Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive? Exact Answer

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When looking for a gaming laptop, have you come across any that you feel are “untouchables”? Gaming laptops are indeed a lot more expensive than you might think. Here is the answer to Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive?

There’s a saying among gamers that “a house, a vehicle, and a gaming laptop are three of the biggest purchases in a gamer’s life.” It may be viewed as a joke, but describe the cost of a gaming laptop correctly. But why are laptops so much more costly than a tower gaming computer??

On the other hand, tower PCs outperform gaming laptops in raw performance. So, what’s the bottom line? Why do professional gamers spend so much money on a bit of equipment to satisfy their sense of amusement? Hopefully, we can come up with a compelling reason for this purchase.

Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive?

One of the most advanced laptops, gaming laptops are explicitly created for continuous gaming. Compared to standard PCs and laptops, their cost is significantly higher because of their bespoke parts, demand for skilled manual testing, assembly, and many other factors.

Gaming Laptops So Expensive

Graphics Card

The performance of the graphics cards in desktops and laptops differs. They have a similar architecture, but the mobile version is just half as fast as the desktop version when it comes to performance. There is no difference between the games you’ll play. If you don’t have ideal FPS, image processing, and visual processing rates, your game performance will suffer.

Laptop makers are now developing ultra HD graphics cards for video games to solve the problem. NVidia and AMD’s high-end graphics cards are standard in gaming laptops instead of the integrated graphics found in most other laptops.

These graphics cards are state-of-the-art and far more potent than those found in most desktops and notebooks now on the market. As a result, the most recently developed graphics card is not without cost. The price of a gaming laptop soars due to this additional cost.


Why buy a gaming laptop when you can get better performance from a desktop computer? The short answer is that a gaming laptop allows you to take your gaming wherever you want to go. When you’re on the go, the computer is there to entertain you.

To play high-end video games for long periods, you’ll need a laptop with a powerful battery. As a result, they use a lot of electricity and require constant charging. Laptop batteries must be larger and more potent if they are to power computers long enough to play games for hours on end. At this point, the price of a gaming laptop is more than that of a standard laptop.

Manufacturing Process

While engineering is a time-consuming procedure, it’s the production phase that’s the most stressful. Laptop assembly and testing take longer in the production process. Making the components, putting them together, and testing to see if they work correctly are all part of the process.

Manufacturing is machine-oriented, but humans still carry out the assembly and quality check processes. This is a labor-intensive procedure that relies on the cooperation of human operators in various parts of the system to complete it. During the final quality check, the manufacturer ensures that all components work as they should. The entire process is more time-consuming and more expensive than using computers.


Laptops are plagued by overheating, one of the most common problems, due to the higher performance and more frequent gaming laptops. Returning to the subject of heating, what causes it to occur?

Laptops aren’t prone to overheat, but desktop PCs are. Temperatures can be maintained in computers by leaving spacing between components. We can’t do it with laptops. Every available left-over space is being squandered.

As a result, the components begin to overheat and attain thermal throttling due to their compactness. If you want a laptop that doesn’t overheat, you’ll need to build it in a way that allows all of its components to drain heat and maintain an ideal temperature.

Brands are working on a cooling system and design and engineering to lower the temperature inside. The system aims to keep the internal temperature as low as possible by releasing heat into the atmosphere.

The main problem is thermal throttling or performance degradation caused by heat. Manufacturers must pay a lot of money to minimize this problem in their products. Alternatively, the goods suffer, and the essential components can be melted down by extreme heat.

If you don’t have a lot of cash to spend on a cooling system, you may find yourself with two versions of the same laptop. If you could check the price, a cooling system and at least $100 worth of supplies would be available. Laptops with cooling systems, like the Asus Zephyrus, are standard. This is one of the best out there in terms of gaming laptops, thanks to the machine’s cooling mechanism.

Customization And Upgradation Options

One of the most critical things about the laptop’s design is its small size. Although the laptops are small, elegant, and thin, they must also be functional. You’ve probably seen or used Apple’s MacBook Pro. Can you think of anything else that’s as thin and still as good? The money spent on making these computers portable and tiny comes from this.

Laptops and desktop computers share similar hardware, such as RAM, processing power, and graphics cards. This is important to remember when comparing the two. Most components and assembly methods are interchangeable when it comes to desktop computers. Elements from one computer can be utilized in another.

However, when it comes to laptops, every manufacturer has its unique design, layout, and customizations, which is why laptop parts are incompatible. Components on notebooks can’t be interchanged; therefore, each manufacturer is forced to develop its unique design and assembly process. Laptop components are designed to be smaller than desktop computers to reduce their size and weight.

You may be wondering why laptops are less powerful than desktops. As a result of the decreased clock speed and voltages, the components in laptops are designed smaller but more vulnerable because of their reduced power consumption.

Overheating can lead to melting and permanent damage, even though the components are designed to be as powerful as the computers they are being used with. Because of this, laptop components are engineered to be smaller and weaker than those in desktop computers.

Why Are Gaming Laptops More Expensive Than Desktops?

First, compared to desktops, gaming laptops typically feature higher-end components. This includes upgrades to the graphics card, additional RAM, and a quicker processor. Second, gaming laptops are portable; they are typically more compact and lighter than desktop computers. They cost more to create as a result.

Is It Worth Having A Gaming Laptop?

A gaming laptop is a great option and well worth the money if you travel frequently and require a device that can do both work and games. A gaming PC will provide considerably better value for money if gaming is a significant pastime and you play in the same place.


So, all these are reasons Why Are Gaming are Laptops So Expensive? The price of a gaming laptop may be a touch high, but it won’t make you regret purchasing it in the long run. It can be employed for various tasks, and the keyboard has been customized for gaming, although this does not limit the device’s potential applications for a handler.

Purchasing a gaming laptop has some benefits. A large number of programs can be running at the same time without overheating, allowing for a great gaming experience. The battery life of a gaming system is unbeatable. There is only one harmful to these laptops: their often exorbitant price. However, the benefits they provide usually outweigh that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the point of buying a gaming laptop?

Buying a gaming laptop is well worth it if it meets your gaming and usage needs. A gaming laptop of this type is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a portable and powerful gaming machine that can also be upgraded to some extent. You may value portability if, for example, you frequently travel.

Is it worth shelling out for a high-end gaming laptop?

This high-end mobile gaming will cost you, but if you want an experience that goes beyond shooting birds at pigs, it will be well worth it. A good example is the Razer Blade Pro 17.3″ Gaming Laptop.

What are the pros and cons of gaming laptops?

A laptop is a better option than a stand-alone system to enjoy gaming while lounging in your living room. As long as you have a gaming laptop and not a power station (you don’t have to have a high-end system to play games). Laptops do not have a ‘gaming’ standard.

Is a gaming laptop better than a standard laptop?

Faster graphics, more RAM, and a powerful processor are all part of a gaming laptop’s features list. That’s all there is to it. Laptops for gaming typically have better video processing capabilities than laptops for general use because modern computer games typically demand more processing power to run smoothly.

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