Why Is My W Key Not Working? (Causes + Solution)

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Some people face a problem while playing games is that Why Is My W Key Not Working? While playing an MMORPG, it is quite typical for gamers to make mistakes. It could be related to a variety of factors, such as addons or 3rd software that individuals connect to their game. The primary goal of incorporating this type of third-party software is to improve agricultural efficiency and skill rotation.

If you have a desktop computer, simply swap out the keyboard for a different one. However, this is not achievable on laptops, which is a significant issue. Some World of Warcraft players has complained about not being able to get their W key to operate in the game. Even if the key functions normally outside of the game, nothing happens when you push the Win button.

Why Is My W Key Not Working?

Visit Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot to use the Keyboard Troubleshooter. Going into Device Manager, accessed by right-clicking the Start button, selecting the Keyboard device, and then trying Updating the driver automatically under the Driver tab, may also be helpful.

My W Key Not Working

What Gives That My W Key Isn’t Working?

It’s worth noting that the letters W and E are immediately sided by side. It appears to be a keyboard issue. Perhaps something has become stuck between the keys, causing you to have to press E to get W to work. When you press the E, does it print? When you press the W down, I assume it will not print (on the screen).

Unless you’re ready to pry up the W key and see whether there’s something underneath that’s preventing it from working, I’d recommend taking it to a pc store. According to legend, the key has a post below it that connects to the keyboard. But this is a problem I’d delegate to someone who possesses the required tools and expertise.

The Keyboard Driver Should Be Reinstalled

An out-of-date driver may be causing your keyboard keys to stop working. However, if you often install third-party software or power off your PC without utilizing the Shut Down command, the keyboard driver may malfunction. Follow these procedures to replace your keyboard driver:

  • Right-click on the Start menu and select Disk Utility.
  • Expand the list by clicking on Keyboards. You can look here for any entries with a yellow screaming mark next to them, indicating a concern.
  • Select Uninstall Driver from the context menu of your keyboard.
  • Reboot your pc, and the generic keypad drivers will be installed automatically, after which you can verify if the keys work normally.

Note: You could also go to your pc manufacturer’s website and get the most recent drivers for your model’s unique keyboard. You can update the USB drivers or the chipset if it isn’t available.

Make Changes To Your Keyboard’s Input Settings

Even if they’re meant to be helpful, certain software settings on your keyboard keys can cause erratic behavior. Filter Keys, Gluey Keys, and Repeat Delay settings are among the input options available. If you press a key more than once, it will type over one character:

  • Go to Start>Control Panel>Keyboard and type Keyboard into the Control Panel searching field.
    • Adjust the Repetitive Delay settings under the speed tab and try composing the characters again.
    • Adjust Filter Keys if there is a delay between pressing keys and the character appearing on your screen. In the search field, type Ease of Accessibility and click on it.
    • Click Make the keyboard more user-friendly.
    • If the Filter Keys box is checked, uncheck it and click OK. If your keypad is acting up, go to the same menu and turn off Sticky Keys.

Scan For Malware

It’s conceivable that your keypad is infected with a virus, as strange as it seems. To rule out any potential risks, do a malware scan with your current antivirus program or use a free online malware scanner.

Check The Language Or Region Settings

You may see various letters on your display than what is represented on the keyboard if your keyboard’s language or layout options are incorrect. Because various characters are used in different parts of the world, the keyboard layouts aren’t the same everywhere. To fix this, use these steps to modify the area or language settings:

  • Select Start>Settings>Time & Language from the Start menu.
  • Choose your current region by clicking Region.
  • To find the proper option for your keyboard, go to Language and then Add a favorite language.
  • Select Next, and then Install.
  • Select the new option for your keyboard in the Languages area, and then try inputting a few characters to see whether it works.

You can also alter your keyboard settings by returning to Language, clicking on the current keypad language, and then select the keyboard type from the Options menu. Users in the United States, for example, will have the choice of using English (United States) as their keypad language and the US QWERTY keyboard layout.

The Keyboard Must Be Replaced

If none of these suggestions worked and your pc is still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer for additional advice and repair, or have it replaced entirely. If it’s a laptop, make a backup or remove the hard disc before taking it to a professional so you don’t lose any important data.

Why Is My W Key Not Working Mechanical Keyboard?

Concentrating on that key is the best course of action when one key isn’t working. Remove the keycap, then scan the area for trash. Use canned air to clear it out if you notice anything. Try cleaning the key with canned air or contact a cleaner if that doesn’t work, and if all else fails, replace the switch.

Why Does My W Key Sometimes Stop Working?

Over time, dust, dirt, hair, and other particles can enter the keyboard, impede a key’s motion, or mess with its circuitry. Clean the area under and around the key that isn’t working before attempting to remove it.

How Do I Fix My W Key Not Working?

If you’re having problems with your keyboard, you may use the troubleshooter to look for solutions in the Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot menu. You might also try updating the driver automatically by going to Device Manager (accessible by right-clicking the Start button), selecting the Keyboard device, and choosing the Driver tab.


If you’re having this problem Why Is My W Key Not Working? As well, you’re probably pretty frustrated. But don’t be concerned. It can be fixed. Many computer users are having problems with their keyboards. Some of the keys on their notebook keyboard aren’t functioning properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with my W key being stuck?

One of your keypad keys starts sticking just as you’re typing the final words of your quarterly report. Dirt and dust inside the keyboard can produce sticky keys, but they can also be caused by spilled drinks or other sticky.

Why would my W key not always register?

When the game receives a major update, your addons are likely to stop working. Some key binds may not register in the game as a result of this. Simply go to your addons management and update them first.

What can I do to get my keyboard to type again?

To unlock the keyboard, press and hold the right SHIFT key for further 8 seconds. Simply open to the Control Panel & uncheck Filter Keys. It’s conceivable that you’ve switched on Num Lock or are using an inappropriate keyboard layout if your keyboard isn’t typing the correct characters.

What is the best way to identify whether a key is stuck?

If a key is stuck, you may be able to unstick it by giving each key on the keyboard a solid touch one at a time. Tap them instead of holding them down. After you’ve done that for all of them, space bar out any real keystrokes (you can do this even if the machine is turned off), and see if you can sign in.

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