Why Does My Car Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting? All Reasons

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Please continue reading to learn Why Does My Car Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting? The most popular wireless connection that most people utilize today for various purposes, second only to Wi-Fi, is Bluetooth. Without worrying about the mess of cables, you may connect your speaker, headphones, smartwatch, keyboard, mouse, and other devices to your phone or computer.

The reason why Bluetooth is so popular is that it often provides a steady connection. It can, however, occasionally become unstable and shut off by itself. Many people may find this problem frustrating, but you’ll be relieved to learn that you can try some straightforward fixes to address the issue.

Why Does My Car Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting?

Bluetooth can occasionally become disconnected due to software flaws, mistakes, corruptions, or other problems. It’s also conceivable that your problem results from some problematic program updates.

My Car Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting

Reasons Why The Bluetooth Is Disconnecting?

Bluetooth Drivers

Issues with the Bluetooth drivers may cause the Bluetooth connection to drop out frequently. They can be faulty or out of date. Try removing the drivers first, then let Windows install the proper one.

  • From the list that appears when you right-click the Windows logo, select Device Manager.
  • To expand, locate and double-click the Bluetooth option.
  • Locate the Bluetooth device that keeps losing connection and choose Uninstall Device from the context menu.
  • Select “Uninstall” and then check “Delete the driver software for this device.”
  • Restart your computer and check the stability of the connection.

In the event that this was ineffective, return and select Update Driver rather than Uninstall Driver. Follow the wizard’s instructions and check to see if anything has changed. Sometimes, the built-in Windows device manager needs help finding the most recent driver. You will then need to update it manually or make use of a third-party driver updater.

To manually update, go to the manufacturer’s website for the Bluetooth device and look for the most recent driver compatible with your Windows version. Obtain and set up the driver. You could delegate the task to a third-party program like Driver Easy.

Once the software is open and you press the Scan Now button, your system will be instantly recognized, and any problematic drivers will be found. Select the Update button next to the Bluetooth driver flagged in the list.

Setting Bluetooth Power

When the battery is low, your computer could deactivate Bluetooth devices to conserve energy. Follow these instructions to avoid that:

  • From the list that appears when you right-click the Windows logo, select Device Manager.
  • To expand, locate and double-click the Bluetooth option.
  • Locate the disconnected Bluetooth device, right-click on it, and choose Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Power Management tab, uncheck the box next to access the computer to turn off this device to conserve power, and then click OK.
  • Press the OK key.

Faulty Hardware

The Bluetooth-related hardware on your phone, such as the Bluetooth IC module, may be destroyed if you’ve tried all the previous solutions but have yet to succeed. This would cause disconnections. Send your phone back for service if the warranty is still in effect. If not, bring it to the manufacturer’s customer service department for repair.


Connection conflict and interference may occur in an area where there are several Bluetooth devices. Retry after turning off or making invisible any other devices.


For Android and iPhone phones, clearing the cache and data can assist in resolving Bluetooth disconnections.

  • Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage on an iPhone.
  • Select Documents and Data from the Manage Storage menu by tapping it.
  • To delete undesired Bluetooth-related items, slide them to the left.
  • To delete all of the app’s data, select Edit, then Delete All.
  • Go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Bluetooth on an Android device.
  • Click OK after tapping Clear Data.
  • Return and choose the Storage menu after that.
  • For the Bluetooth app, choose Clear Cache.

Battery Optimization Or Power Saving Settings

The battery optimization feature on Android phones protects your battery from background apps and active activities. The Bluetooth connection will be severed if the setting is activated.

  • Open the Battery section in the Settings app.
  • Change the option to All apps by selecting Battery Optimization or Optimization.
  • Apps and services can now be specified not to be optimized.
  • Search for Bluetooth, Bluetooth Sharing, or other names similar to these, then change their settings to Not Optimized.
  • The Power Saving options are another comparable feature that could interfere with your Bluetooth connection.
  • When the battery level drops, some phones prompt you to turn on power-saving mode, while others do so automatically.
  • Go to Settings > Battery to turn off this feature.
  • By touching on them, you can select the Power Saving Mode or the Ultra Power Saving Mode and turn them off.

Network Settings

An Android mobile network setting must be reset to address the problem. All Wi-Fi networks will be erased, along with all Bluetooth pairings and the mobile APN.

  • Open Settings > System to accomplish this.
  • Tap on Reset choices after expanding the Advanced section.
  • Select Reset Bluetooth, Mobile, and Wi-Fi. After selecting Reset Settings, confirm by entering your password.

Third-Party Apps

A few unreliable third-party apps may be to blame for Bluetooth’s intermittent disconnections. The problem may occasionally be brought on by particular apps that must sync with your Bluetooth accessories, such as speakers, earbuds, and smartwatches.

To solve the issue, you must adjust the Bluetooth syncing settings on the relevant apps if you make a mistake. Additionally, some of the unrelated programs you’ve installed can be corrupt. You can turn on your phone in Safe Mode, a sandbox setting that only enables it to run the original programs.

Your ability to use any installed third-party apps will be constrained by safe mode. Different phone models have several methods for launching safe mode. Before continuing, conduct an internet search for the precise procedure if your device is not an Apple or Samsung.


Consider the big picture when your Bluetooth keeps losing connection with your car. But Why Does My Car Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting? The answer is straightforward. However, it can be inconvenient right now. After the first incident, instead of while you are driving, use the time to look for solutions.

If you need to address a distraction right now, pull over. Distracted driving might have profound effects. In addition, if you were unaware, your automobile contains security features that prevent you from pairing with the device if the gear selector is not in “park” mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Bluetooth keep cutting out in my car?

The audio may stop working if there is a nearby wireless device, access point, or several Bluetooth-connected devices. If connected through LDAC, altering the device’s sound quality settings may help.

How do I stop my Bluetooth from disconnecting?

Reconnect the devices after disabling them: After unplugging the Bluetooth device, link it to your phone or tablet. This easy method can sometimes resolve connection problems. Open the Settings application on your device, select Connections, and tap the Bluetooth switch to reactivate it.

Why is Bluetooth cutting in and out?

If walls, people, metal, or other items interfere with the Bluetooth signal between the speaker and your smartphone or tablet, problems could result. When using apps or going to the settings page on your smartphone or tablet, problems could arise. When doing these actions, pause Bluetooth playback.

How do I force my Bluetooth to stay connected?

Go to Android > Restrictions > Allow enabling network settings. Enable the “Force Bluetooth” and “Force Wi-Fi” options to prohibit users from turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, respectively.

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