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Here we start with all information about Where Are Hustler Mowers Made? Historically, the agricultural economy of Kansas has had a significant impact on the establishment and growth of commercial cutting in the state. Indeed, one of the first industrial zero-turn machines developed in Kansas was invented here.

Where Are Hustler Mowers Made?

When they saw the mower in use, the Excel team realized they had a product that would completely change the lawn care market. Roy Mullet, the company’s president, oversaw the start of Hustler mower production at Excel’s facility in Hesston, Kansas.

Excel Industries, Walker Choppers, Grasshopper, and Dixon, all of which trace their roots back to Kansas, are among the many manufacturing firms in the area that are pioneers in the field of mowing technology.

Hustler Mowers Made

Zero-Turn Mowers were invented and improved by people who had a deep understanding of farm machinery and agricultural equipment. The invention process is now considerably more efficient and sophisticated, thanks to improvements in engineering and production. The commercial mowing industry has seen a boom in time. It all began with the purchasing of Kansas Mini Power Vehicles, a dealership for E-Z-GO golf carts, more than 25 years ago.

Why Zero-Turn Mower Used Worldwide?

When it comes to zero-turn mowers, there are a wide variety of options to pick from. Some vehicles have electronic fuel injections that improve fuel efficiency, while others have Roller Protection Systems that assist keep the driver safe.

Seatbelts and better operator control are two further examples of available safety measures. It is also possible to increase the mower’s efficiency by using suspension to increase its potential ground speed.

Comparing Front-Mount And Mid-Mount Decks

The decks of a zero-turn mower are among the most crucial aspects to consider. Front-mount decks & mid-mount decks are also possibilities for you. Front-mounts are more evenly distributed than mid-mounts; therefore, they’re more comfortable for long periods.

Front-mount vehicles have less weight on their front wheels, which improves traction and handling, particularly on downhill trips. Before cutting, the mower does not destroy the grass because there is less weight on its front wheels.

A more direct steering reaction and less wheel slide are two additional benefits of this drive train configuration. Front-mount decks may float and follow contours better than mid-mounts since they are independent of the tractor. It’s an excellent choice for trimming because of the seat’s position, which provides a better view for trimming. For individuals who need to mount additional attachments, front mounts are the best option. It has a tilt-up function that makes cleaning and maintenance simple.

Landscape contractors prefer mid-mount mowers to front-mount mowers. In general, mid-mount mowers are smaller and less cumbersome to store than their front-mount counterparts. To accomplish tight turns and work circularly, mid-mount decks are situated closer to the turning axis. As a result of this, they are more productive than front-mounted machines.

Things To Know Before Buying A Zero-Turn Mower

Do not use a zero-turn mower on wet turf. Using a tractor on soggy grass can be damaging. In these cases, a push mower is the most practical option. Keep an eye on your pace. When you run your lawnmower too fast, you risk damaging the grass and ruining your cut pattern. Reduce your speed on more difficult terrain. The cut will be uneven and rough if the mower is bouncing.

Finally, if you’re running a landscaping firm, it’s a good idea to get some training. The mower can tumble over on downhill slopes if the wheels are not properly managed. The dangers of industrial zero-turn mowers alone are reason enough to get some training before using one. After all, you don’t want to ruin a client’s lawn or injure yourself in the process!

How To Look Out Of Your Zero-Turn Hustler?

Maintaining your zero-turn mower regularly is essential to getting the most out of it. Every day, check the oil pressure using an oil pressure gauge and change the air filter, oil filter, and oil once a month. At the end of each season, be sure to give your mower a good once-over as well.

To avoid damaging your mower, you should also be aware of the pulling limits of your mower. A load of 180 lbs or more is usually too much for the transmissions on smaller lawnmowers. This can lead to pricey transmission repairs if you ignore these restrictions.

Zero-turn mowers, on the other hand, operate best on lawns that are mowed often. Damage to the mower’s performance can result from trying to mow through tall growths. To get the most out of this equipment, lawns that have been trimmed once or twice a week are ideal.

Are Hustler And Big Dog The Same Company?

As Excel Industries raises the bar for developing outdoor power equipment products sold underneath the Hustler Turf Equipment and BigDog Mower Co. names, American ingenuity is still strong today.

Are Hustler Mowers Made In The US?

Roy Mullet, the company’s president, oversaw the start of Hustler mower production at Excel’s facility in Hesston, Kansas.


Here we conclude Where Are Hustler Mowers Made? Since that time, Hustler has become one of the most popular brands of outdoor power tools. The Hustler brand is synonymous with innovation, strength, performance, and exceptional customer service around the world. Besides manufacturing the best outdoor power equipment in the industry, Hustler is dedicated to providing a positive customer experience for its customers.

My goal is to provide the most reliable, useful, and time-saving content in turf care while ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction. More than 1,600 U.S. dealers and more than 30 distributors around the world are available for questions and provide specialist service to every customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Grasshopper Mowers made?

Grasshopper mowers are designed, engineered, manufactured, assembled, and tested at a 350,000-sq-ft institution in Moundridge, Kansas, by a talented and trained workforce of more than 280 highly trained workers.

What country does John Deere produce its lawnmowers in?

The vast majority of that output is sold to Chinese farmers for use. However, a portion of China’s total output is exported to other countries around the world, including the United States. As of right now, John Deere is manufacturing agricultural machinery in China.

Is it true that the engines for Cub Cadets are made in China?

Engines bearing the Cub Cadet name are made in the United States. Because of this, Cub Cadet has joined forces with a major Asian manufacturer to develop an advanced overhead valve (OHV) engine through joint ventures that combine engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise.

Who is the manufacturer of Snapper lawnmowers, and where do they come from?

It was Simplicity Manufacturing, which bought Snapper in 2002 that went on to buy Briggs & Stratton in 2004. Weed trimmers, string trimmers, and leaf blowers have all been given the Snapper logo name since then.

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