What Size Frame For 13×19 Print? All You Need To Know

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After purchasing a high-quality picture printer, you’ll need to decide on the size of the image you want to print and the paper you want to print it on. You can ask What Size Frame For 13×19 Print? The print size relies on what you plan to do with it.

When it comes to printing photographs on different paper sizes, there are a few options to consider. The exterior mat size should be an industry standard picture frame size, such as 11×14, 16×20, or 18×24, to avoid forcing buyers into a bespoke framing shop if you wish to sell your photographs.

What Size Frame For 13×19 Print?

Print the image at a size of 12×18 on your 13×19 paper before mounting it in an 18×24 frame. In this technique, you’ll be able to lay down a mat with a white underlayment. To have a mat width of (about) 3 inches on all sides, you’ll need to cut your mat window to 11.75 x 17.75 inches (overlap your image by 1/8 inch on all sides). Great job! Instead, you can print the photo at 12.25 x 18.25 inches and then trim the window in the mat to exactly 12×18 inches if you’re feeling lazy.

Size Frame For 13x19 Print

13×19 Printer Paper: Framing Options

The greatest conventional paper size is 13×19 inches, excluding roll or unique panoramic sheet paper. The simplest solution is to print a 13×19 image on the full sheet. If you have an SLR camera with a 3:2 image aspect ratio, then this is an ideal size for you because cropping is virtually eliminated.

Only one-half inch of an uncropped 3:2 image will be lost when printed on 13×19 papers. It would be 13×19.5 inches if the image had not been cropped.) In addition to 13×19, 12×18 is a great print size for 13×19 paper.

Because certain printers can’t print borderless on all media, this size has the advantage of creating its border. The paper’s borders can be utilized for the artist’s signature or as mounting assistance using photo corners. A mat can be used to hide the corners.

The picture frame sizes 13×19 and 12×18 are not conventional. However, certain niche companies like Frame Destination Inc. sell ready-made frames in these sizes for a fraction of the cost of custom framing. Two factors contribute to the low cost of these frames: the absence of a mat and the use of less expensive non-archival materials.

These frames have the additional benefit of not requiring any installation. To finish, all you have to do is slide a piece of paper into the frame. You don’t even have to trim the paper for the 13×19 picture frame.

Photographers like to use a mat board to protect their prints in some cases. Frame Destination Inc., a specialized mat company, offers mats with apertures of various sizes even though 12×18 and 13×19 mat boards are not frequently available. Using an 18×24 standard frame with a mat is the best option for these image sizes. The 18×24, the 12×18, and 13×19 will each have an even three-inch mat border around the image.

It the ideal for 12×16 prints, 4:3 aspect ratio cameras like Canon PowerShot and Nikon Coolpix, and SLRs like the Olympus E-400. Even though it is not as famous as 11×14 or 16×20, this picture frame size is nevertheless considered standard.

Instead of printing a 10×15 image on a smaller piece of paper, consider going BIG and printing a 10×15 centered image on a 13×19 piece of paper. When framed in a 13×19-inch frame, you’ll get a 1.5-inch top and bottom border and a 2-inch side and bottom border. You may also print a 9×15 image onto a 13×19 sheet of paper and get a two-inch border around the image by cropping it.

How To Choose The Correct Frame Size?

Think About All That Room You Have To Work With

First and foremost, think about how much wall space you have to work with when choosing a frame. While designing the wall behind a desk, you’ll have a different set of constraints than you would in a living room. To make the most of space, you must determine whether to use a big number of small photos or a few huge ones.

The varied sizes and shapes of wall décor prints you wish to hang on your walls can be taped to the walls with painter’s tape to help you visualize the space. A broad idea of the varied shapes and sizes will help you arrange them in any way that suits your taste before drilling holes in your wall.

Photo Type

If you’re going to hang a picture anywhere, think about the type of picture you want to place there. For a family photo, a thin and basic frame is likely to be necessary because of the size of the print.

In contrast, a short scene with a single point of interest can be encased in a richer, more complex composition. Additionally, a bespoke desktop photo frame may provide an extra aesthetic element to any framed photo, which is difficult to achieve with a standard colored solid frame.

Consider The Matting

The size of the frame you choose will be affected by the matting. You can also select from a wide range of colors and textures. A larger frame is needed for a smaller photo with thick matting.

When selecting a frame, keep in mind how much the matting will be visible. These personalized photo frames with matting enhance the appearance of the photo they hold by adding a professional touch.

Take A Photograph With You

Bring a print or a replica of your photo with you to choose the perfect frame. Take a snapshot of it if it’s a poster-sized print and bring it with you. The easiest way to pick on a picture frame style is to place the photo next to it and look at various possibilities.


Take a look at where you’ll be putting the photo before leaving the house. You’ll need to know the dimensions of the matting you’re going to use to frame the photo. The next step is to ensure the frames will fit in your home and that the matting will fit correctly.

It’s easy to get lost in measurements while finding the appropriate photo frame size. Some frames list their dimensions, but others leave it up to us to figure it out. If you follow these instructions, you can hang your images in the proper frame size in no time at all.

Is 13×19 A Standard Frame Size?

The 13×19 and 12×18 sizes are unlike those of typical picture frames. But some specialized businesses, like Frame Destination Inc., provide affordable, ready-made frames in these sizes. These frames are less expensive due to the absence of a mat and the use of less costly non-archival materials.

Should A Frame Be The Same Size As The Print?

The photo or poster will seem weird if the frame is larger than the norm. On the other hand, the print and frame shouldn’t be precisely the same size because this will make it challenging to fit the image into the frame and perhaps have a negative effect on the presentation as a whole.


In other words, What Size Frame For 13×19 Print? This is how 35mm negatives were printed in the pre-digital era, using a ” full-frame ” format. People relied on 35mm film and the 5×7-inch prints made from a negative measuring 13x19mm. Following the market and film standards, they adopted digital photography as it became available.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different frames out there; which one is best for your artwork?

Typically, a 6 x 8 or an 8 x 10-inch frame would be appropriate for an image 4 x 6 inches in size. To help you, below is a general guide. While we have a variety of photo frames to choose from, they are all sized to fit the print inside. Everything you have to do now provides us with the print’s dimensions, and we’ll keep in mind that the frame is a great match.

Super B size refers to what?

Wide-format inkjet printers can use “Super B Paper” (13 x 19) for a range of engineering and design applications. Because it is a special-purpose or application-specific paper size, it is not easily available in standard office supply or retail paper companies.

What’s the best size for my face?

It is a good rule of thumb to make your dead skeleton two to three inches wider and longer than your poster if you decide not to mat it.

How big should the frame be compared to the image?

Choosing a frame that is an inch wider and an inch taller than the print or poster is a common practice. The photo or poster will seem weird if the frame is larger than the conventional size.

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