Why Won’t My Computer Connect To WiFi? Reasons + Solutions

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In this article, we will tell you the steps to fix the problem and reconnect your PC to WiFi. But Why Won’t My Computer Connect To WiFi? Using a different device, such as a phone or a computer? If not, you may have to contact your router or broadband provider to resolve the issue.  

Have difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop? It’s aggravating to be unable to Access The Internet, and the Windows Networking Troubleshooter isn’t always helpful in identifying the issue.

Being not able to connect to WiFi on a Windows 10 computer is a regular problem, especially after an update, but we’ve found that most of the time you can fix the problem and go back online by following one of the procedures indicated below. Check to see if the problem is with your pc rather than your network or modem.

Why Won’t My Computer Connect To WiFi?

Make that your network adapter’s Wireless Mode option corresponds to the capabilities of the network you’re attempting to connect to. You won’t be able to connect if it doesn’t match, and the network might not show up in the list of accessible networks.

Won't My Computer Connect To WiFi

How to Fix Computer Won’t Connect To WiFi?

Your WiFi Adaptor Isn’t Functioning Properly

It’s an uncommon occurrence, but your PC’s Wi-Fi hardware may have failed. If you’ve tried restarting your network connection, rebooting the PC, and determining that other nearby devices can connect successfully, the adapter could be the problem. In most cases, the only solution is to install it. Many low-cost Wi-Fi adapters can be plugged into one of your Computer’s USB ports.

There’s An Issue With One Of The Network Settings

You’re right if you believe there’s an issue with a wireless mesh network seems unclear. There are a variety of potential difficulties that only affect a small percentage of Windows users, but when they occur, they’re particularly difficult to resolve. Windows has a built-in troubleshooter for situations like this.

To troubleshoot, click the Start button and input troubleshoot. Select Troubleshoot settings from the list of options, and then click Internet Connections on the Troubleshoot screen. To run the troubleshooter click Use the troubleshooter and follow the on-screen instructions. The fixer may be able to restore your Wi-Fi connection.

Airplane Mode Is Enabled On Your Computer

Check to see if your computer is set to Airplane Mode, which blocks Wi-Fi and other connectivity. If you’re in Flight Mode, you’ll see an airplane-shaped symbol in the system tray; click it and select Airplane Mode from the squeeze menu to turn it off. To check its status, put Airplane Mode into the Menu button search box.

A Wireless Network Cannot Be Found In Your Area

Don’t rule out the chance that the issue seems to be with the Wi-Fi network rather than your PC. It’s conceivable that the signal isn’t strong enough to make a connection. If you’re utilizing a laptop, try moving around to see if it makes a difference.

Wi-Fi has a hard time passing through walls, so there could be dead zones in any home or office. First, can other gadgets join the Wi-Fi network (such as your phone or tablet)? If not, the router could be having problems of its own.

Unplug it for 2 minutes, then connect it back in and wait for it to resume. If you have a different internet router, disconnect it as well, wait a minute, and then reconnect it before rebooting the Wi-Fi router. If you still didn’t communicate, the problem could be with your network provider, so check with them to see if there’s a problem.

It’s Time To Restart Your WiFi Adaptor

When your Wi-Fi stops working properly due to minor technical issues, the best approach to solve it is to switch it off and back on again. By putting the Wi-Fi adapter in Airplane Mode for a few moments, you can cycle it click the Wi-Fi icon in the settings menu, and select Airplane Mode. Alternatively, you can simply restart your computer by going to Starting, then Power, and Reboot.

Why Won’t My Computer Connect To Wifi But My Phone Will?

If it has been a while since the previous reboot, restarting your computer can help address the problem. Reset your network adapter if it doesn’t resolve the WiFi connection issue. If not, your network adapter may be damaged, and replacing it should fix the issue.

Why Won’t My Computer Connect To WiFi But Others Will?

Your PC might not be able to connect to Wi-Fi for several reasons. First, check whether the Wi-Fi adapter on your computer has to be reset or turned off. Check if the Wi-Fi works on other devices since the problem might be with the Wi-Fi and not your PC.

Why Is My Laptop Not Connecting To Wifi?

Press and hold (or right-click) on the network adapter, choose Update Driver > Search automatically for updated driver software, and proceed as directed. Whether you are prompted to restart after installing the new driver, choose Start > Power > Restart and check to see if it resolves the connection problem.


Here we conclude all about your question Why Won’t My Computer Connect To WiFi? It’s irritating when you want to Connect To The Internet on your laptop but your typical Wi-Fi network does not appear. The good news is that you can solve it.

That’s all there is to it. If you find a method that works for you, please share it with us. If the Network connection still does not appear in the network list and you are unsure how to proceed, please leave a comment down and we will see what we can do to assist you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my computer allowing me to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi?

Check your Android device’s settings to ensure that airplane mode is turned off and Wi-Fi is turned on. 3. Your wireless setup driver may be out of date, which is another network adapter-related issue for computers. Pc drivers are software applications that instruct your computer hardware on how to operate.

Why am I unable to access the Internet?

Easy tasks like a weak or unplugged wired network, modem, or router might cause an internet connection to fail. Your laptop’s wireless network connection may be turned off if you’re connected to a wireless network. Examine the Ethernet cables that attach to your router for wired connections.

How can I set up Wi-Fi on my computer?

Select Control Panel from the Start Menu; Select Networking Sharing Center from the Network access category Select Configure settings from the options just on the left-hand side. Enable the Wireless Connection symbol by right-clicking on it.

Is it possible to use Wi-Fi on a desktop computer?

A desktop computer, like a laptop or a cell phone, can effortlessly connect to a Wi-Fi network. To link a desktop or PC to Wi-Fi, you must first ensure that your computer has a wireless communication adapter.

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