What Keyboard Does Coryxkenshin Use? Brief Answer

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Here is all about What Keyboard Does Coryxkenshin Use? You occasionally come across gaming accessories jam-packed with capabilities players weren’t even aware they needed. The G910 Orion Spectrum gaming keyboard from Logitech is an improved, slightly condensed version of the G910 Orion Spark, blatantly created for serious gamers.

The Spectrum is a stylish and useful mechanical gaming keyboard with nine macro keys, proprietary switches, and programmable per-key RGB illumination. Even though the Corsair K95 RGB doesn’t have a smartphone dock, it has a better aluminum construction and twice as many macro keys for only $10 more, which is why it is still our Editors’ Choice.

What Keyboard Does Coryxkenshin Use?

The special Romer-G mechanical switches on the gaming-specific Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum keyboard make it one of the quickest keyboards available. Cory uses this keyboard for the game for his YouTube videos.

Design And Features

The Spectrum and the Orion Spark appear to be essentially identical. The full-size keyboard layout is still present, including the same 10-key number pad, Arx smartphone dock, media controls, nine macro buttons, and three movable profile keys. The 113-key rollover and exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches from Logitech are also retained. At first glance, you might even question why the G910’s moniker was changed from Spark to Spectrum.

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But there are two significant variations. The sculpted keycaps from the Spark are the first thing to go in the Spectrum. While the right half of the Spark has a three-facet design, the left side’s keys have a four-facet concave keycap.

The Spectrum ignores this and switches back to its standard, slightly concave keycap design. Since the sculpted keycaps only give a distinct tactile feature to the Spark and don’t significantly improve the gaming or typing experiences, I honestly didn’t miss them and enjoyed the flatter versions.

Spectrum’s detachable wrist rest is the second design update. The Spark features a textured, asymmetrical shape that is wider on the left and narrower on the right. The Spectrum makes no effort to appear sophisticated. The wrist rest is uncomplicated, straight, and smooth. The Spectrum is, therefore, shallower and lighter than the Spark, measuring 1.4 by 19.8 by 8.2 inches (HWD) and weighing 3.3 pounds (1.4 by 19.8 by 9.5 inches; 4.5 pounds).

These two changes are unquestionably improvements. But you have to question whether to keep the Arx Dock if this iteration of the G910 is all about fine-tuning. Although it’s convenient to use your smartphone as a second screen, more work is needed than is rewarded. It requires the free Logitech Arx Control companion software, compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets, to be used to its full potential (though the dock is too small for tablet use).

This is an additional step before you can start playing games, in addition to controlling lighting and recording macros in the Logitech Gaming Software. You must enable the application in the Arx Control tab of the Logitech Gaming Software’s Settings in order to sync the two apps, and if it doesn’t do so automatically (as it didn’t for me), you may need to manually connect. Although not difficult, this can take a while.


For mechanical switches, Romer-G switches from Logitech are responsive, tactile, and comparatively quiet. This results in a seamless experience, and the Spectrum is ideal for accommodating unique tastes and preferences because of its wide range of illumination options. There are two horizontal rows of four macro keys above the F1-F4 buttons and a vertical row of five macro keys on the left side. They may be easily identified thanks to their geometric essential label style, just like the WASD keys.

The Spectrum performs admirably for routine typing, and many of its gaming-specific functions might be adapted for minimal productivity. You might quickly establish a keyboard profile to speed up repetitive actions like copying and pasting or opening regularly used programs.

But generally speaking, the G910 is a keyboard that heavy gamers would benefit from using. Alternatives like the G810, the Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ($134.00 at Amazon)(Opens in a new tab), or the SteelSeries Apex M500 (at Amazon)(Opens in a new window) would be more suited for casual gamers.

To Sum Up

Here we sum up all points related to What Keyboard Does Coryxkenshin Use? The Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum successfully argues against overkill. Small but significant adjustments like the flatter keycaps and smaller wrist rest enhance the typing and gaming experience overall while highlighting the Spectrum’s superior lighting.

Although it costs a little more, the Corsair K95 RGB retains our Editors’ Choice status because it features twice as many macro keys and more durable aluminum construction. A Spectrum is a strong option for any serious gamer because of its competitive pricing among high-end mechanical gaming keyboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What switches does the G910 Orion spectrum have?

Romer-G switches, which are only available from Logitech, are used in the G910 Orion Spectrum’s mechanical switches. Omron manufactures these, and Logitech specifically built them with gaming in mind. They feature a 45g actuation force, are silent, and are tactile.

Is the G910 Orion Spectrum good?

It’s hard to beat the Logitech G910 as a gaming keyboard. Romer-G tactile switches with a minimal pre-travel distance offer rapid actuation rates. Although it has complete RGB lights and a large number of macro settings, the board feels a little flimsy and poorly constructed.

What do the M keys do on Logitech G910?

In the quickstart manual: Each M-key expands the functionality of the G-keys, enabling you to give each profile for your G-keys up to three alternative key configurations. Using the M1, M2, and M3 keys, you can respond to several game scenarios in a single profile.

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