What Is Dialer Storage On Android? Expert Guide

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Do you know What Is Dialer Storage On Android? ¬†Dialer storage is a type of memory that your Android phone uses to store the users’ contact information. It does not require any power and can be accessed by other applications running on your device.

Dialer Storage is an actual Android application with a single goal: to save all of your SMS and MMS messages on your mobile. Android Dialer Storage is not one of the programs with which users interact directly. It is, nonetheless, a crucial program because it provides the necessary capability for storing SMS and MMS messages in a database.

If you have standard access, you won’t be able to delete this application, but you can if you have root permissions. Deleting this app is not an intelligent decision. You can download the APK files for Dialer Storage if you need to reinstall the program or if you need to upgrade it.

What Is Dialer Storage On Android?

Your entire text message history, including images and videos, is saved in Dialer Storage (media). Textra, which I use, has built-in storage. You may remove images and videos from the Textra location, but doing so won’t free up any space on your dialer. Each text message thread in every text messaging program contains a media area.

Dialer Storage On Android

All of your text messages, including photos and videos, are saved in Android Dialer Storage (media). Each text message thread contains a media component in all text messaging apps. Reduce the size of your Dialer Storage by doing the following: Go to your messaging app and send a text message.

What Is The Function Of My Phone’s Dialer?

The dialer is a system program for Android that offers distraction-optimized (DO) Bluetooth dialing, contact browsing, and call managerial experience. The Android Open-Source Project has a fully functional Dialer implementation (AOSP).

The dialer is used to place phone calls. Basically, it replaces the need to know and operate various other devices that we once had access to for this function. You can also use other functions on your device or control them with apps while you’re waiting for an important call. When an incoming call comes in, your mobile will let you pick up and speak without needing a handset.

If someone else makes a call simply by entering numbers or touching talker combination buttons but forgets to actually hit the send button, the dialing process will be cut off unfinished and leave you waiting for them to try again. Finally, if they don’t listen when their number is called (either because they’ve hung up prematurely), the message rings their phone three times just like a text message would.

Good Ways To Protect The Information Stored In Phonebook

You can add a PIN lock, or use the iPhone fingerprint functionality. You could also store sensitive data on your computer with a password instead of on your phone with only a passcode. One of the most secure options is to opt for a layered approach by using both an active lockdown and one of Apple’s nifty features.

This way you’ll have the benefit of passcodes and biometrics working in tandem, all within a single device with an additional layer of protection from locally stored information if it falls into someone’s wrong hands.

  • One way is to encrypt your phone’s contents with a PIN or password.
  • Another way is to turn off the auto-syncing of your contacts to Google or Apple accounts.

What Is A Dialer Storage App?

Your communication history, including attachments, may be found in your “Dialer Storage” (media). Textra has built-in storage, so I utilize it. Photos and movies stored in the Textra location can be removed, but this will not free up space in the Dialer. Each text message thread may have its media section in any messaging service.

How To Clear Dialer Storage On Android?

Do this to minimize the amount of dialer storage:

  • Enter the text messaging app.
  • Choose a thread of text messages.
  • The majority should be set in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the Media or Shared Content section (where all the images and videos are located).
  • Start wiping off them now.

How To Access Dialer Storage?

The Voice Dialer should be available by default in your App Drawer (application list) on almost all Android versions. To open the voice dialer, tap it. You may always add this “app” to your home screen to ensure simple and rapid access.

What Is The Samsung Android Dialer?

Samsung’s version of the Phone app that ships with Android’s standard firmware is called android. Dialer. You may use it to accept or decline incoming calls, make voice calls and Bluetooth calls, check call history, and more. It is completely safe to use this program, and it is not spyware.


This application allows storing messages and multi-media messages in the database. That’s all about What Is Dialer Storage On Android?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Samsung Android dialer?

There is no doubt that the Android dialer app from Samsung is one of your most often used apps. For making phone calls, managing contacts, accessing call settings, diverting calls, and accepting or rejecting calls with the Samsung android dialer.

Android, why am I running out of space?

For the most part, Android users’ shortage of storage is caused mainly by a lack of available working space. To see how much storage space an app, its data, and cache are using up, tap on it (Cache section). To free up some space, wipe Clear Cache to clear the cache.

When my phone’s storage is complete, what should I remove?

To defragment Android apps and clear up space, follow these steps:
Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
Enter the Apps (or Apps and Notifications) settings on your Smartphone.
Ensure you have selected all applications.
Select the app you want to remove from your device.
Delete temporary data by selecting Clear Cache and Clear Data from the Tools menu.

How much space does removing text messages give you?

Your text messages will take up a surprising amount of space on your Smartphone. Even if you don’t know it, those messages are saved to your phone. You don’t have to worry about them; you may erase them. Make sure to delete photographs and videos first because they take up the most storage space.

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