Why Are Roku Commercials So Loud? All You Need To Know

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Here is a detailed solution about Why Are Roku Commercials So Loud? Since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) act in 2012, people have been fighting against loud commercials.

The law’s original author more than ten years ago, US Representative Anna Eshoo, claims that the FCC never enforced it. The simplest solution to the excessive number of adverts on your Roku TV is to turn on the “leveling” feature inside the TV. You can switch on the night mode as an added precaution.

A sudden commercial interrupted as I watched a movie on Roku and drowsily drifted off to sleep, raising the volume dramatically. I was about to have a heart attack and was prepared to scream at the TV with my remote. Roku and a few other streaming services could better control the volume of commercial content. I hope I can offer you a few options so you can sleep peacefully one night.

Why Are Roku Commercials So Loud?

The channel provider chooses the audio quality of the media content. Roku cannot regulate the streaming channels’ audio volume because of this. The CEO and founder of TV advertising platform Simulmedia, Dave Morgan, claims that during commercial breaks, viewers frequently visit the kitchen or are likely to wander around the room. Advertisers boost the audio volume to make the advertising memorable. Roku is only one of several instances where this problem is present.

Roku Commercials So Loud

What Can You Do About Loud Roku Commercials?

You can contact the FCC or use the sound leveling features on a few Roku TV models to address the problem. The CALM Act was introduced more than ten years ago, but the FCC still needs to implement it. I’ve heard of individuals who attempted to complain to the authorities but were unsuccessful.

All you can do at this stage is raise awareness of how unfair and uncomfortable the current situation is. Things will continue to be the same for years until more people and the internet voice up.

What Can You Do About Loud Roku Commercials

Alternatively, I could silence the TV every time a commercial starts, but that could be more practical, especially if I’m sleeping on the couch. The second option is the sound leveler feature, which considerably lessens the blaring tyranny of ad breaks. Even if it’s not a perfect solution, I’ll take it.

What Makes YouTube Ads So Loud?

In reality, you need to determine why they sound louder before you take action to improve the sound of YouTube advertising on Roku or attempt to eliminate them. The dynamic range of your video adverts and content is the cause.

The average difference or range between the loudest and quietest noise in any audio content is known as the dynamic range. Dynamic range is kept at a high level for content like movies or any other video content. Since advertising aims to catch the attention of potential clients, this is probably done on purpose.

Many people in the Roku community detect and report issues with watching, so you can read what others are saying to see if your issues are the same and get further advice from other users beyond what you read in this post.

Additionally, keep in mind that there are techniques to totally or partially ban YouTube advertisements on Roku. You cannot find solutions to change the sound of advertisements by using the methods described in the article. Remember to keep your YouTube Premium subscription in mind as well.

What To Do To Make Youtube Ads Not So Loud On Roku?

There is no method for entirely erasing YouTube ad sound on Roku. There are, however, alternative methods that can assist in slightly altering the sound and saving the situation; you will need to take some steps and listen to the sound to determine whether you still need to make changes. To activate automatic volume equalization, take the following actions:

  • On the Roku remote, hit the “Home” button.
  • Next, choose the “Settings” area.
  • The next step is to choose the “Audio” option.
  • Go to the “Volume Modes” section after that.
  • You must choose “Leveling.”

This will eventually enable you to enjoy a steady flow of entertainment. Thanks to this, you won’t have to adjust the level each time you switch stations or enable advertisements.

In the not-too-distant future, content producers will give users what they want and be able to set up their sites with everything necessary for the most relaxing watching experience. Additionally, since the volume of advertisements is equal to the content, complaints that the Roku volume needs to be lowered for commercials won’t be valid.

Is Roku TV Too Loud During Commercials? Here’s The Solution

Before anything else, not every channel will have the issue with TCL Roku TVs suddenly being overly loud during advertisements. In actuality, this is fine with the majority of streaming networks.

The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, or CALM Act, which went into effect in 2012, is mostly to blame for this. This rule controls the volume of TV advertising and stipulates that they must be normalized to the same average level as the program in which they are included.

Therefore, you won’t likely have this issue when watching live TV channels on your TCL Roku TV. You should only experience this problem when watching adverts on streaming services like YouTube and Hulu. Avoiding streaming channels entirely is the first step to avoiding this issue. You can choose from a variety of programming on live TV stations.

You may also use the beautiful possibilities of the Roku integration to stream media directly from your home media collection if you use an HTPC or home media system integration like Plex, Kodi, or Jellyfin. You won’t miss out on anything if you avoid streaming channels that do not adhere to the CALM Act because there are so many other excellent options.

Second, you can keep the TV’s overall volume low while watching streaming video. While this could make it a little more challenging for you to enjoy streaming shows, it also helps if the shows are interrupted with excessively loud advertisements that might disturb your house or harm your hearing.

Set the volume on your TV remote to a low level so you can still hear the content audio without being bothered by noisy advertising. Finally, you may use a particular function on TCL Roku TVs to ensure you can continue to enjoy entertainment even when loud ads are disturbing your quiet.

Loudness Leveling is a feature that artificially regulates the volume of Audio that comes through the TV speakers. It normalizes the Audio, so there are no jarring volume spikes or dips. This maintains the volume level. It can aid in improving the audibility of quieter scenes.

  • Use the home button on your TCL Roku TV remote to turn this on.
  • Navigate through the different menu choices in the main menu until you find the Settings option. Make this your choice.
  • To access the audio settings, choose Audio from the menu that appears.
  • You will find a selection there named Volume Modes.
  • There is a toggle for the Leveling option inside of this.

With this option turned on, you can watch your content without annoying adverts when leaving the menu.


Businesses are constantly looking for methods to utilize the system to suit their demands. People have been speaking out in online forums lately to support the noisy commercial issue. Some have even vowed not to buy anything after seeing a Roku commercial, while others have stopped using Roku for streaming. Did the information help you address your concerns regarding Why Are Roku Commercials So Loud? Watch for additional tech advice in upcoming posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you block ads on Roku TV?

Click the “ADD DOMAIN” button, type “ads.roku.com” in the blank area, and then choose “Always block” from the drop-down selection in that section. Select “Block ads.roku.com. – simply the individual domain” if prompted, then click “CONFIRM.”

How do I fix loud commercials on Hulu with Roku?

The majority of TVs have an audio leveling setting. This feature compresses the volume after detecting higher and lower volume levels to give you a consistent sound. This will make Hulu’s obnoxious adverts stop.

How do I stop commercials from being so loud?

Many televisions and home entertainment systems contain loudness control capabilities that provide a more constant volume between programs and advertisements. These functions include automatic gain control, audio compression, and audio limiters.

How do I make my Roku commercials quieter?

·       Switch the active input to the external device to start streaming content or to change the Audio settings for a device connected to your Roku TV and wireless speakers.
·       We are utilizing the Roku controller, select Star.
·       Choose Sound options.
·       To change the Volume mode to the preferred setting, use the directional pad.

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