What Is Smart Stay On Android Phone? Expert Guide

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Here is detailed information on What Is Smart Stay On Android Phone? Do you want your smartphone to stay on for a longer period when you’re not using it? If you have a Samsung smartphone or tablet, it is possible. The Smart Keep feature on Android can use your phone or tablet’s front cam to scan your face now and again to see if you’re utilizing it.

Smart Stay is a Samsung-exclusive smartphone function that allows your phone or tablet to activate the front camera and scan your face every so often to see if the device is used. Smart Stay is a one-of-a-kind system on’ feature accessible on Samsung mobile phones and tablets, as long as they were released in 2016 or after.

Smart Stay works by recognizing your face. The Smart Stay app will be able to notify Android that you would not want to switch off the display if it can see your face. When you’re reading a long article, Smart Stay can be particularly handy. The user may not tap the screen while reading lengthier information for an extended period, yet they are still utilizing the device.

What Is Smart Stay On Android Phone?

Regardless of the screen timeout setting, the Smart Stay function prevents the screen from shutting off by detecting when you are staring at your smartphone using the front camera. Select Menu > Settings > Controls > Smart screen > Smart stay to turn on the Smart Stay feature from the Home screen.

Smart Stay On Android Phone

What Exactly Is A Smart Stay?

Smart Stay is a cool system with features accessible to Samsung cellphone, tablet, or phablet owners who purchased their device after January 1, 2016. If your device is running Android 6 (Handset), Android 7 (Nougat), or Google 8, Smart Stay is available (Oreo).

Smart Stay employs a sort of facial recognition that is performed remotely. If your phone, tablet, or phablet detects your face, it knows you don’t want the screen to switch off after a time of inactivity, such as while you’re reading articles in the Flip board app.

When your smartphone no longer sees your face, it assumes you’ve finished for the time being and shuts off the screen at the period set in the Display Timeout setting, which is ten min by default, to save battery life.

How To Make It Work?

If Smart Stay isn’t turned on automatically on your smartphone or tablet, follow these steps to enable it:

  • Tap Apps from the Home screen.
  • Select Settings from the Apps screen.
  • Choose Advanced Features from the options menu
  • Select Smart Stay from the Advanced Features screen.

The function is off at the top of the Intelligent Stay screen (or even the Smart Stay list on the right-hand side of your tablet’s App settings). This screen also explains what Smart Stay is and how to use your mobile device or tablet to make sure it works properly.

How To Make The Most Of Smart Stay?

To begin, hold your phone or tablet straight and stable so that the front camera can obtain a good view of your face. Smart Stay likewise works best in a well-lit environment, but not in bright sun. (You won’t be able to see your display in direct sunlight anyway).

Most notably, Smart Stay is incompatible with other front-facing camera programs, such as the Camera app. When you utilize the front camera for something else, Smart Stay turns off automatically, even though the function is still active in the Advanced Capabilities and Smart Stay displays in the Settings app.

You didn’t have to bother about your display turning off if you actively utilize the app that uses the front camera. Smart Stay restarts operation whenever you stop using the program that allows the front camera.

How To Disable It?

You can disable Smart Stay by hitting the Smart Stay switch in the Advanced Characteristics screen or tapping off the Smart Stay screen. You can then navigate to some other app or return to the Main website and continue using your mobile or tablet as usual.

How Do You Know If Smart Stay Is Effective?

In the Notification Bar, you won’t see any icons or even other updates indicating that Smart Stay is active. However, depending on your Display Timeout setting, you may notice that if you’re merely reading someone on the screen, it doesn’t switch off after 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

You may turn Smart Stay off by using the identical steps that you used to turn it on. Whether you’re looking at a display or not, your smartphone and tablet display switches off after the period of inactivity chosen in your Display Timeout setting when you switch off Smart Stay.

Does Samsung Smart Stay Use A Battery?

Even though it is far from ideal, it works effectively and keeps the screen on while using it. Although I suspect it will significantly affect battery life, it doesn’t exactly help either. Even though I’ve disabled many of the gimmicky functions and movements, I still think Smart Stay is worthwhile.

How Do I Turn Off Smart Stay?

By pressing the Smart Stay toggle button on the Advanced Features page or the Off button on the Smart Stay screen, you may disable Smart Stay. You may then navigate to another app or go back to the Home page to continue using your smartphone or tablet.


To cut the long story short What Is Smart Stay On Android Phone? Here we conclude all. Smart Stay is a Samsung function that is not available on any other Android handset (Even though several apps in the Google Play store try to imitate the feature). It uses the front-facing camera to determine whether or not an eye is staring at the screen.

Even if the screen has not been activated after screen timeout, if your eye is completely open and staring at the screen (in a not-so-dark area), the display will not (timed out) turn off (display setups configurable). It’s beneficial when you’re reading along with a website/PDF or staring at a picture that requires you to leave the screen unattended for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary for me to use Smart Stay?

That’s a decent trade-off if you prefer to read long articles at your leisure or if you just want to continue to watch that amusing animated version over and over without tapping your screen to keep it on. Smart Stay is a function interesting to check out in general, but it isn’t for everyone.

Is it possible for Smart Stay to work in the dark?

Smart Stay can’t see you when it gets dark, therefore the screen turns off this is a problem. A smart stay will not work if the smartphone is lying down, in a stand, or otherwise out of the direct line of sight of the front-facing camera.

What is the significance of the eye sign on my phone?

The blinking eye icon shows that your phone’s “Smart Stay” feature is enabled. Smart Stay can identify if the screen is being observed by periodically scanning the camera and searching for human eyes and faces. Smart Stay will decrease the display and save power life if no one is watching it.

What does my Samsung’s eye icon mean?

It’s the icon for the Visual Information display function. When you enable the Visual Output or Smart Scrolling display features, the device recognizes your head or device movement and displays an eye-shaped icon/scroll icon on the screen.

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