Why Is The Make Flurry Machine Always Down? All Reasons

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You’ve got a strong desire for a McFlurry or a Shamrock Shake. You travel to McDonald’s, anticipating a cold, sweet meal. When you finally reach the counter, though, you are greeted with the dreaded, tragic words, “The ice cream machine is broken.” But Why Is The Make Flurry Machine Always Down?

Why Is The Make Flurry Machine Always Down?

They are unable to offer ice cream while the machines are being cleaned. Additionally, nobody has time to take care of the demanding machine when the crew is preoccupied with receiving food and beverage orders.

Make Flurry Machine Always Down

McFlurry Machines

But (particularly when it comes to McDonald’s Ice Cream), there’s an excellent reason why you can’t always get what you want. According to a new study from The Wall Street Journal’s McFlurry specialists, McDonald’s requires McFlurry Machines to go through a rigorous four-hour heat-cleaning cycle every day to eliminate any bacteria.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a company spokeswoman said, “During off-peak hours, we service our soft-serve equipment on a regular basis. Customers who visit at such period may face a long wait or the inability to order soft-serve desserts.”

McFlurry Machines

However, a McDonald’s employee provided the Journal with the inside scoop, claiming that the situation was even more intricate.

The 11-step cleaning procedure “involves blending a sanitizing solution with warm water, removing and rinsing seven parts, brushing clean two fixed pieces for 60 seconds, and wiping down the machine with a sterilized towel,” according to the machine’s handbook.

When a guest buys ice cream late at night, when the machine is more likely to be ready for cleaning, the employee stated they often say the Machine Is “Down,” rather than rebuild it. Who could blame them, after all?

The machine devices are not only time-consuming to clean, but they are also notoriously temperamental and frequently break, according to the research. According to statistics obtained by Richard Adams, a consultant to McDonald’s franchisees, a staggering 25% of McDonald’s stores were not serving ice cream due to malfunctioning machines.

So, until all of the new McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines are installed, you may have to curb your McFlurry appetites for the time being. If you really can’t stop yourself, a disgruntled customer designed an app that lets you check if the ice cream machine at the McDonald’s nearest you is functional. Instead, go for something salty to quench your hunger. This is the secret ingredient behind their delectable fries.

How Long Should You Flurry A Mcflurry?

The primary cause is that cleaning and sanitizing the McDonald’s ice cream equipment requires up to four hours each day and takes an eternity. They are unable to offer ice cream while the machines are being cleaned.


In conclusion, Why Is The Make Flurry Machine Always Down? The machines that manufacture McFlurries are rarely faulty, but there are typical reasons why the personnel refuse to offer you McFlurries at certain times.

Try going to the restaurant during peak hours, such as 11 am to 8 p.m., and check if the location where the machine is constantly broken will offer you a McFlurry. If they don’t provide McFlurries during certain hours, there’s a significant problem with the establishment.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is McDonald’s ice cream machine always broken?

There’s an obvious reason for this: they’re so pricey that each store will only buy one, but they’re used so much that they eventually wear out. As a result, they’ll have to stop feeding them since the situation will simply explode. They need to give it more time to cool off if it becomes too popular.

Is the ice cream machine at McDonald’s broken?

Despite a new startup offering a rapid cure, the article claims that McDonald’s ice cream machine maker is deliberately working to keep the franchise’s ice cream equipment inoperable. Taylor ice cream machines, which are typical in the McDonald’s system, are notorious for breaking down frequently.

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