Why Is My Instax Mini 9 Not Working? Instax Mini Troubleshooting

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Many of us have experienced this: you’re out snapping photos and your Instax stops working for no particular reason. The consequences for Why Is My Instax Mini 9 Not Working? Or How To Use Mini Instax 9? Perhaps the lights on the brightness adjustment dial start flashing, or the red Mini Flashing Light beside the viewfinder refuses to turn off. It’s possible that the camera won’t turn on at all.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is one of the greatest instant film cameras on the market right now, but it’s not without flaws. It’s easy to use and offers a lot of cool features. However, it might be aggravating when you’re out capturing pictures and your camera suddenly stops working.

Why Is My Instax Mini 9 Not Working?

The requirement for new batteries is the main cause of most Instax cameras ceasing to function. It is significant to keep track of how many batteries you’ve used up so that you may avoid any unpleasant shocks. The instructions state that you can take an average of 100 shots with two new AA batteries (or approximately 10 rolls of film).

My Instax Mini 9 Not Working

In this instance, Resetting Your Instax Mini 9 might be the best option. That being stated, it is critical that you understand how to repair this camera before investing your money in it.

That way, if you have an issue with it, you can quickly correct it and get back to shooting. We’re delighted you’re here if you’re in this circumstance. The good news is that only one of the top reasons the Instax Mini 9 Stops Working is stated below and only one of them allows you to contact Fujifilm for help!

Causes And Solution Instax Mini Flashing Light Not Working Or Instax Mini 9 Not Turning On

The Camera Had Been Knocked Or Crushed

There’s a significant risk the camera will start to malfunction if you drop or bang it against something hard. If all of the lights on the lens adjustment dial continue to blink or if the red lamp next to the viewfinder doesn’t turn off even after replacing the AA batteries, you’ll know there’s a problem.

The lens unit is the section of the body that is most prone to damage. Because plastic parts have been displaced, the lens unit may not extend or retract smoothly, or the black lens cover may not open. Your photographs may also appear to be out of focus.

The optical viewfinder, flash bulb, and mechanical film roller used to eject the film are also vulnerable sections of the body. To avoid injuring the camera, press the lens unit back into the body as gently as possible, and use an arm or neckband at all times to prevent it from falling.

If you’re handy with tools, this replacement guide will come in handy. (This is for the Instax Mini 8, but the instructions are the same for the Mini 9.) Otherwise, the best course of action is to contact a Fujifilm repair center.

Your Camera Requires Cleaning

Dust and grime can accumulate in the numerous nooks and crannies of the Instax Mini 9, as with any electronic gadget, so it’s a good idea to keep it clean. Check that no foreign items have been trapped inside the film ejection slot and that the lens is free of fingerprints, dust, and stains on a regular basis.

Our recommendation is to get a simple lens cleaning kit that includes a blower brush and lens cleaning cloth.

The Film Had Been Damaged Or Had Been Loaded Inaccurately

It’s not always the camera that’s to blame; it might also be the film. In rare situations, you may purchase a faulty or broken box of the film; however, the majority of issues are caused by inappropriate loading or handling practices. To begin, never push the rectangular holes on the back of the film or expose it to direct sunlight when loading it.

Second, do not open the camera back until all ten shots have been taken. This will expose the remaining frames, rendering them white. Finally, always slip a fresh film pack right into the back of the camera, with the yellow marks on the film matched with the yellow marks on the camera.

Issues With The Viewfinder

If the viewfinder does not provide a clear view of the photographs you are attempting to capture, it is possible that dirt is obstructing it. To avoid this issue, keep your viewfinder clean at all times.

Remove any dirt from the viewfinder with a gentle, clean microfiber cloth. Remove the camera’s back cover and replace it with a new one if the blurry photos are caused by a break in the viewfinder.

The Lens Won’t Open Or Closed

 If the lens won’t open or close, it’s possible that you’re pressing the wrong eject button. To open the lens, press the button on the bottom right of the camera’s front. Simply press your lens back into the camera’s body without applying pressure to retract it. Check that nothing is obscuring the lens before performing either step.

The Lens Is Stuck

To solve this issue, lengthen the switch that releases the lens. When viewing from behind, extend the lens until you are certain there is an opening through it. Your small 8/9 camera lens should spring out whenever the release switch is pressed. When light shows naturally on the aperture ring, it means the camera is now ready to be utilized for shooting.

Why Is My Instax Mini 9 Not Turning On?

The main reason most Instax cameras quit operating is that the batteries need replacement. According to the manual, two brand-new AA batteries will allow you to shoot about 100 photos (or about 10 rolls of film), so it’s a good idea to keep track of how many you’ve used.

Why Is My Instax Mini 9 Not Turning On

Instax Mini 9 Flashing Lights

With the lens in the open position, try reinserting the batteries to try and reset the problem. If not, a repair would be necessary for the camera.

How To Reset Instax Mini 9?

An analog camera, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instax No digital features or settings on these cameras need to be reset.

My Instax Mini 9 Won’t Take Pictures

Most Instax cameras break because of dead batteries. According to the manual, two new AA batteries can take 100 photos (or 10 rolls of film), so keep note of how many you’ve used to avoid nasty surprises.

Why Won’t My Polaroid Turn On?

If the camera doesn’t turn on, the battery might need to be changed because it’s dead. The power pack and the cartridge that contains the undeveloped film are the same. The camera should switch on when the cartridge has been changed.

How To Fix An Instax Mini 9?

If the batteries are dead, get new ones. Alter the movie and do a camera cleanup.


The Instax mini 8/9 cameras have been introduced to you in this post. As you can see in Why Is My Instax Mini 9 Not Working? Or How To Use Mini Instax 9? The Instax Mini 9 Troubleshooting, data recovery, and video repair instructions for Fujifilm Instax mini 8/9 are fairly simple. You may now take care of your camera issues on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with my Instax Mini not developing?

If the film is developing blankly, make sure the shutter is working properly and the light/five-mode dial is set to the appropriate lighting. If the shot is completely black, or if some photos are completely black but others are fine, your camera’s shutter is broken.

Why are the photos in my Instax Mini 9 white?

Nothing is more frustrating for an Instax user than waiting for a photo to develop only to find that it is completely white. It almost invariably signifies that the photograph has been overexposed when this happens. When the film is exposed to too much light, overexposure occurs.

Is it better to use Instax 9 or 11?

The Mini 11 is a substantial improvement over the Mini 9. It has more functionality, a wider range of shooting options, and is simpler to use.

How can you determine if your Polaroid camera’s battery is running low?

Turn the camera off by twisting the control knob clockwise until the empty circle symbol is at the front and the yellow line is pointing downwards to see how much battery is left. Press the shutter button when the camera is turned off and count how many LEDs light up.

What caused my Instax to turn black?

If you select the incorrect option, the outcome will be either far too bright (overexposed) or far too dark (underexposed) (underexposed). Underexposure occurs when the film isn’t exposed to enough light, which can happen for a variety of reasons with the Mini 9 (or any camera for that matter).

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