Why Do My Beats Keep Disconnecting? Causes & How To Fix It?

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Users frequently experiencing disconnections when wearing headphones are not uncommon. There are several causes that Why Do My Beats Keep Disconnecting? Ranging from a bad connection to a low battery. Since Beats is a well-known and well-liked brand, most consumers anticipate excellent service. Do not worry; I have a few tips that will enable you to resolve such problems quickly.

Beats headphones frequently disconnect for various reasons, including distance, signal interference, low battery, pairing problems, and occasionally being linked to another device. A short restart can solve the majority of issues. You’ll need to become more technical in other situations.

Why Do My Beats Keep Disconnecting?

If you use wireless Beats headphones, remember that their battery may be charged and recharged. The Beats’ battery level is a further factor in why they keep disconnecting from you. If the proportion is less than 10%, connection-related problems should be anticipated. Let’s look at some strategies for avoiding disconnections with your Beats headphones.

Do My Beats Keep Disconnecting

What To Do When There Is No Audio In Beats Headphones?

The best option is to turn off and then turn back on your phone’s Bluetooth. If that doesn’t work, disconnect and reconnect the Beats headphones.

What To Do When There Is No Audio In Beats Headphones
  • Verify that the headphones are not being used with another device.
  • If not, try reconnecting after restarting your Bluetooth connection.
  • Unpair the headphones from your phone if they continue not functioning even after a restart.
  • Select the list of associated devices from the Bluetooth settings menu.
  • Select forget by tapping the gear symbol next to the name.
  • Turn your Beats headphones back on after turning them off. They ought to be in pairing mode right now.
  • Go to your phone Bluetooth settings and select “Pair New Device.”
  • Your Beats headphones should work flawlessly in the future so that you may listen to music without interruption.

As Bluetooth headphones age, they start to have issues like frequent disconnects. The most typical solution, it works all the time practically. If the trick doesn’t work, don’t worry; we have more in store.

Does Range Influence Beats Headphones To Disconnect?

Yes, all Bluetooth devices are impacted by range. As you go further away from your mobile or computer, the connection weakens until it eventually disappears. With a range increase of 800 feet, Bluetooth 5.2 provides a significant improvement over its predecessors.

However, signal deterioration still occurs, mainly if numerous wireless connections are nearby. Additionally, the battery depletes considerably more quickly the further you travel because the energy consumed increases.

Does Range Influence Beats Headphones To Disconnect

Most of the time, cheap headphones suffer from frequent range disconnects, but even high-end models are not immune. Personally testing them makes it possible to say which ones will work better.


The best solution to fix the problem is to use Bluetooth while holding your smartphone or computer close to you.

Insufficient Battery

Beats Batteries are used to power Bluetooth headphones. Batteries fail their capacity to hold a charge over time and eventually die completely. You might encounter a number of issues during this period, including voice stuttering, Bluetooth disconnections, and other issues. Even if a Bluetooth headphone battery is removable, you shouldn’t attempt to fix it yourself.

You’ll need a ton of tools and, most importantly, electrical equipment experience. Additionally, the technique is ineffective with Bluetooth earphones because those devices have absurdly tiny batteries that even specialists need help changing.


There are two options for handling this situation. Either perform a healthy charging cycle that puts your battery under the least stress. Or you could attempt to have them changed. Avoid charging the battery to capacity (100%) to maintain a healthy charge cycle. To maximize its lifespan, keep it at about 90% and do not let it drop below 30-40%.

There is a maximum number of charge cycles for lithium-polymer batteries (about 500). Its battery life is decreased when it is overcharged or completely discharged because this uses up a charge cycle. The other option is to change the battery, which is challenging.

What Do PowerBeats Pro LED Indicator Lights Mean?

A special message is communicated every time the PowerBeats Pro LED indications flash. It may flash red, white, or red and white simultaneously. If the headphones are automatically unplugged, watch out for the LED color so you may determine why.

The headphones’ white light signified pairing mode. Use your computer, laptop, or smartphone to connect to the device. The case battery dropped below 40% when the red light turned on. The problem will be fixed with a little charge session.

You should reset the Bluetooth headphone if it doesn’t. Both red and white lights indicate no charges will be filed in the case. Examine both pods, and the case’s charging port. An improperly charged case will abruptly disconnect.


To clean the gadget, dab a clean cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol. Here are a few other things to do in this circumstance:

  • Before replacing the case and pods, ensure they are scorched, especially if you go for early walks.
  • Verify whether the earbuds are securely fastened in the case. Dust buildup can occasionally prevent the buds from charging. To thoroughly clean the insides, use a cotton swab.
  • Switch to another wall outlet, a different power supply (such as a power bank), or a separate charging cord. The socket is problematic if the device’s charges are switched to the outlet. Avoid using that area to charge electrical gadgets because defective wiring could harm them.

Finally, if a different charger works, your factory charger has run out of juice and needs to be replaced.

Why Do My Beats Headphones Wired Constantly Breaking Down?

It could be due to connectivity troubles brought on by unsecured wiring connections. After extensive use, the joints where the wires contact the headset on wired headsets typically become loose. Flexible connections can lead to connectivity issues that result in static while listening to music and abrupt disconnects in the worst circumstances.

I formerly owned a Beats EP, among the essential low-cost headphones ever produced. I utilized it in various scenarios, including working out and traveling to work. I also occasionally gave it to my younger cousins, who aren’t the world’s most cautious individuals.


I enjoyed using the headphones for around two to three years before connectivity problems appeared. Although I could have changed the wiring, I chose to buy a new one. Take good care of your headphones and avoid applying too much pressure to the base of the cable connections if you want to ensure they endure at least a few years.


Some of these are the most frequent causes of why my beats keep disconnecting. Other reasons include problems with a particular program, outdated firmware, an inability to pair, and, in rare circumstances, compatibility problems. I hope that this post Why Do My Beats Keep Disconnecting? Has answered all of your questions. If we missed something, feel free to add it in the comments below, up until then.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if your Beats keep disconnecting?

Hold the volume down and power buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds. Release the buttons once the LED indicator light starts to flash. You can now reconnect your devices to your devices after resetting your earbuds.

Why do my Beats Pro Wireless keep disconnecting?

Checking to see if your gadget is up to date or if it has the most recent firmware should be your first action. You may already know that you can connect your Beats to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You won’t need to upgrade your PowerBeats Pro if you pair them with an iOS or iPadOS smartphone.

Why do my Beats keep randomly turning off?

Ensure that nothing is preventing your earbuds from charging. Clean the case’s metal charging pins. Make sure your earbuds are positioned correctly in the charging case as well. Your earphones may occasionally not fit comfortably due to an accumulation of earwax, dust, or dirt.

How long are Beats supposed to last?

Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones have a battery life of up to 40 hours, making them ideal for daily use. A 5-minute charge with Fast Fuel provides 3 hours of playing. Experience award-winning Beats audio with the convenience of Class 1 Bluetooth wireless listening.

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