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Have you ever thought What Is Asus Ramcache? When I initially came to TweakTown about two decades ago, I was looking for OS changes that I could use for overclocking, and then I used what I learned at work. I met the TweakTown team at events worldwide over the years.

I work in the additive manufacturing business as an overclocker. Industrial 3D scanning and printing are my specialties. This industry requires high-performance computing to be competitive, let alone handle high-paying jobs.

I use RAM Cache on both my gaming PC and workstation; it works well in most situations, and I have yet to encounter a conflicting application. It’s a simple approach to improve SSD or HDD speed by storing frequently accessed data in your computer memory. Caching software has been around for a long time and is a reliable technology.

I primarily work with Autodesk, where I regularly repair and slice 3D files. To work on assignments that demand memory modifications, I need a high-end PC, and these tactics work well with 8GB or more.

Applications with libraries that process dense point cloud data and files extracted from a single archive tend to run better; this improvement occurs after the initial program loads and the data has been read at least once. The performance will improve if accessed several times, although it will be minor.

What Is Asus Ramcache?

It’s a little complex, but it takes data read from a disk and saves it in a RAM cache, which is substantially faster than traditional hard drives and some SSDs. It speeds up your storage devices by using your RAM. Its overall goal is to speed up file transfers, program/document loading, and other tasks.

Asus Ramcache


RAMCache III is easy to install and configure. If you own an ASUS motherboard, it comes with it or may be downloaded at ASUS.com. Memory caching software is installed with caching turned off by default, so you’ll have to start it manually.

You can go into the advanced mode or use “smart mode” with auto settings. You can modify disks and cache sizes in advanced mode. To enter advanced mode, you must first disable caching.

What Is A Ram Cache?

The ROG RAMCache III software aims to facilitate file transfers and application loading for frequently accessed data. In Smart mode, users only need to put aside the RAM they want to use for caching; the RAM Cache III software takes care of the rest automatically.

Are ASUS Laptops Reliable?

I needed a portable, quick laptop. I came across several devices during my study, such as the Asus UX301LA. A nice machine with a good screen, a good keyboard, and a quick startup. I bought a 500GB system with two 250GB SSDs configured in Raid 0.

I bought the second one for myself a month or two later because it was a good machine. We then traveled abroad. My machine starts playing up over a year after the warranty expires, hanging on startup, and having other troubles. Then it died, refusing to start. Because it was raid 0 and one of the proprietary flash drive SSDs died, there was nothing to rescue from the other disk.

I returned to the United States with the system and had it repaired by an Asus-authorized service center. They attempted to order a replacement 250 GB SSD but were unsuccessful. I had them set it up with the 250 GB SSD because it was not available before I had to leave.

Shortly later, the other gaming PC began to have hard drive issues. This failed, rendering both SSDs useless. I purchased a “new” 125 GB SSD because no 250 GB SSDs were available. Linux was used to set it up. I purchased a used 125 GB SSD to upgrade it to 250 GB, but it was defective, so I returned it. There was nothing else available.

As a result, two Asus identification machines perished within a few months of each other. The proprietary 250GB SSDs or smaller 125GB SSDs or HDDs utilized are no longer available. I also inquired at an Asus service center in Bangkok, but they did not have a replacement on hand.

What Is RAM Cache for?

The ROG RAMCache III program is meant to speed up the process of launching applications and transferring frequently used files. When in Smart mode, RAM Cache III requires the user to allocate the desired amount of RAM for caching, and the program takes care of the rest automatically.

When Should You Use Cache Memory?

The effectiveness of data retrieval is increased by cache memory, which is crucial. It saves information that the CPU will probably need later on, such as data or program instructions frequently employed in program execution.


This is everything about What Is Asus Ramcache? The ROG RAMCache III software is designed to aid in loading programs and file transfers of frequently accessed data. When in Smart mode, users merely set aside the amount of RAM they want for caching, and the RAM Cache III software handles all others behind the scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the RAM cache function?

Memory caching works by allocating a specific amount of RAM for the cache. When an application tries to retrieve data from a data storage system such as a database, it first examines the cache to see if the desired record exists.

What exactly is an ASUS RAMDisk?

The ROG RAMDisk software’s core goal is to give customers a quick and easy way to improve the performance of their system and the endurance of their SSD(s) by leveraging unused system memory (DRAM).

Cache or RAM: which is faster?

Both RAM and the computer CPU are close together. Both provide excellent results. The cache is closer to RAM in the memory hierarchy and thus faster.

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