What Is A Canon White Box Lens? Complete Information

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Here we start with all information and guideline about What Is A Canon White Box Lens? In some cases, White Box refers to a lens that has been restored by Canon. In the past, retail boxes were available in Red, Black, and White; however, this has recently changed.

What Is A Canon White Box Lens?

The white box indicates that they don’t have an original retail package. Thus you don’t necessarily need to know “why” they don’t. However, one of the most frequent reasons they don’t have an original retail box is that they separated the kit into a body-only sale and a lens-only sale.

Canon White Box Lens

What Is White Box Lens?

In the Grey market, kit lenses in white boxes and normal retail lenses in colored boxes can be sold with a conventional one-year warranty from Canon USA or sold without a warranty from Canon. Any lenses purchased from a grey market vendor should be returned to the original retailer for a refund or replacement under warranty.

Even though it has been reported numerous times, you shouldn’t count on Canon to fix your Grey market lens for free regularly. For refurbished lenses, Canon requires that they be returned to the company for repair within a 90-day warranty period.

There is no difference in the quality of the lens, regardless of the color of the packaging or the type of guarantee it comes with. Grey market or not, a white box can be either. Grey market goods may or may not come in a white box.

The two lines of descent have no connection to one another. It’s like claiming to be both blue-eyed and from Omaha at the same time. Both of these things may be true about you, but they have no connection to one another at all. Additionally, the lens included in the set is marked down significantly.

The kit can be broken up and the discount split between the lens and body sales, allowing the seller to sell the body for a large discount above the typical price of a body. Since they are the only option to acquire a discounted body with a new camera, this is becoming widespread.

What Is The Difference Between EF And EF-S Lenses?

Canon’s EF lenses function with full-frame and APS-C DSLR bodies, whereas the EF-S lens series is solely made to work with APS-C bodies. This is the main distinction between EF and EF-S lenses.


Here we sum up all about What Is A Canon White Box Lens? If you’re looking for a white box lens, you’re most likely looking for a lens that was part of a camera body and a lens set that was broken up for sale. Because they didn’t want to lose the transaction, they sold the body and left the kit lens in its white box to be thrown away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in the white box, and how can I find it?

A white box refers to a large, unpadded box. In the enclosure, the lens is free to move about.

What is the name of Canon’s white lenses?

Canon’s telephoto lenses often referred to as white lenses, are painted a certain shade of white for a quality-related purpose.

What is the purpose of a 67mm lens?

Multi-coated filter which helps to reduce flare & ghosting while protecting the front lens from the elements. Color balance is unaffected by using these filters.

Is a white box in electronics have a specific meaning?

Many small enterprises construct and sell Windows PCs (and occasionally Linux PCs) under their brand name, known as white box marketing (or no name). It is common practice for such organizations to utilize obsolete or otherwise superfluous computer hardware to create new devices.

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