What To Do With Broken TV? All You Need To Know

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That old, broken TV you were about to toss out is a potential environmental disaster, especially if you rid of it improperly. So, What To Do With Broken TV? However, you’re in luck! There are several options for safely recycling that television. At the very least, the vast proportion of its parts is recyclable. If you do just a little study, you’ll find that there’s sufficient money involved for someone to be prepared to get it off your hands.

We’ve already done most of the legwork for you in the paragraphs ahead; all you have to do now is figure out whatever option exists in your area, then put that old trash pile of a TV into the car and drive it off to an environmentally friendly disposal facility. Here are a few suggestions on where you can bring yours.

However, it is by no way an impressive list. You might even be able to find a more convenient spot to drop them off at. Simply use our list as a starting point for your own investigation into where to bring your damaged television.

What To Do With Broken TV?

You can bring the TV to one of nearly all cities’ electronics recycling facilities, where it will be disassembled and recycled. This is a much more environmentally friendly choice than simply putting it in the trash. Even placing televisions in the regular trash taken to the neighborhood landfill is prohibited in some places.

Do With Broken TV

Do One Of The Following With Your Broken TV

Repairing Your LCD Television

The initial course of action should be to have the device repaired. Take the television to the authorized retailer if it is still under warranty. If it isn’t, take it somewhere else to get a repair estimate.

While dedicated TV Repair shops aren’t as common as they once were, there are still places that undertake this type of service look online for device repair companies in your region. Some major electronics retailers, such as Best Buy & Sears, also repair specific makes and models of televisions. Depending on the problem with your television, this could be an easy and cheap job that someone can easily accomplish for you.     

Few Places Where You May Recycle Your Old, Damaged Televisions?

Your local electronics store will frequently recycle the products they sell. Best Buy is an example of this. They have a national recycling program and will understand just how to dispose of your old devices.

Some electronic retailers provide recycling services. They will gladly accept your used and broken products for no charge. Then those shops will dispose of them appropriately by shipping the precious components inside to various recycling companies. These other businesses specialize in recovering valuables such as precious metals.

Metals that are currently employed in the manufacture of all electrical devices. Locating a local electronics recycling is another excellent alternative. There are many of these available, most of which are categorized by town and county.

Using Earth911’s website, you may quickly find the one closest to you. You can use their search function to find the closest option to you. Once you’ve found the closest site, all you have to do now is pack your old television into your car and drive it there yourself. The third alternative is to wait until your community hosts an e-waste collection event.

By contacting your city’s services department, you can discover when that will take place. Just make sure they’ll be hauling televisions to their next function ahead of time. If that’s the case, now is a fantastic time to get-go of your old, damaged television. Your final option for getting rid of an old, broken television is to identify a household hazardous waste center in your area.

You can safely dispose of your tv at one of these places, and the contents within will be appropriately disposed of. Call your city’s public works company and ask for a spot to recycle or rid of old devices to find your local choice. You’ll have to pack the tv into your car and drive it yourself to this place.

There are several advantages to recycling rather than simply disposing of your television, regardless of the solution you choose. First and foremost, you will become an environmental hero. This is because electronic trash takes a long time to disintegrate. As a result, when disposed of in a landfill, it will retain its original composition for decades.

Second, technological waste can harm the environment in a variety of ways. Like the pieces that do breakdown down and start to degrade and make their way up the food chain, they can damage local creatures that inadvertently ingest them. Alternatively, it could leak into the groundwater resources and contaminate the water you use daily for drinking and bathing.   

Sell Your LCD Television

Some individuals purchase Broken Televisions for the parts they could use to repair other televisions, while others may be interested in television with only a minor flaw that they can deal with. Consider placing an ad for your television on a local classified’s website: You won’t be able to get much money for a broken item, but you might be free to trade it for a tiny amount of money.

If you post a picture of your LCD TV together with important facts like the year you got it, the size, and the manufacturer on a classified website, you’ll get more responses. To come up with a list price, look at other postings, and if you don’t get many comments at first, make the price adjustable and ask for offers.

How To Fix A Broken TV Screen?

A broken TV screen, unfortunately, cannot usually be fixed. There is no secondary market for used screens, and TV makers do not sell screen replacements. This is because the TV’s screen is, by far, its most expensive component. It would be more expensive to replace it than to buy a new TV!

Where To Dispose Of A Broken TV?

TVs contain gases, chemicals, and other electronic parts that shouldn’t just be thrown in the trash. Older televisions are classified as household hazardous garbage because of the toxic elements they contain.


Here we conclude all about What To Do With Broken TV? Whatever option you choose, make the sensible choice and recycle. Even if it requires a little more effort than typical garbage collection at the restrain; most people take this route because it is the most convenient.

But it’s ideal if you don’t fall into the trap of doing what’s simplest and instead take responsibility by making the extra effort required to Recycle Your Old Television. We, as well as the environment, appreciate your wise decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any value in a broken television?

You should expect to make very little money trying to sell and buy a broken television, based on the model and condition. Some places may acquire old equipment for scrap and components, or to repair and resell them, but in most cases, the effort will be in vain.

Is it possible to collect money for a broken television?

One of the finest places to sell a broken television for cash is through a television repair shop. All you have to do is call a local TV repair shop and ask whether they purchase faulty TVs. The money you obtain may be worth it.

Is there anyone who collects antique televisions?

If you have any old TVs that are still functional, probably donate them instead. Check with your local Charity, Salvation Army, or a school and public library to see if they need a television. I know it can be done because we’ve donated a variety of TVs to the Goodwill store around the corner.

Is it okay to break a television?

Yes, they can shoot sparks when the high-voltage charge inside the tube and the power supply are used to run it short out. When they collapse, shards of glass inside the image tube can sometimes shoot out and overshoot the front.

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