Which DJI Drones Have Remote ID? Expert Guide

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Here are complete details about Which DJI Drones Have Remote ID? Robotic drones are maturing. Piloting a drone was fun in the past time that attracted inquisitive onlookers; today, drones are ubiquitous, performing vital and even life-saving functions and serving as an exciting means of taking beautiful photographs.

To promote safe and profitable drone flights, governments worldwide have devised guidelines that safeguard aircraft and helicopters as well as people’s property on the ground from drones. The new era of drone regulation in the United States is about, to begin with, the introduction of Remote Identification.

DJI Drones Have Remote ID

Remote ID enables law enforcement to track drones in the air and determine who is uniformly operating them. Like the license plates on automobiles, this new technique of aerial accountability is expected to make the sky safer, boost public acceptance of drones, and allow drones to fly in previously banned areas, such as at night or directly over people, on a more regular basis.

 The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) implemented new Remote ID standards on April 21, 2021, and comparable Remote ID requirements will go into force in Europe this year.

As a DJI drone pilot, there is no immediate impact on your operations. A free software upgrade should be enough to meet FAA Remote ID standards, even though the “effective date” is April 21. We hope this information on the FAA’s Remote ID requirements will address any questions you may have about the regulations.

Which DJI Drones Have Remote ID?

DJI drones in 2021 models do not have remote-id. DJI Remote Id compatibility can only be achieved by installing a third-party remote-id module, but you can fly your DJI drone there without an until September 2023.

What Does Drone Remote ID Mean?

To identify and track the flying of drones, authorities use electronic license plates known as “remote IDs.” A remote ID is a lot like a license plate on a car. Thanks to Remote IDs for uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs), increased drone acceptance and reduced restrictions may now be possible.

There is now an eighteen-month deadline for the manufacture of remote ID drones and a thirty-month deadline for retrofitting any owned drone that will be flying under the new Remote ID for Drone guidelines. Drones purchased now will be illegal as of October 21, 2023, unless they are retrofitted.

Is It Possible To Fly My Drone Without A Remote?

Until September 2023, you can operate your drone in the United States without a Remote Id. Manufacturers of drones will be obliged to include standard built-in remote-id technology in their products starting in September 2022.

The Minis at DJI have a unique home. One gram less than the FAA’s Remote Id criteria for DJI Mini’s is standard for all of them.

An updated version of DJI’s Mavic Mini has 199 grams in weight, making it the lightest drone in the world. Due to stricter regulations in Japan, this DJI Mavic Mini is only available there. The drone has a maximum weight of 200g and a maximum 2.4 GHz signal.

Due to the use of a different battery than that found in standard Minis, the Mavic Mini Japan weighs less. The Mavic Mini’s official flying time is decreased from 30 minutes to 18 minutes due to the usage of a tiny battery by DJI.

A standard remote-id technology, incorporated into the drone without sacrificing weight, is allowed by remote-id law for DJI to address this issue. They have an in-house team of engineers that are experts at reducing the weight of drones without sacrificing their performance. 

Regulations Of Remote Id For Drones

Before flying a drone in the USA, it must have remote identification, also known as remote-id. On December 28, 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) submitted the Final Rule. Regulations for Remote ID are set to take effect on two different dates.

  • A rule goes into effect on the day specified in the “effective date.” Manufacturers of drones operating in the United States must create drones with built-in standard remote identification technology by September 2022. However, the first date on which objects must operate in line with the legislation is that date.
  • Before flying in the United States after September 2023, drone owners must install standard remote-id equipment on their aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration prohibits all drone owners from flying their devices without a remote-id.

Does DJI Spark Have Remote-Id?

Currently, neither DJI drones nor any of their models are compatible with Remote Id. Some DJI drones are free from Remote Id because they weigh less than 250 grams, which is the weight requirement for drones.

Does The Mavic Air 2 Have Remote-Id?

The Remote-ID on the DJI Mavic Air does not meet FAA requirements for Remote Identification.


FAA regulations and guidelines are constantly updated to ensure safe and efficient flights. Using Remote Id, you can see where the drone takes off, as well as the drone’s height and latitude. The airspace station uses Remote Id to locate the drone. This is all about Which DJI Drones Have Remote ID?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any DJI drones have a Remote ID feature?

Remote ID will be required for all outdoor-flying drones one year from now, in September 2023, and DJI estimates that many of our most regularly used drones will be able to comply with an easy and free software upgrade. We will continue to make Remote ID as simple to implement as feasible.

Are there any Remote ID-enabled drones out there?

There are now only DJI drones with Remote ID that DJI’s Aerospace can detect. Drones from the Phantom, Matrice, Mavic Air, and DJI Inspire series are just a few examples. Please continue reading for more information on Remote ID and what to expect.

Do you have a Remote ID on the DJI Mavic 3?

For the first time, the Mavic 3 can use AeroScope Remote ID, a drone license plate. It transmits the drone’s location by an FAA mandate that will come into force in 2023. If your drone is flying in restricted airspace, the system can help authorities track it down.

Is remote ID available on the DJI Spark?

If Spark is capable of doing this and we need to change the firmware, or if there is any hardware that has been locked out that prevents us from using it, please let me know. Thanks! Sadly, there is not much to be excited about with the Spark. It’s not dependent on Remote ID to work.

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