Why Does My Samsung Series 7 Smart TV Get Dark? Reasons

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Are you having problems with your Samsung Smart TV’s black screen? Is it switched on but you can’t see a picture? And searching for Why Does My Samsung Series 7 Smart TV Get Dark? Well, you’ve come to the prime spot to find a solution to your problem. Your television may appear to be in good working order until the Screen Goes Entirely Black.

You can hear the music, control the level, and change the channels, but you won’t be able to see anything on the screen. This isn’t the first time you’ve felt this way. Make sure to read the entire page to get the solution to the problem.

Before you throw out your old TV and buy a new one, or dip it into your wallet to solve the problem, there are a few possible alternatives you can attempt. The problem could be caused by a number of factors, including the source, cables, or any other inputs.

While this is not the Black Screen of death, it is a simple problem to troubleshoot and fix at home. However, in certain circumstances, the screen may be dead, in which case you will need to get professional assistance.

As a result, after receiving numerous reports from a variety of users, we decided to examine the problem and devise a series of solutions that fixed the issue for the vast majority of our users. We also looked into the causes of the Dark Screen Problem On Samsung Smart TV and compiled a list of them below.

Why Does My Samsung Series 7 Smart TV Get Dark?

This is not a problem if your Samsung TV automatically dims or brightens. It’s a function that Samsung consciously included. The ambient light detection feature, also known as the ECO Sensor on some older models, uses light sensors to determine how bright the screen should be in order to save energy.

My Samsung Series 7 Smart TV Get Dark

Dark Screen Problem On Samsung Smart TV

Hardware Failure

 Your TV may also display a black screen as a result of a hardware breakdown. A damaged circuit board, a faulty TV panel, or a faulty LED on the TV could all be to blame. In this situation, you’ll need to hire a professional to repair your television.

Issue With Firmware Update

If your TV screen is blank, it could be due to outdated software. As a result, the firmware must be upgraded to resolve the problem.

Problem With Inputs

The black screen issue could be caused by a problem with inputs. It’s possible that your television is set to the incorrect input. To avoid this problem, make sure your TV is set to the correct input.

Sleep Timer/Power Saver Mode

If your TV goes dark at random, it could be because the sleep timer or energy-saving mode is turned on. Consider turning them off to see if the issue is resolved.

Cable Connection

Due to a cable connection issue, your Samsung Smart TV is likely to have a black screen. Your TV’s problem is most likely caused by loose connections, damaged cords, or inactive power sources.

Source Issue

Furthermore, the problem could be caused by issues with the sources, such as the cable box, DVD player, or other external sources. Press the Menu button on your remote to see if the issue is with the sources. If the menu appears on your television screen, the issue is with the sources.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem, we’ll move on to the solutions. To avoid any conflicts, make sure to implement these in the order that they are listed.

Solutions For Dark Screen Problem On Samsung Smart TV

Solutions For Dark Screen Problem On Samsung Smart TV

Check The Sources A Double Time

To begin, hit the Menu button on your remote to see if the problem is with your sources. If the menu displays on the screen, the TV is in fine working order, and the problem must be with the sources. SAT Boxes, DVD Players, Cable Boxes, Roku, and Amazon are just a few examples of possible sources.

As a result, double-check these sources to ensure that they are working properly. Try turning off and then on the sources you’re using. This will resolve the transient source problem as well as the black screen issue.

If it doesn’t work, try connecting the TV to a new source or the same source to a different TV. This will help you to double-check your sources and come up with a possible solution to the issue.

Set Up The TV Input Properly

Your TV may be displaying a black screen as a result of incorrect TV input settings. It’s possible that the source device isn’t turned on. As a result, you must check that the inputs are right. Press the Source button on your remote to display the available inputs and scroll through the input settings to ensure they are proper.

Also, ensure the TV input is set to the component you’re using right now. You can also try switching to each of the TV inputs one at a time to ensure that the component is properly connected to the relevant input. You are more likely to cure the black screen problem on your Samsung Smart TV this way.

Ensure That The Cables Are Connected Correctly

You must confirm that the external sources and your TV are connected properly through cable. This will reveal whether the problem is caused by the connection or anything else.

As a result, you must remove all of the connections and re-plug them snugly and correctly to guarantee that there are no weak connections. You’ll also need to make sure the power cable and the power supply are in good working order.

If the problem persists after you’ve completed the steps above, look at the cords to determine if they’re damaged or malfunctioning. Both the coax and HDMI cables should be in good working order.

Whether you discover a broken cable, try a different cable to see if the problem has been resolved. Switching from one HDMI port to the other can also be used to see if the port is working properly. If it still doesn’t reply, don’t worry; just continue on to the next alternative until you find the problem’s answer.

Seek Professional Or Technical Assistance

If none of the previous options work, you’ll have to try this final option. You can use your warranty service to get the TV replaced. You can also try to fix it with professional/technical assistance, where a trained technician will diagnose and repair your television.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, don’t try to diagnose and repair it yourself. This method will resolve the hardware failure issue that is likely to be the cause of your Samsung Smart TV’s Black Screen.

This could be caused by a faulty driver board, a faulty LED, faulty capacitors, a faulty TV panel, and a variety of other hardware faults with your television. The faulty objects will be replaced and the issue will be fixed once the expert has identified the problem.

My Samsung TV Keeps Dimming

If your Smart Tv automatically dims or brightens, this isn’t a big deal. It is a feature that Samsung consciously implemented. The screen’s brightness can be automatically adjusted based on the amount of ambient light in the room (ECO Sensor on some earlier models).

How To Fix Samsung TV Screen Is Dark?

Use your remote to press the Source button. Turn off the sleep clock. Remove the energy-saving setting. Update the Samsung TV’s firmware. Select Support from the menu. Select the option for self-diagnosis. Select the reset button.


Hopefully, you’ve found a solution to Why Does My Samsung Series 7 Smart TV Get Dark? Whether your TV is dimming as a feature or as a result of a fault with your TV, maybe this information can assist you in resolving your issue. Most of the time, your TV’s automated dimming feature, also known as dynamic contrast, or global dimming, is to blame.

You can also examine whether your television is on Movie Mode and try if turning it off makes a difference. You should also experiment with the brightness of your screen to see if you can prevent it from dimming. If none of these suggestions work, it’s possible that you have an issue with your backlight, which is a bit more complicated.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is my Samsung TV getting darker and darker?

Why does my television screen dull or brighten all of a sudden? The Eco Sensor function detects the amount of light in the room and automatically adjusts the screen brightness to save energy. In a well-lighted environment, the screen will be brighter, and in a dark room, it will be darker.

Why does my Samsung TV appear to be shaky?

If the signal is not in HD, the TV scales it to fit the screen. A low-resolution transmission will appear hazy and distorted depending on your aspect ratio.

What is the greatest Samsung TV picture mode?

We recommend using the ‘Movie’ picture mode because it is the most realistic and customizable right out of the box. We recommend leaving the Contrast and Sharpness at ’45’ and ‘0,’ respectively, under the Expert Settings menu. Color and Tint (G/R) were similarly kept at their default values of ’25’ and ‘0.’

My Samsung Galaxy’s screen is dimming for no apparent reason?

If your screen dims or brightens on its own, it’s probably because of Auto adjust screen tone, Power Saving Mode, or Adaptive Display.

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