Why Does My Roku TV Keep Closing Apps? Reasons + Solution

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On smart TVs, app crashes are very typical. Even the most well-known brands are susceptible to it, though less frequently. Such crashes may occur for various reasons, such as outdated software or an overcrowded cache. For your benefit, we have a few fixes that can assist you in resolving Why Does My Roku TV Keep Closing Apps?

Why Does My Roku TV Keep Closing Apps?

There are many causes for your Roku TV apps to crash, and the following is a summary of some of the more frequent culprits:

My Roku TV Keep Closing Apps
  • Internet connection issues, such as sluggish and slow internet, will unquestionably result in program crashes. Applications might become unresponsive while functioning regularly.
  • Your Roku TV’s outdated firmware may be the problem. Android apps typically update two to three times each week. App upgrades eliminate annoying issues and maintain the app’s functionality in all circumstances. Any current app may crash due to a stability problem brought on by backdated firmware. This is among the more prevalent explanations.
  • If you’re not careful, an overcrowded cache could lead to several crashes. TVs already have a limited amount of inbuilt memory. Filling that with pointless information slows it down and makes it more difficult to handle over time. App crashes are just the start.

Follow these recommendations to prevent app crashes and other issues that may arise shortly before things get out of hand.

Roku Keeps Closing Apps: Causes & Fixes

You can use several expensive apps on Roku, like HBO Max, Disney+, and Netflix, as long as you have an account. You may access free entertainment on the Roku Channel and other free apps like Tubi from every area in your house.

Is there anything more frustrating than getting to a pivotal scene of a new movie only to have the app crash? When you view well-known TV shows on Roku devices, apps frequently collapse. Roku TVs and streaming devices are both prone to failure. For your benefit, we identified the best remedies.

Temporary Bug

Have you just discovered an issue with your Roku after a recent update? Perhaps the only program you use that crashes is the one you just started using. Apps may crash temporarily in the middle of a program or even when you begin a new movie. Check the Roku forums to see if other users had the same issue.

Before downloading the program again, try deleting it and restarting the device. Users may experience temporary issues as well till the next update is released. Also, try closing the app and giving it a few minutes to settle before opening it again. This aids in getting rid of any bugs that might be a problem.

Cable Problems

If you own a Roku stick, you can skip this section since it only applies to TVs and streaming devices. Damaged or loose cables are the two most typical cable issues. Streaming boxes have an HDMI wire that connects to your TV and a power cord that goes into an outlet.

The cable may have been chewed enough by a pet for the wiring to become visible, or you may discover that the wire has multiple kinks that prevent it from functioning. Any attempt to move a loose cable will cause it to jiggle. Typically, Roku TVs have a power cable. You should replace one of these cables to prevent your device from crashing.

Poor Internet Connection

A faulty or unreliable internet connection is the most common cause of a Roku crash. Every Roku device needs WiFi to function. To stream material to your TV or PC, your gadget connects to the internet. Apps lag when you have a weak or unreliable signal because of the slow connection.

Because of the slowness, your Roku may assume you can’t use the app. When it crashes, the home screen appears. Try relocating any impediments in the way and shortening the distance between your router and Roku. A signal booster is an additional option.

Overloaded Roku

Your Roku stores cookies and other temporary files in the same way that your computer does. You use some of its memory when downloading a new app or choosing a new channel. Even if you merely watch for a short while, watching content uses the device’s memory.

The Roku may eventually become overloaded with the cached data and unstable or crash. Push the home button on your remote if your TV is a Roku model. This button resembles a tiny house. Open the memory, network, and settings.

To clear the memory, click the button next to it. Additionally, you can clear all online memory or delete all data and saved settings from the TV. Keep in mind that your user names and passwords will also be deleted. When you restart the TV, you’ll have to input them again.

Go back to the home screen on a Roku Express or other streaming device to resolve the issue. Remove the power cord from the device’s rear, then wait a few minutes. Reconnect the power cord to the Roku and tap the home button on your remote control. Your Roku will often take a few minutes to start up. The reboot procedure should eliminate the cached information without erasing your sign-in information.

Missing Hardware And Software Updates

Any Roku TV or gadget you purchase must be updated as necessary. While your favorite applications can receive software upgrades, Roku can receive hardware changes. The majority of models update once every three weeks or more.

These upgrades make the Roku run more quickly and eliminate bugs. If you are unsure of these, your Roku can crash when you try to run specific apps. Similar issues will arise if you fail to install an app update when using that particular app.

Go to Settings, System, then System Update to update your Roku. You can see the Roku software version you have installed and the date and time of the most recent update in the information at the top of the screen.

To instruct Roku to check for updates, click Check Now. The gadget will download any available updates, install them, and perform a self-reset. Always check for updates if you added a new channel or app or turned on your Roku for the first time in a while.

Netflix Bug

Users of Netflix experienced a glitch that prevented them from using auto-play. After watching one episode, the app can instantly start playing the next one, thanks to the auto-play feature. You can check your account information by opening Netflix on your phone or computer.

Before restarting your Roku, switch off auto-play and turn it back on. Go to System if the app still crashes. Your remote’s Up and Home buttons should be pressed five times, followed by two presses of the up, fast-forward, and rewind keys. Although you might need to uninstall and reinstall the software, this should clear the cache and resolve the problem.

Outdated Payment

Do you have a problem with a premium app that, whenever you open it, closes itself and sends you back to the home screen? This can point to an issue with the app, but it might also reveal that you still need to pay your most recent bill.

While Netflix and Hulu accept monthly payments, Paramount Plus and other apps offer lower pricing when you pay for six or a full year in advance. You can only utilize the app until midnight on the due date if you missed a payment.

Although the app should send you a notice before your bill is due, you can miss it if you don’t check your email. When you cancel, the card or the card on file expires, which frequently happens. You must update your payment method, log into your account, and start the app on a different device. The app should restore your access to the content on your Roku in just a few minutes.


To conclude, Why Does My Roku TV Keep Closing Apps? Because of outdated hardware, outdated software, a weak internet connection, damaged cables, and other factors, Roku boxes and TVs can crash. Even though the issue is annoying, you do not have to deal with it constantly. When you try remedies, such as resetting the device and emptying its cache, keep your Roku from crashing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Netflix app keep closing on my Roku TV?

Resetting your Roku is the most frequent Netflix troubleshooting solution. The device’s built-up cache will be cleared, which could lead to several issues. Cache problems typically involve TV stuttering, program crashes, noises popping up, and screen freezing.

Why does my Roku Streaming keep stopping?

I discovered that the Roku TV frequently freezes due to overheating and out-of-date software. Perform a brief power cycle and upgrade your Roku to the newest version of your device keeps freezing. Remove the channel in question and add it again if it solves the problem. To solve the issue, try a factory reset.

Why do my streaming apps keep crashing?

The app is incompatible with your Android version. The app’s installed version on your device needs to be updated. The network connection you are now connected to is insufficient for the app. The portion of system memory available to the program prevents it from running since your device is out of storage.

Why does my TV keep going back to the home screen?

This is due to the Home screen option for the Power on behavior settings. If you prefer your TV to turn on with the most recent TV channel or external input, you may set the startup behavior to the Last input. Tap the Quick Settings button on the remote control.

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