Why Can’t I Find Servers On Discord? All Reasons

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Multiple text and audio channels can be set up on Discord’s servers to categorize users. Server members can be assigned certain responsibilities that you create for them. Thus, server members will be able to attend or speak with each other on a limited number of channels. But Why Can’t I Find Servers On Discord?

Finding Discord servers using the Discord app, web directories, and other sources are covered in this article, as is determining which Discord servers are the best versus those you should avoid. Server administrators can benefit from such comprehensive adjustments. A rookie user may have difficulty adapting to the system. If you join a server, there are two options, but you cannot access any channels. If you don’t have a role, you won’t be able to see any channels.

New members cannot access any channels in some servers until the admins give them a role. This measure reduces a huge server’s downtime. You may have been granted access to some channels but not others; this indicates that you don’t have the proper permissions to access them.

Find Servers On Discord

It is common for administrators and the server’s owner to have channels that are not accessible to the rest of the community. You can’t see them unless you’re an administrator. Because certain channels have been muted, you may not be able to see them. Discord has a feature that permits you to mute and then conceal channels. Discord will hide muted channels if you enable this setting.

Why Can’t I Find Servers On Discord?

Due to hiding the muted channels or not having the necessary rights or roles to view them, Discord channels do not appear. Unlike voice channels, role-specific text channels are only accessible to those with the necessary parts.

Problems with your internet connection may be to blame for a problem with Discord Search. When the internet is sluggish, some features don’t work properly. Inquire about any issues you’ve had in terms of connectivity or latency you’ve had. There are several ways to fix a problem with Discord Search.

How To Search For Discord Servers?

Online discussion forums like Discord have a lot of added bells and whistles, including voice chat, system notifications, and app compatibility for PCs and mobile devices of all kinds. Every topic imaginable is covered by hundreds of millions of Discord servers, from dating servers to gaming and anime series servers. Finding public Discord servers is easy when using the desktop app’s built-in server search.

  • Open up the Discord client on your PC and join us.
  • Select the compass-like Explore Public Servers icon.
  • If you go to the official Discord server directory, you will see a search bar at the top and a list of popular Discord servers like those for the video games Fortnite and Minecraft beneath it on the home page. To learn more about each of these communities, click on the links below.
  • Simply clicking the Join button at the top of the screen will allow you to join a Discord server. It is possible to return to the main directory by clicking the compass icon once more.
  • You can also find other Discord servers to join on the left menu by searching for specific categories. A variety of topics are covered, including video games and music, and science and technology.

Other Ways To Find Discord Servers To Join

Popular Discord servers can be found using the built-in server search or one of the above directories, but there is also plenty to be found elsewhere online. Discord servers can be found on social media. Many businesses and individuals use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote their Discord servers.

Join Patreon’s special servers. Patreon has a strong interface with Discord, and many creators provide their patrons exclusive access to secret Discord servers. Servers can be found on Facebook Groups. Some Facebook Groups also have Discord servers where members can communicate.

Discord is the platform of choice for video game streamers. Many small and large YouTube Gaming, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming streamers have their Discord servers where their fans can talk about their shows, games, and other related topics. Check the profile page of your favorite streamer to see if they have a Discord server you can join.

How To Search Discord Servers?

You may find a list of Discord servers by tapping the “Servers” tab after logging in from the home page. For a list of Discord servers organized by category, tap on “Categories.” You can also click “Search” and type the server name there.

How Many Servers Can You Be In On Discord?

You can be in 100 servers on discord.


That’s all I have on Why Can’t I Find Servers On Discord? There’s no limit on the number of Discord servers you may join, so take your time and look around until you discover the one that’s just right for you. However, if you can’t find the right server, why not build a Discord server and invite others to join and build a new community?

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to find Discord servers?

On your PC, launch the Discord application. The Explore Public Servers icon should be selected, which resembles a compass. You’ll be taken to the official Discord server directory’s first page, which features a search bar at the top and numerous popular Discord servers below, including those for the video game Fortnite and Minecraft.

Why am I unable to connect to any Discord servers?

There is a restriction to how many servers one user can be a part of at any given time on Discord. There is a limit of 100 servers that you can join. You won’t be allowed to join another server if you’ve previously reached level 100. Check how many servers you’ve joined if you get the Invite Invalid message when trying to join one.

On Discord, what does NSFW mean?

NSFW stands for “not safe for work” on the internet. NSFW is frequently used as a content warning, advising viewers to exercise caution or avoid viewing the message or image in a professional or public context.

Is it possible to retrieve a Discord server that has been deleted?

Unfortunately, there is no method to retrieve a server that has been deleted: (The best solution is to start a new server and invite users from the old one.

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