit An iPhone XS?

Regrettably, no. The new camera design of the iPhone 11 requires a deeper cover cutout than the iPhone XR, even though the two models’ dimensions are the same.


While concluding Will An Iphone XR Case Fit An Iphone 11? I want to tell you the iPhone 11 has an entirely different rear design; therefore, an iPhone 11 case will not work with an iPhone XR, despite Apple’s best efforts to keep the design consistent between iPhone models.

Below, you can notice the difference between the two phones in color. The iPhone 11 (on the left) has two cameras, whereas the iPhone XR (on the right) has just one. Using a case for the iPhone 11 will make a big difference.

I strongly recommend purchasing a new one, as having ample space where nothing is will be inconvenient. Using an iPhone 11 case won’t cause any issues because the screens are the same size on both phones (6.1 inches).

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cases work with the iPhone XR?

Apple Smart Battery Case compatibility is excellent news for those who want to use the new iPhone XR in an iPhone 11 case. With the iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case, you may use the extra camera button on the side of your iPhone XR.

Can the XR’s iPhone 11 cases be used on the 11?

Not at this time, sadly. If you have an iPhone 11 cover, it won’t fit an iPhone XR because the rear design of the iPhone 11 is fundamentally different from that of the iPhone XR.

Is the XS case compatible with the XR?

For iPhone XR owners, you may question, “Can I use an iPhone X cover on an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus?” The short answer is yes. Only one of the latest iPhone models can be protected by an iPhone X case because of the tiny differences in the phones’ dimensions.

Is the XS the same size as the XR?

The True Tone Liquid Retina display on the iPhone XR, on the other hand, is unlikely to let users down. In fact, at 6.1 inches, it is somewhat more significant than the iPhone XS display. The iPhone XR is capable of nearly everything the iPhone XS can, but the iPhone XS has a better camera and screen.

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