Why Do Earbuds Break So Easily? Reason + Solution

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Cable failure is the number one reason Why Do Earbuds Break So Easily? Once earbuds are plugged in and out, the plastic, rubber, and metal composition of the cable are stressed. If the product is not well made or simply old, the earbuds may lose connection and appear broken even when it is all right in the real buds. Even Apple is known for breaking cables in some of its most iconic headphone models. So Why Break Earbuds? Let’s look at the most common issues and solutions.

Why Do Earbuds Break So Easily?

There are so many reasons Why Earbuds Are Broken? First, I will outline the rationale for both wired and wireless earbuds. Let’s go one by one through them.

Earbuds Break So Easily

Sleep On Earbuds

Do you like to listen to sleeping music? If so, believe your earbuds are composed of extraordinary power! It can easily crush under you while you sleep on one side. When you sleep on your earbuds, the cable is enmeshed in your garments. If you change your sleeping position, the wire is removed from the earbuds at that time. As a result, they broke fast.

Listening To Loud Volume Music

I enjoy listening to high-volume music. It makes me feel like I’m on the world’s seventh cloud. Anyhow, how is the loud volume of the Earbuds Is Broken? Pretty strange! Right Loud volume can break the earphone’s internal circuit. When your volume is constantly increased, the internal earphone circuit cannot handle the noise required for processing.

After a while, you will notice the cracking and scratchy sound that shows that your hearing aid has broken. A tiny electrical shock might be caused by the loud noise. Although it is rare, and it was the major reason why I had my earbuds to say goodbye. Alas! I wish I already knew it. Nevertheless, let’s move on for another reason.

Moisture And Sweat Exposure Of Earbuds

When you work out with them, Bluetooth Earbuds become exposed to perspiration and humidity. Also, if you are a sweaty person, your earbuds may also happen. The moisture is soaked in the device and the electronics are ruined. One of my pals is often struggling with his right earphones. He told me that before the left on his right side of the earpiece constantly breaks.

So you want to know why the right earbud continues to go out. Some people wear the right earbuds, because the microphone is hooked to the right cable. The right is therefore more exposed to sweat and humidity than the left. And that’s why in your right earbud you experience crackling and fluffy noise.

Not Using The Case Of The Earphone

The earphones are constructed of plastic. If you put them in your backpack or pocket with heavy objects, they can smash your earbuds. Since your earphones are little, they can unconsciously come out and fall to the ground when you try to remove something from your pocket. It will eventually break from the fall. All these situations can be avoided by putting your earbuds in the case. However, there is a great likelihood that they will fall away.


You’re always getting what you pay for. Some low-cost earbuds are poorly built. It’s not like you’re not going to break your costly earphones, but they will last longer than the cheaper ones. Note that quality comes with a price tag. A good headphone will cost you a few more dollars. You have to sacrifice quality if you spend less.

However, some low-budget earphones have an excellent quality of construction and can last too long. The next points are now depending on the cord. So, they are plainly only connected with the wired earbuds. Let’s check them out. Let’s check them out.

Pull The Earbuds Cord After They Are Disconnected

 Imagine a scenario. You listen to music on your computer via earphones. Your doorbell rang at that moment. You ran to open the door at full speed. Do you know what happened? What happened? Yes, your earbuds ripped out.

Some people even tug their earphone cables hard when they are disconnected from the device. The earbuds, therefore, shatter too soon. Now enough to pull and tug. Let’s continue to the next, the most startling reason

Leave The Cords Off The Surface

After we use headphones, we typically drop the wires off the desk, couch or bed. Leaving the earphone way stresses the wire and produces a point of weakness. And if the same place is bent several times, the wire tears off after a while. Your wired earphone will only become a piece of rubbish! You don’t look like your earphone cables are hanging like a monkey swinging off a branch of a tree.

Twist The Knot Cords

Do you twist the earphone’s wire to avoid tangling? And then when, why do my earbuds continue to break? Yeah, I know that twisting the cable is the best way to handle it. But if you knot them in a tight loop, the cord simply breaks. The internal wires sometimes get loose and cannot effectively transfer the audio.

A short circuit may sometimes develop on one side of the wire. Therefore, if you ever wonder why your earphones always break in one ear, this is one of the causes for that. You’ve learned why earphones break so readily till now. But every problem has a solution. I realize that you want the answer to avoid breaking the earbuds. So let’s go for the solution without any further ado.

Earbuds Average Lifespan

On average, a good set of earbuds lasts between six months and one year. However, how often you utilize them depends. In most cases after six months earphones begin to lose sound on one side, indicating internal damage. Certain quality earbuds survive for a year without external or internal damage. And, if you are lucky, your earbuds may endure for more than a year.

All right, assume you’re investing in a costly earphone. After a while, it broke. You have been unlucky because all the safeguards have been taken. What are you going to do? Are you going to throw away the earbuds? Perhaps you’re going to chuck them. Right But let me say something to you. You can also repair your earphone in some instances!

How To Prevent Failure Of Earbuds?

Purchase new chord removable earbuds. Unfortunately, you can do very little to fix it when an earbud cord breaks. The small wires that make up the earpiece chord were spun and firmly linked, so you’re out of luck once it’s damaged.

Many contemporary earbuds include detachable cords, improving the ability of clients to alter or repair cords. Earbuds with detachable cables can also offer current features such as true wireless capability (TWS) or multi-color twisted cords.

Get your earbuds case and safeguard them. Earbuds must be kept out of danger if not in use. More expensive models often include an earbud with a protective storage container, but this case is not helpful if it is not correctly used! The finest cover for earphones will also have some firmness, like Apple’s plastic case Ear Pods.

However, many enhanced fabric cases can function quite well as well. The case prevents dust accumulation in your earbuds and also prevents your earbuds from pulling into or out of your bag or cable bag which may cause failure over time.

Take caution when you plug in wired earbuds and take them out. Since the cord is the most common problem with earphones, be careful to use it. If you have wired earphones with 3,5mm, always hold them firmly by the plastic around the metal bolt before plugging in or removing them.

This keeps the delicate cord tension away and on the longer-lasting base. Use a case with earbuds when you store your headphones in a bag or purse so that you do not pull them out or stuff them by the cable continually.

Cords can also get stuck and bogged down with other things if they don’t use a case. Airproof or IPX-rated earbuds purchase. Earbuds with names that inform you how waterproof and dustproof they are.

Ideally, you want those numbers to be high so that the accumulations which naturally occur over time do not induce Earbuds Failure. See this IPX rating chart for various values and meanings, and then look for these ratings on your next earbuds.

Why Do Apple Earbuds Break So Easily?

“The connectors in Apple headphones are not strengthened. Breaking the headphones is really simple if you yank that cord in a hurry.” Only Apple headphones would malfunction in this way!

Why Do My Earbuds Break So Fast?

Placing earbuds in your pockets or purses, or carrying them without a case. Harming the wires by winding the rope into a knot while using it or after. Turning up the volume for too long and too frequently. Exposing the earphones to sweat, moisture, and humidity all day long.

How To Prevent Earbuds From Breaking?

How Can Earbuds Be Kept From Breaking? (8 Helpful Hints)

  • Jack should remain unplugged.
  • Purchase a headphone case.
  • Employ the Proper Cable Length.
  • Never pull the cable.
  • Do not sit with your earbuds in.
  • Your enemy is water.
  • Overwhelmingly, Quality.
  • Shrink wrap can be added as reinforcement.


This is the end of our debate, and I hope you realize Why Do Earbuds Break So Easily? You can maximize your earbuds’ longevity by following all the preventative strategies I’ve given you. Finally, I hope you enjoyed the time we spent on this post together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you stop breaking earbuds?

Spare your headphones from fatigue in metals and stress fractures by tugging their audio jacket rather than the cable on your phone or on your computer. This is the safest and easiest way to remove your device earphones: Grip one hand on the earphone jack.

Why always break earbuds in one ear?

This is one more huge cause why your headphones carry on breaking down: pushing on the cord produces stress where the plug meets the cord. Pulling over time might break the inner wire and detach it from the plug.

Is it wrong for one ear to use headphones?

Indeed, it is not right to upgrade the volume past 60%, even if you only use one earphone. Your hearing can still be damaged since every ear has a separate hearing system. If the sound is louder than 60 percent, then you give both ears the same destroy time.

How long are Apple earbuds before they break?

The average length of earphones depends on how often they are used. The first sign is sound loss on one side; however, there are no obvious damage indicators.

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