Why Does My Vizio TV Keep Blinking? Causes + Solution

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Blinking or flickering televisions can happen at any time. This dimming TV screen effect can appear to be a strobe light, with black flashes. Turning the TV off and on will occasionally fix a flickering or blinking television. But Why Does My Vizio TV Keep Blinking?

Is a common question regarding Vizio TV, It’s possible that a component connected to the television is the source of the problem. Cables may not be secure or may be defective. Check to check whether you’re TV has an energy-saving option that could be the source of the problem.

Why Does My Vizio TV Keep Blinking?

Your TV’s visual settings are frequently to blame for it turning on and off. Resetting the picture mode should be your first line of action. Your remote’s MENU button should be clicked, followed by PICTURE > MORE > Reset picture mode.

My Vizio TV Keep Blinking

The most common cause of Flickering On Your Vizio TV is a broken backlight. By shining a light on the screen, you can see if the backlight is not working.

Even if the backlight is broken, the LCD crystals will continue to create color, making them viewable again with external light. This could be due to a technical failure or because the backlight has reached the end of its useful life.

In either case, a service professional will need to open the back of the TV to repair or replace the hardware. If this happens while your TV is still under warranty, you may have problems getting a new one.

If the Vizio TV Screen Is Flickering Black, however, there could be another problem, which I will describe further below. If you’re still not sure, try some of the general troubleshooting approaches listed below.

Causes And Solutions For Why Does My Vizio TV Keep Blinking?

Check And Reconnect All Connections

Examine the cable connections to your television. In addition to the coaxial connection from your cable outlet, this includes any HDMI, composite, or component cables.

Examine the cable for any kinks, frays, or tears that could be causing a poor or inconsistent signal to be relayed to your television. If necessary, replace these wires and reattach them to your television.

Power Cycle Your Equipment

It’s possible that the equipment linked to your Vizio TV will need to be drained and resumed, much like your TV. This is known as a “Power Cycle,” and it involves restarting your complete entertainment system.

Unplug your cable box, satellite receiver, Blue-ray disc player, and any other device connected to your TV for 30 seconds, just like you did with your TV. After draining your TV, restart each device to see whether a device like your cable box is causing the problem.

Discharge Your TV

Your Vizio TV, like many other electrical products, features Random Access Memory, which might perform unpredictably after extended periods of operation. By unplugging your TV and pushing the “Power” button for 30 seconds, you can discharge it and free up RAM. Reconnect the power source to the TV and switch it on to see whether the flickering continues.

Advanced Video Settings

You may apply a variety of effects under the Advanced Video Settings menu on your Vizio TV to improve your viewing experience. While these options can provide you with more control over your viewing experience, they could also be the source of your Vizio TV’s flickering problem.

Ambient lighting, backlight adjustment, and advanced adaptive lama options are examples of these features. To see whether any of the options listed under Advanced Video Settings are causing your smart TV to flicker, disable them and turn them off.

Cable Signal Issues

A dark flicker on your screen can also be caused by a bad satellite TV signal. You should orient your satellite dish to guarantee that you receive the best possible signal. Then, to do a hard reset, unplug your set-top box, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in.

The Vizio TV Is Turned On, However, The Screen Remains Blank

The most common Vizio TV problem is a blank screen, although many other TVs have similar problems. Turn on your Vizio TV to get an idea of what this condition looks like, but the screen will be absolutely black. When you press the buttons on your remote control, nothing happens. Fortunately, this is a straightforward issue to resolve.

  • Simply turn off the television and unplug the power cord.
  • Wait a minute or two before plugging the TV back in and turning it on.
  • In many cases, this technique resolves the issue.

However, there is a risk that your TV will still be blank after this troubleshooting.

  • If that’s the case, the issue is almost certainly due to the TV’s power source.
  • A faulty backlight converter or other display-related components could also be the cause.
  • If your Vizio TV’s Screen Remains Blank, you should take it to an authorized repair shop. Going to a Vizio-certified center ensures an accurate diagnosis and that only Vizio-recommended components are replaced.

Examine your warranty to verify if it is still valid.

How Do I Get My Vizio TV To Stop Blinking?

Reinstall all of the cable and your gadgets’ connections to the television. Reconnect the cables after physically removing them from the television and the gadget. If any of these options are available to you, please disable them all to see if the display flickering stops.

How Do I Get My Vizio TV To Stop Blinking

What Does It Mean When A Vizio TV Blinks?

When the Vizio logo blinks, there has either been a power spike or a malfunction with the firmware. The TV’s pictures will eventually stop turning on as a result of this.


The TV itself may be malfunctioning if there are no cable difficulties and all components appear to be operating. Most televisions feature a backlight that might fail and cause problems with the liquid crystals.

When this happens, the image on the screen may blink, flicker, or darken. If the actions outlined above in Why Does My Vizio TV Keep Blinking? Do not resolve the issue, watch the videos below for additional troubleshooting or contact the manufacturer of your television.

Frequently Asked Question

What can I do to make my Vizio TV quit blinking?

Remove any cable and television connections from your devices and reinstall them. Physically disconnect and reconnect the cords from the television and the device. Whether any of these settings are accessible, please disable them all to see if the display flickering is resolved.

What does it imply when your television begins to flicker?

One of the most prevalent causes of TV flickering is a broken connection. Flicker is frequently caused by a faulty cord or a loose connection. To test if you can eliminate the flicker try swapping out cords or jiggling wires.

What’s the deal with my TV flashing in and out?

A blinking LCD television might be caused by an electrical fault with the power source on rare occasions. To see whether the blinking stops, try unplugging the television and plugging it into a different outlet.

Why does my television continually crash?

When there is a disturbance in the TV signal, or when the signal is weak, the general population and freezing occur. Make sure your connections are in order. Make that the set-top box and your television are both securely connected.

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