Why Is Discord Using So Much Bandwidth? Things to Know

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Here we have information on Why Is Discord Using So Much Bandwidth? Everyone would have access to high-speed internet with an unlimited data cap in an ideal world. Sadly, it is still very much not the case.

According to studies, only approximately 60% of people on the earth have access to the internet. That indicates that billions of people still do not have access to the internet, and many of those who do are constrained by sluggish speeds and data limits.

Not all internet users can use the advantages of various programs due to these restrictions. Discord is one software that users are worried about. People frequently have no idea how much data a software uses and don’t want to burn up their data allowances.

When you go over a data limit, you may see significant decreases in download and upload speed, additional fees, or even full internet access restrictions. It is best to stay away from each of these if feasible. Which we shall examine in this article to help alleviate some of these worries.

Why Is Discord Using So Much Bandwidth?

The main reasons Discord consumes so much bandwidth and data are images and videos. GIFs are infamous because each image can weigh between 5 and 20 MB as opposed to photos and GIFs, which autoplay and videos also require data budgets.

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How Much Data Does Discord Use?

Discord will consume more data on your desktop or PC than on your phone.

  • A typical Discord chat conversation uses 280 KB or.28 MB each hour. For comparison, that is around the size of a Facebook photo.
  • Voice chat on Discord requires about 28 MB per hour.
  • Video calls on Discord will use roughly 270 MB per hour.

How Much Data Does Discord Use? 

Like Zoom, Discord enables you to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers, though more formally. Additionally, it connects to third-party applications like Spotify so that you may stream music and videos while using it.

Because Discord functions as a VOIP, many users have found it helpful when placing long-distance and international calls. Voice Over Internet Protocol is referred to as VOIP. You can make phone calls by using a VOIP, which operates on data instead of an analog phone line.

Discord, like many messaging apps, actually needs data to function at full capacity. You’ll need access to a sizable quantity of data to exchange music, send videos, start voice chats, or even send a text message to another user. What volume of data does Discord utilize, then? Well, the solution isn’t that simple. There are numerous variables at work. To further understand, let’s take a step back and discuss data and how it functions on your phone versus your PC.

Discord Data On Pcs Vs Phones

Like Wi-Fi, cellular or mobile data connects to the internet through radio waves. However, Wi-Fi only covers a small region, such as your home or business. Mobile data use cell towers to link you to the internet wherever you are. Because of its comprehensive coverage, you can access the internet even if you are far from your home Wi-Fi network. The cost of data plans is determined by the speed and monthly gigabytes they provide.

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Even while unlimited plans are growing in popularity, many people continue to use more affordable plans that price based on data usage. Such plans frequently restrict how many gigabytes you may use and charge you extra for any excess. Your computer uses data as well, but it’s unlikely that it’s connected to a limited data plan unless you’re using your phone as a hotspot. Most websites can tell if you’re using a desktop or a mobile device to browse.

As a result, they will adjust the data packets supplied accordingly. How much data is therefore used by Discord on a PC? It’s difficult to be precise, but we can say that using Discord on your desktop or PC will use more data than using it on your phone would.

A desktop allows for displaying higher-quality photos, videos, and texts since more data is transmitted. Many websites limit the amount of information you receive while using a mobile device to respect data restrictions on mobile subscriptions.

How Much Data Does Discord Use An Hour? 

Determining how much data a specific program, like Discord, requires in an hour can be difficult. What you’re attempting to do, what’s happening in the background, and how quickly your internet connection will affect how much data you consume. Sending an image or a video costs more data than sending a text message, which makes sense.

Additionally, more extensive group discussions and screen sharing increase data usage. Therefore, your use of Discord has the most impact on data usage. Computers, tablets, and phones frequently have many applications running at once. Applications may be retrieving location information or synchronizing content even when they are closed.

The amount of data you consume overall while using Discord will be considerably impacted by any running background programs. By changing your phone’s settings, you can disable background programs, which may be the best option if data usage becomes an issue.

You consume more data when your internet connection is quicker since you can finish tasks more quickly. Basically, if a friend’s images take hours to download, you won’t send them as many. You’re more likely to submit more photos and videos if your internet connection is fast.

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Discord Data Usage On Phones

Now that we have a better awareness of data, let’s examine how Discord uses data for voice calls, video calls, and text messages on mobile devices. It typically costs less than other texting app alternatives. However, bear in mind that this is highly variable and that your data usage may vary from the ranges we’ve estimated.

How Much Data Does Discord Text Use? 

A complete HTTP POST request is sent through Discord every time you send a text message. Most of us don’t really understand what that means, yet it contains more information than you might realize.

How Much Data Does a Discord Voice Call Use? 

Regarding audio calls, Discord generally uses less data than many other apps. The answer to the question “How much mobile data does Discord voice chat use?” appears to be somewhere in the range of 28 MB per hour. Remember that depending on your phone’s background programs, it may differ dramatically.

Because of how it communicates information, you can be confident that Discord consumes less data than other programs like Skype. Discord only transmits data for the person speaking, but programs like Skype continuously transfer user data, greatly reducing overall data transfer.

How Much Data Does Discord Use For Video Calls? 

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A video call will typically consume 270 MB per hour on average. However, as was already mentioned, that number will differ significantly according to the other programs you have operating on your device. Again, utilizing Discord over other chat apps allows you to save a small amount of data because it only transmits audio data while you are conversing rather than continuously.

Discord Data Usage For Music And Streaming

Depending on the service you’re using, the answer to the question “how much data does Discord music consume” or “how much data does Discord streaming use” will vary. Discord integrates effectively with several third-party applications; however, how much data you use depends greatly on which third-party application you use.

For instance, Spotify uses 43.2 MB of data for every hour of music. However, the minor quality level on YouTube requires 150MB every hour of streaming. You could consume more than 1 GB of data every hour at higher quality settings, which is a lot of data!


If you’re wondering Why Is Discord Using So Much Bandwidth? the answer isn’t simple. Though it depends is the response to all of the questions above. Compared to other well-liked messaging services like Skype, Discord consumes less data. Nevertheless, depending on how you use the app, it takes up a lot of data.

The data usage is minimal, while text messages are being sent between two persons. However, the amount of data needed could be significantly more if you’re in a group chat where everyone is exchanging photographs.

The cost will be even higher if you try to use voice chat, video chat, or screen sharing. And the data will be used while sharing music, pictures, and videos. Discord is a fun way to connect with new communities and a terrific method to stay in touch. The best action is to monitor the app’s data usage while using the device in question. Then, for future reference, you’ll know roughly how much data Discord uses on your particular device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Discord using all my internet?

Discord makes use of your internet connection to let you chat with others and, if you have it configured, to let your friends and other users of the servers you’re on know what you’re playing.

How do I change my Discord bandwidth?

Move the “Bitrate” slider up or down within the constraints defined by your server in the “Overview” settings menu for your voice channel. Any modifications you make to your audio bitrate settings take effect immediately.

Should I turn off using data to improve Discord?

We can measure user experiences what you do on Discord and which features you use the most by using the option to “Use data to enhance Discord.” This enabled may also place you in a particular feature experiment group. This can be turned off to stop analytical tracking.

Why is Discord using one GB of RAM?

Discord’s actual RAM usage depends on how you use it. Even text-based conversations require more RAM than simply leaving the program open in the background. Voice and video chat, as well as streaming game footage, will cause that RAM utilization to increase even more.

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