Where Are Netflix Downloads Stored On Phone? Answered

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This post is for you if you’ve downloaded any videos on your Android phone and are wondering where the Netflix downloads are kept in internal storage. We’ll go into more depth about Where Are Netflix Downloads Stored On Phone? Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how to store Netflix downloads to an SD card to save space and alter the download location.

While traveling without internet access, Netflix’s offline feature offers you lots of conveniences for watching videos and killing time. Only Windows 10 & 11 tablets, laptops, and Android & iOS devices are currently compatible with it.

Where Are Netflix Downloads Stored On Phone?

On your Android smartphone, launch the file manager. To access the Netflix download folder, press immediately negative to “Device Storage > Android > data > com. netflix.mediaclient > files > Download >.of.” You must click “More > Show hidden files” to activate the option to view hidden files if there are no files in the “Download” folder.

Netflix Downloads Stored On Phone

How To Find My Netflix Downloads?

Users frequently ask this question when using an Android device, and it is frequently their initial thought. What happened to the Netflix titles I downloaded? In addition to offering a helpful hint on moving your downloaded content from one device to another, the following tutorial will assist you in locating your Netflix downloads on Android.

How To Find My Netflix Downloads

Using Netflix to download movies and other media is a terrific way to conserve bandwidth on your phone. You can find out where to find your Netflix downloads by using the following guide.

The Netflix movies you’ve downloaded will appear in your device’s “Available for Downloads” section. You may utilize the search icon on Netflix to view the app’s content.

The phrase “Download” is used to identify the videos that may be downloaded and helps you decide which ones to do so. Your mobile must have adequate storage to accommodate the videos you download for it to do so. # On Android, where are Netflix downloads kept?

Where Are Downloaded Movies Stored On Android?

Once you’ve downloaded a Netflix movie, it will be kept on your phone’s internal storage. You will need to download the movie again if you wish to move it to your SD card. You must tap the Downloads button in the Netflix app’s menu to download movies.

After doing so, navigate to Device Storage (ANDROID) > ANDROID > DATA to view your downloaded movies. If the microSD card in your Android phone is empty, you can select a place for your Netflix movies there. Go to your phone’s settings and choose SD card after downloading your movie.

Where Are Downloaded Movies Stored Android

Choose the location where you wish to store the video by clicking the Download Location icon. Access to your internal storage is also available once you tap the profile symbol. Next, decide where to save the Netflix movies you downloaded. You can find your downloaded movies if your SD card has enough room.

You can download their movies and view them offline if you have a premium Netflix subscription. You can download movies from this service if you sign up for it. You may also watch your downloaded movies offline using the Netflix app on your Android phone.

You can test out Netflix without paying anything. If you’re happy with the quality of the content, you can sign up for a free trial or even a paid subscription, and you’ll be able to watch your downloaded movies whenever it’s convenient.

How To Change Netflix Download Location On Windows PC And Android?

With the Netflix app, you may download Netflix shows and movie titles stored on the internal storage or a MicroSD card of your Android, Windows 10/11, or iOS device and watch them later. You can modify the settings in the Netflix Android app to change the place where Netflix downloads are kept.

You can install an external storage device, such as an SD card or a USB-C-compliant card, to store Netflix downloads on a USB-C or SD card. The Netflix download location folder can be found under the downloads sub-section of the Netflix app on Android or iOS.

You can download Netflix content on your Android or iOS device, as was already mentioned. This guide’s objective is to demonstrate how to modify the location where Netflix downloads to your Android device.

How To Change The Location Of Downloads On Netflix Android Mobile Device?

The Gallery folder, SD card, or any external storage device are some settings that can modify the Netflix app’s download location on Android. Use the following settings to modify the Netflix app’s download location on Android while connected to Wi-Fi.

On an Android device, you can get the Netflix app from the Google Play Store, and on an iPhone, you can get it from the Apple Store. # On Android, where are Netflix downloads kept?

  • To access Netflix on your smartphone, you must first sign up for a Netflix plan. There are three main subscription plans that Netflix offers, each with a different price. Before purchasing a Netflix subscription, there are no free trials available.
  • Log in to your Android smartphone using your Netflix account. # On Android, where are Netflix downloads kept?
  • Click the three horizontal lines at the bottom right corner of the screen (More).
  • It requires you to touch on the app’s settings icon. You may access several settings, such as downloading, notifications, and video playback.
  • Select a download location from the list under the downloads section. Netflix downloads files by default to the internal storage of your Android or iOS device. You will notice a message on the screen that reads “No external storage” if your device cannot support an external memory card.
  • If you haven’t already, ensure you’ve inserted an SD card or another external storage device (USB-C).

You should be able to specify the SD card as the normal storage location in the Netflix app for Android. This will enable Netflix to save downloaded movies and series automatically on your SD card rather than internally keeping them. Additionally, you can always revoke your Netflix subscription.

Where Do I Find The Folder Of My Downloads?

You most likely downloaded a Netflix movie that you want to view offline, but Netflix won’t let you access your downloads folder so you can play it on your computer. To watch the movie later, you must physically move it to a different location and copy it back to your computer.

Thankfully, there are some answers to this issue. The procedures for finding your Netflix download folder are listed below. You can also look for the downloaded files using a third-party application.

If you want to download a Netflix movie or TV show, you must move the Netflix download folder to a different location on your computer once it has finished downloading. The drawback of this approach is that Netflix only offers a few file management options.

If you are having problems opening the Netflix folder, you can alternatively access Netflix using the browser. If you’re experiencing difficulties managing your hard disk, you might be able to transfer your Netflix download files to your SD card instead.


By using the preceding instructions, you may quickly find Where Are Netflix Downloads Stored On Phone? and change their location. Refer to Part 3 for instructions on downloading Netflix videos in a standard format if you want to share your downloads freely. A trial version is available for free on FlixiCam. Give it a try if you don’t believe it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the downloaded Netflix files?

We advise staying logged in to the Netflix app, then selecting My Downloads to ensure you always have access to your downloads.

Why can’t I find my Netflix Downloads on my phone?

If downloaded titles are older than the maximum age rating allowed for a profile, they won’t display in the Downloads area. Verify a profile’s parental controls settings here: Tap the More or your Profile icon from the Netflix app.

Does Netflix Download use phone storage?

You can now keep those downloaded movies and TV series on microSD cards thanks to a move made by Netflix today to assist Android users who are caught in that predicament. You can save items to internal storage, or if your phone supports SD, The Netflix app’s most recent iteration supports external storage.

How do I transfer Netflix Downloads to my gallery?

Launch the Netflix app, then select More or your profile. You are choosing App Settings. Select Download Location under Downloads. Choose the location where you want to keep your downloads.

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