What Is A Good Novabench Score? Answered!!!

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Before we start our main topic which is about What Is A Good Novabench Score? First of all, we need to know What is Novabench? Novabench is a Computer Benchmarking software for Windows and Mac OS X.

What Is A Good Novabench Score?

The software assesses computer components’ performance and assigns proprietary scores, with higher scores suggesting better performance. The scores submitted can be compared in an online repository. Users can build an account to keep all their submitted scores in one location. The pace and versatility of the method have been praised.

Good Novabench Score

On Windows, Novabench does not currently support AMD CrossFireX or SLI for graphics testing, though dual-GPU testing is supported on the Mac. It also doesn’t measure secondary, third, fourth, or fifth hard drives; it just tests the machine (primary) drive right now.

With version 3.0.4, Windows XP and earlier are no longer supported, and in Novabench 4.0, only Windows 7 and higher will be supported.

Factors For Getting Good Novabench Score

Following are the reasons for Good Novabench Score.

CPU General Purpose Test

Novabench may use this test to assess general CPU efficiency when adjusting for memory performance and other factors.

CPU Targeted Tests

A collection of multi-core tests that each focus on a different part of the CPU’s instruction pipeline. The FPU, general-purpose instructions, and other instruction set extensions are examples of these.

Conducts Tests On

  • GPU: Novabench evaluates the accuracy of drawing calls on a scene made using various shader techniques. An OpenCL test, a single-precision matrix multiplication kernel, provides a more direct measurement of GPU efficiency (in GFLOPS).
  • CPU: Novabench performs a number of CPU evaluations, each with single and multi-core versions. The test runs under a few layers of shared memory coordination and localities with multi-core tests. In the x64 assembly, there are two key checks. The tests are referred to as “integer” and “floating point” in Novabench; the former uses standard arithmetic instructions, while the latter uses SSE for broad compatibility. Several separate encryptions and hash functions are measured in a series of more general measures.
  • RAM: Memory transfer speed is calculated using SSE memory store operations, which ensures broad compatibility.

What Is The Novabench Score Meaning?

It is the total of the weighted subscores for your computer’s GPU, CPU, RAM, and Disk. There is no limit to how high a Novabench Score can go, and a higher score is better. It is normal for your scores to change by a few percent either way.

Is Novabench Good?

I thought Novabench was mostly right, but it wasn’t perfect. A program can only do so much in one minute. The hard drive was the least correct. That’s not surprising since a few seconds aren’t enough to tell how fast a machine is moving.

Is Novabench Good

Now that we have a better understanding of what Novabench does. So, we can begin with benchmarking.

Compare and Contrast Computer Benchmarking Results

Scores on the Novabench

Your Computer Benchmarking Results are evaluated after checking, and your machine is assigned a unique Novabench Score. The total score, which is the largest number at the top of the results page, represents your computer’s output in comparison to other computers that Novabench has scored.

It’s the sum of weighted sub-scores for your computer’s major components: CPU, GPU, RAM, and Disk. There is no upper limit to a Novabench Ranking; the higher the score, the better.

Online Comparisons

When you click “View Performance Charts and Comparisons,” your benchmark result is anonymously sent to the benchmark database. You’ll be able to add it to your free public profile if you like.

Comparative Analysis Tools

Percentile Ranking is one of the first comparison methods to use when submitting a score. The percentile represents the percentage of results in our database that have a lower score for the same component (CPU/GPU) or configuration. A connection beneath the rank provides additional information to help you understand your role.

Though our users have submitted millions of parts and systems to the Novabench database, not every component has a representative sample. The percentile might not be an accurate indicator of success in these situations. Furthermore, a component with a small score distribution magnifies the difference in percentile rank, making the metric less useful. To learn more about your part’s results, move your mouse over the part name.

Part Deep Dive

The part page displays the benchmark score distribution for a specific CPU or GPU. The performance of a CPU or GPU is influenced by a variety of factors. Thermal or power limits, high activity by other running programs, or misconfiguration may cause a part to fall below the curve.

It’s possible that the pieces at the top of the curve are overclocked. Look over the score distribution for your part to see where your score falls. Read our guide to tuning your CPU and GPU if you think there’s potential for improvement.

Offline Comparison

Having a history of benchmark results to refer to is also beneficial. To see how a new component or overclock affects your ranking, for example, or to verify your suspicions that your machine is running slower than it used to.

Novabench saves your results to your machine any time you run a test. If you want to do so, the results are never posted on our website. You can compare 2 to 5 test results in a map and table in Novabench.

To get the exact solution to the question “What Is A Good Novabench Scores?” let’s understand it with some examples:

Novabench Test Examples

Novabench is software that can also be downloaded from the Mac App Store. It’s a well-known component benchmarking program for Windows and Mac OS X. It’s the easiest way to compare and measure the hardware and graphics capabilities of your machine! It examines the following: 

  • Floating Point Test: Determines the speed of a CPU’s floating-point arithmetic.
  • Integer Test: Tests CPU’s integer arithmetic speed.
  • RAM Speed: Tests RAM writes and reads speed.                  
  • MD5 Hashing Speed: General CPU test
  • Graphics Test: Tests your GPU with greatly shader-dependent 3D scenes.
  • Disk Write Speed: Test the writes speed of the primary or selected storage device
  • You may also equate your results to those of other Windows
  • Novabench score: 943 on iMac (iMac12,2), 4 GB – DDR3 @ 1333 MHz, Intel Core i5 @ 2700 MHz, AMD Radeon HD 6770M


  • Microsoft Windows 7 GAMER 2010
  • Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
  • AMD Athlon II X4 640 @ 3012 MHz
  • CPU Tests (Score: 388)
  • Floating Point Operations/Second: 102970660
  • Integer Operations/Second: 337311904
  • MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 810406
  • 8191 MB System RAM (Score: 155)
  • RAM Speed: 3785 MB/s
  • Hardware Tests (Score: 51)
  • Drive Write Speed: 123 MB/s
  • Primary Partition Capacity: 699 GB
  • Graphics Tests (Score: 290)
  • 3D Frames per Second: 834

Best Benchmarks Software of 2021


Benchmarking your computer will help you determine its overall productivity, diagnose hardware problems, and even overclock your system for the best performance. If you’re having trouble deciding which benchmarking software is best for your PC, our expert guide will help.

The superior the performance, the higher the score is. Rather than comparing devices based on their specifications, you can compare benchmark scores instead. That is everything there is to it. We hope you’ve figured out the answer to your question about What Is A Good Novabench Score? don’t forget to give your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quality of Novabench?

Novabench is a free benchmark that evaluates the output of your device. Since 2007, millions of people have trusted Novabench.

What are ways to use Novabench?

Get Novabench, mount it, and run it.
On the main screen, press Start Tests.
Let the tests run for 1-2 minutes.
To compare your score online, press View Performance Charts and

Is Novabench a spyware application?

Novabench passed the examination with flying colors. This file was found to be free of spyware, malware, worms, Trojans, and other forms of viruses by the antivirus programs we used to test it.

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