Where Is The Volume Button On A Vizio TV? All You Need To Know

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Where Is The Volume Button On A Vizio TV?

The volume buttons on Vizio TV are on the lower right backside. If buttons are not on the backside then you may have to look for them in an unusual spot. The bottom right or left corners of the TV’s back are where you’ll generally locate the control buttons. As long as you can locate the television’s power button, you’ll be able to switch it on and off without a remote control.

Volume Button On A Vizio TV

How To Increase The Volume On A Vizio Television Without Using The Remote?

Method 1: Use Buttons Present On TV

Vizio TVs contain physical buttons, which aren’t well-known by their users. They can be found on either side of the TV’s back panel. Depending on the model, the exact placement can be different. The power, input, and volume buttons are all grouped.

To provide you with a short overview of these buttons, below are their functions. It’s easy to forget that the power button controls the TV’s power. You don’t need a remote to switch on your TV by pressing the power button.

You may access and modify the TV’s input sources by pressing the input button on the remote. The volume control on your TV set, meanwhile, allows you to fine-tune the loudness of anything you’re watching via streaming. Let’s look at the buttons and see how we can change the volume.

Step 1: Look At The Volume Button

It must be in the upper-right or upper-left corner of the screen, visible from the back. Without a control, these buttons can be used to adjust the volume.

Step 2: To Adjust The Volume, Use The Arrows

Two arrows are required. The two of them each play a distinct function. Arrows that point upwards indicate increased volume, whereas arrows that point downwards indicate decreased volume.

Method 2: Install the SmartCast app

The SmartCast app is available for Vizio TV owners. The SmartCast software allows you to stream content from your TV to your phone, tablet, or even your personal computer through Wi-Fi. So, if a user loses or breaks their remote control, they won’t be inconvenienced.

Step 1: Download The Smartcast App

Download the app and run it on your phone. Both Android and iOS users can install it from their respective marketplaces. So do what works best for you.

Step 2: Open The SmartCast App

Open the SmartCast application and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your TV to your smartphone.

Step 3: Sign In To Your Vizio TV

You can access the app using your Vizio ID and password or continue as a guest. If you need the Vizio login credentials, you can request them from the primary user.

Step 4: Select The Device With Which You’d Like To Pair

SmartCast devices in the area will be displayed. After selecting the device, you wish to associate with the app, wait for further prompts.

Step 5: Confirm The Connection

The top of your TV screen will display a four-digit number code. It’s all you need to do to connect your TV to the Vizio SmartCast app. And now it’s finished! Mobile phone users may now operate their televisions from the comfort of their homes.

Step 6: Press The Settings Button

Settings can be done by clicking the gear icon button. Apps must have it on their right side to function correctly. The TV’s settings menu will display, giving you access to several customization options.

Step 7: Select Audio

In this section, you’ll discover a variety of audio controls, including the volume buttons. That’s all there is to it. Use the SmartCast app on your Vizio TV to adjust the volume.

The Volume Control Isn’t Working: What Should I Do Now?

If the volume button on your remote doesn’t work, it may be because the remote is defective. As a result, it’s preferable to attempt a remote repair. Here are a few ideas to assist you in getting back to doing remote work.

Method 1: Power Cycle The Remote

Step 1: Disconnect the Batteries

The goal is to separate the batteries and the remote. The remote’s batteries are located at the bottom of the rear.

Step 2: Hold and Press the Power Button

For 5 seconds, hold and press the power button. This will remove the remote’s residual power.

Step 3: Press Each Remote Button

Once each button on the remote has been depressed, release it. This will help free the buttons that have become trapped.

Step 4: Put the Batteries in the Original Position

Please make sure the batteries are in their proper places. If feasible, try to get a new one.

Step 5: Try Your Remote

The remote control has now been reset for your convenience. If it doesn’t work, you may also try rebooting your device.

Method 2: Troubleshoot The Problem

Remove the clutter in front of your TV. The inability of the remote control to recognize the TV’s sensors is another common cause of its non-operation. Even transparent objects can obstruct signals from your control to your device. Protective plastic covers might also be included among the transparent objects.

The TV’s infrared sensor can be found in the bottom right or bottom left of the screen. Replace the old batteries and see if it helps. Improve the efficiency of your remote by using this accessory battery of the highest caliber should always be used.

Find out if your phone or the remote is to blame for the issue. Try another Vizio TV controller if you can. Other Vizio remotes are compatible with most Vizio TVs, as are most of their sets. A faulty remote will not function properly if the device’s remote does. Is there any problem with the TV, or perhaps with the sensor? If so, then it’s time to look at it.

Is There A Volume Button On Vizio TV?

You will also find input, channel, and volume buttons and a power button. Vizio conceals these buttons for two reasons.


Vizio has always been on the bleeding edge when it comes to visual technology, and its physical design ideas are no exception. Even if the buttons are more difficult to see in low light, the text is less distracting, and the side buttons are less likely to be bumped.

Using a remote is always an option, except for power cycling, which you don’t regularly use in the first place. You’ll be prepared if your Vizio TV remote malfunctions now that you know where the buttons are.

If you’re searching for a simple way to control your TV, have a look at the options presented below. Stream your favorite entertainment on your Vizio TV using the one that works best for you. That’s all we have on Where Is The Volume Button On A Vizio TV?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there volume control on my Vizio TV?

You’ll also discover controls for the channel, volume, and input in addition to the power button. Vizio has two reasons for concealing these buttons. One of the primary issues is that buttons don’t fit with most new televisions’ sleek, minimalist appearance.

Why does my Vizio TV’s sound quality seem to be lacking?

Turn off DTS TruVolume and see if the problem persists. Navigate to the ‘ Audio ‘ option using the arrow keys and the Okay button on your VIZIO remote. Using the right and left arrows keys, scroll down to the ‘Volume Leveling’ option and turn it off.

How come I can’t change the volume on my Vizio television?

It’s possible that your cable or satellite box’s audio settings can be tweaked to raise the volume. Try disabling the SRS TruSurround and SRS TruVolume settings in the Audio Settings if this doesn’t work or if you don’t have a cable or satellite box.

What is it that causes the volume of the television to fluctuate?

It’s possible that the control switch is to blame for your TV’s frequent volume fluctuation. The volume can be overridden if the control switch is jammed. You should be able to bring your volume back to normal by repairing the issue with your control switch.

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