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Whether the external power source is faulty or the socket is broken, have we ever found that our laptop does not charge? Or What Type Of Connector Is On A Laptop Charger? Because you’re experiencing this issue, we’ve put together a brief reference guide to the many plug types available.

Coaxial connections or pins connect laptop power supplies and adapters; however, not all are the same, making it difficult to locate a replacement. It is essential to have a power adapter or charger for your laptop. In addition to allowing, you to operate your laptop on AC / Mains power, a Laptop Adapter can also recharge your laptop’s battery.

What Type Of Connector Is On A Laptop Charger?

Although most current laptops feature USB-C ports, not all are used for battery charging.

Type Of Connector Is On A Laptop Charger

An incorrect voltage, power surge, defective components, or other factors can cause your laptop adapter or charger to be blown off or damaged to the point where it is no longer usable. In this circumstance, you may find yourself unable to charge your laptop’s battery or operate it with AC power.

Buying a new laptop adapter/charger is your only option here, but it’s not as simple as you may assume. However, if your laptop model is new and the same charger is still available from the manufacturer, it’s excellent, but what if the original charger/adapter is no longer available?

This may be the case because of an obsolete laptop model or the lack of an adapter. If you find yourself in this difficulty, your best bet is to carefully follow the steps outlined below to locate a laptop power adapter compatible with your machine. Using the wrong adaptor could result in irreversible harm.

Because the type of plug tells us about the laptop’s electrical specs, repairing the laptop’s electrical component is a good way to get this information. You can find a new power adapter if you know what kind of connector it has. Let’s keep in mind that certain laptops have proprietary connectors, so we recommend checking the specs of your power adapter and plug before changing your laptop’s power adapter.

How Are The Plug Types Different?

The OD and ID of the plug, both in millimeters, are required to identify a power adapter that would work properly with our laptop’s port. As a result, the first step in finding a laptop power adapter is to check for these two characteristics.

If you’re using a laptop, you’ll need to remember that the “male” part of the connection (the part that connects to your laptop’s battery) is just half of it; the “female” part (the part that connects to your laptop’s plate) is the other half.

Plug Types

Our first consideration is that the electrical distribution system is not universal, so plugs and switches are not universally interchangeable in all nations. In other words, based on where you are, you may encounter a different set of norms. Generally speaking, there are three sorts of plugs to choose from:

  • The IEC 60130-10 standard from 1971
  • The yellow ring on the EIAJ connectors serves as a distinguishing feature, and it’s there to help prevent accidental cable pulls.
  • European normative reference DIN 45323

If the unique criteria of each manufacturer are not taken into consideration.

Other Types Of Laptop Plugs

The standard plug diameters aren’t always compatible with the plugs used by manufacturers. If your laptop’s connector does not fulfill the normal requirements for connecting, you’re out of luck and will have to contact the manufacturer. The IEC 60130-10 and EIAJ standards do not include this type of plug, yet it is utilized in many portable computers and is not proprietary.

What Is The Plug Part Of A Laptop Charger Called?

Power adapters plug into a wall socket and change AC into a single DC voltage. They are sometimes known as “AC adapters” or “chargers.” Laptops get their power from an external source, represented by the AC adapter. Computers require various DC voltages.

What Is A Laptop Power Connector?

The power port is a port on a machine or other electronic device that enables it to charge its battery if it has one and receive power from a wall outlet. Without a power cord attached to the power port, devices like desktop computers that lack batteries cannot turn on.


Different laptops have different connectors, such as small rounded pins, large rounded pins, etc. In terms of laptop connectors, cylindrical tips are the most frequent. Flat USB-C type pins are becoming more common in current and fast-charging gadgets.

As a result, you should first look up your laptop’s model number and the power it needs. Service tags (which are generally affixed to the back of your laptop) and power charger bricks can be used for this. So, this is all about What Type Of Connector Is On A Laptop Charger? Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that all laptop power cords are the same?

Because not all laptops require the same number of volts, any adapter you plan to power numerous computers should have the appropriate wattage range.

Are the charger and the power adapter the same thing?

An adapter and a charger are two independent electrical equipment that can sometimes function together, even though they serve the same purpose. An adapter is a device that charges a charger, whereas a charger is a device that charges an electronic device like a phone or a laptop.

What are the different types of laptop chargers?

First, the fundamentals: The AC adapter and the DC adapter are the two major power adapters used by laptops. These adapters, also known as (power) chargers, assist in transforming electricity from a wall socket into a form that the laptop can use.

Is it true that computer power cords are universal?

The power cords are universal, as Bruce mentioned. Some printers and some monitors (mostly older CRT ones with detachable connections) use the same cords. Desktop computer power cords are the same. There are some geographical variations due to the different configurations of plugs worldwide, but that’s about it.

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