Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Turning On Android? Cause + Fix

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This problem appears to be affecting a large number of Android users around the world. But do you know Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Turning On Android? We’ve created a list of possible solutions to this Bluetooth connectivity issue for Android smartphones. Bluetooth is a wireless communication method that is widely used.

People used to transmit files wirelessly from one computer to another using Bluetooth in the past. People nowadays, however, utilize Bluetooth to wirelessly link their Bluetooth-enabled products. For example, you can use a Bluetooth link to link your mobile or computer to your wireless (Bluetooth-equipped) headset, speaker, keyboard, mouse, Smartwatch, and so on.

While utilizing other wireless devices, Bluetooth technology should be open in certain instances. However, the issue emerges when your phone’s Bluetooth connection abruptly disconnects. To address this issue, we’ve created a comprehensive tutorial on how to resolve it.

Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Turning On Android?

Certain Android applications cause the Bluetooth service to run properly. Bluetooth has frequently activated automatically when scanning for enhanced accuracy. Android smartphones’ rapid device connect function intermittently activates Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Keep Turning On Android

How To Solve Bluetooth Keep Turning On Android

Bluetooth Activates On Its Own

However, one of the disadvantages (rather than a failure) of Bluetooth is that it frequently turns on its own for no apparent reason. It is normal to turn on the phone and find the Wireless symbol enabled, even though the user is certain they have turned it off. Fortunately, almost the majority of the cases react to one of the reasons and, as a result, solutions are listed below.

Check Out The Most Recently Installed Apps

When new programs are installed, the problem is frequently discovered. You may have left your cell phone with your son for an extended period of time, during which time he has loaded it with games.

In other circumstances, an update to a previously downloaded app may be the culprit. The application has a connection to Bluetooth in both circumstances and is enabling it in the background. We have two options in this case:

Identify the responsible application and delete it in the appropriate sequence from the Settings / Applications menu. If your access to Bluetooth is not required, deny it to this app. This may be done by going to Settings / Applications and then pressing on the permissions for the program. Next, we go to Bluetooth and select do not allow.

Device Discovery Is Carried Out Automatically

This is a very handy feature, but if we have it turned on, we should expect to have Bluetooth turned on from time to time. Applications and services can use the Search for Bluetooth devices feature to look for nearby gadgets at any time. This implies that it will continue to function even if Bluetooth is turned off. Deactivating this option in the Connection settings is a simple approach.

Problem with the system

Apart from the fact that Bluetooth switches on by itself in many instances, it might also respond to system problems. There is a slew of software updates available to fix connectivity issues. To confirm this, go to Google Play, select My Applications, and update all of the programs that have outstanding fixes.

Similarly, we must look for pending updates in Settings / System / System Updates. If there are any, we must check to check if the issue is resolved. The second option is to attempt clearing the connection settings, which also include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

We’ll clear the cache and already configured devices, which could be the source of the problem. Enter Settings / Networking / Reset Network Settings to accomplish this. After that, we’ll need to reset the mobile and see if the Bluetooth keeps turning on by itself.

Why Do My Wifi And Bluetooth Keep Turning On?

The issue is that some users have seen Bluetooth automatically turning back on. This is because most customers turn off Bluetooth using the Control Panel. Instead, you must disable Bluetooth in the Settings menu if you want to stop it from automatically coming on again.

Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Turning Off Windows 10?

To view all the gadgets that fall under this category, double-click Bluetooth. After that, choose Properties from the context menu of your Bluetooth device. 3) Pick the tab for power management. Click OK after unchecking. Allow the computer to switch off this device to conserve power.


Here we conclude all about Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Turning On Android? Bluetooth, after Wi-Fi, is the most popular wireless link that most people utilize nowadays for a variety of reasons.

You can connect your phone or computer to your speaker, headphones, smartwatches, keyboard, mouse, and other devices without having to deal with a tangle of cords. Bluetooth is known for being a dependable connection, which is why it is so popular. It can, however, become unstable at times and shut down on its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my WiFi turn on automatically?

If Bluetooth reactivates after being turned off, it’s conceivable that a background app is utilizing the feature (for example Android Auto). When the app detects that Bluetooth has been off, it utilizes the appropriate interface to enable it.

Why does the Bluetooth on my phone continually go on and off?

One of the most likely causes Bluetooth shut off without warning is due to a timeout. Turning Wi-Fi on directly in your Android settings should prevent it from turning on and off on its own.

How can I prevent my Android from turning on by itself?

Uninstall the Android Auto app if you have it installed on your phone. Android Auto may come preloaded on phones running Android 10 or newer. Go to the options menu and search for google auto in the search field. You should be able to disable the regular launch in one of the results.

Why won’t my Bluetooth turn off?

First, try turning on Bluetooth and waiting a while. Continuously tapping the on/off Bluetooth switch can create misbehavior. Another option is to reboot your phone to try again. Since none of them work, your phone should be factory reset.

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