What Is A Benefit Of Being On A Networked Computer? Guide

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If you save data on other linked devices, you can access it remotely or share it with other people with ease. Spend less money by sharing resources, such as software or network-connected peripherals like printers, scanners, and copiers. Want to learn more about What Is A Benefit Of Being On A Networked Computer?

What Is A Benefit Of Being On A Networked Computer?

Computer networking, in which a single network wirelessly connects all computers, has emerged as one of the most popular methods of information sharing. Today, it is heavily relied upon by corporations and organizations to communicate messages and information to key channels.

Benefit Of Being On A Networked Computer

It has helped businesses and people because they must regularly communicate critical information. Despite its many benefits, computer networking is not without its flaws.

Benefits Of Computer Networking

It Improves Communication And Information

Networking, especially with full online access, enables communication forms that were previously not conceivable. Instant messaging has made it possible for users to communicate with one another in real-time and transmit files to others from anywhere in the world, which is a big advantage for businesses.

Additionally, it provides access to important information, such as classic reference texts and relevant information like news and current events.

It Makes It Easier To Share Resources

This benefit is crucial, especially for larger businesses that must produce enormous quantities of resources to be distributed to everyone. Since the technology is computer-based, it is guaranteed that the resources they want to provide will be fully shared by connecting to a computer network that their audience is also using.

It Facilitates File Sharing

People may exchange their files more easily thanks to computer networking, which considerably aids them in saving time and effort because they can accomplish file sharing more appropriately and effectively.

It Has A Lot Of Flexibility

This technology is renowned for being incredibly versatile since it provides people the chance to learn everything there is to know about essential items like software without impairing their operation. Additionally, everyone can access and share all the information they require.

The System Is Reasonably Priced

It wouldn’t be expensive to install networking software on your device because you can be sure it will last and be able to share information with your peers properly. Additionally, there is no need to update the software frequently because this is typically not necessary.

It Improves Financial Effectiveness

Through computer networking, you can use various commercial software items stored or installed on your system or server and then used by numerous workstations.

The Storage Capacity Is Increased

You must make sure that all data and material are correctly kept in the system if you plan to share information, files, and resources with other individuals. You can accomplish all of this without difficulty using this networking technology yet have all the storage capacity required.

Computer Networking Can Be Beneficial For Business

A properly implemented network solution may benefit the company and result in cost savings. Additionally, networking can host data on servers or store data in storage systems like NAS and SAN globally, enabling remote access to the data included in these systems.

You can share information with other users on the same network via the network sharing feature, which may aid with redundancy. Most businesses may seek trustworthy IT support during expansion.

These service companies may be able to help with any tech-related issue, from cybersecurity-related ones to others. They can also provide a platform where anyone can upload their data and information to the global storage, where it will then be available for use by other people.

By assisting users in completing and sharing their work as quickly as possible, networking also helps users save time and money. We may claim that businesses provide their services to the world through networking. Take a look at the upcoming points regarding Computer Network Benefits.

Resource Sharing

We employ networking to enable users to exchange information and resources. Similar to corporate environments, we employ a single storage device, such as an FTP server to store user information.

The user can download or upload information from the FTP servers and then share the information or data with other users over the same network. If a business only has two printers with more than 20 users, we would require 20 printers, one for each user, to allow them to utilize the printer independently.

They can also go to the computer’s location where the printer is attached, but doing so may become tiresome and time-consuming as they have to go there every time they need to print something. Through networking, we can make those two printers accessible to the entire network, allowing users to access the printer whenever they are connected to our network.

Users can now send print commands from their computers and need to pick up the printed page from the printer after making printers available to the entire network.

By allowing users to share printers across the network, the cost of the business is reduced because additional printer purchases are not necessary, and users are better able to perform their jobs on time.

These advantages of computer networks might result in financial savings for a business or organization.

Suitable storage options: Networking enables you to use the storage device worldwide, allowing you to access crucial data from the storage device anywhere. Suppose there are 40 users, and everyone can access 1 TB of storage.

Some users don’t require 1TB of storage. Therefore any more space would be wasted. We can develop single unified storage with networking users accessing the network.

Files must be saved in the global storage so everyone can access them as needed when working in a team because there may be files and data that need the participation of other team members.

Through networking, we may also impose limitations on some files, limiting access to users who can only obtain the data. With any necessary constraints, we should use single integrated storage to access files and data rather than separate storage for each person.

Permitted To Select Networking Strategies Based On Business Demands

There were difficulties initially in setting the devices with the appropriate hardware and resources through the network.

There used to be a restriction on picking the operating system since you had to match the operating system to the hardware resources you had. Still, nowadays, networking is more flexible, allowing you to utilize various devices across the network, including laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.


In the past, we had large-screen desktop computers with powerful processing units, and we had to spend much time working in one place. Modern networking allows us to work from anywhere by connecting the device to the network.

Tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices give us the freedom to work anywhere, thanks to their portability. Effective software cost management: Several suppliers offer a network or server software version. You must install it on your device to access all Windows applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, and the Office 365 services provided by Windows.

Another illustration is the Windows Server, which allows you to install a server on a single central system and access the services from all other client systems.

Greater adaptability in utilizing the centralized database: With the aid of networking, we can host our databases in the centralized device and use them to carry out daily chores like viewing information, updating information, and performing many other jobs.

Viewing user information from their devices and responding to customer queries accordingly makes these centralized databases useful for those in customer support roles.

Other customer executives can check the user’s updated information to determine the issues if a specific customer executive is unavailable. Therefore, these Computer Network Benefits can be very beneficial if implemented in this manner.

Data security

As technology advances, more cybercrimes are happening now than ever. Therefore, protecting your network and sensitive data from outsiders or hackers is crucial. Network security procedures are necessary to secure the network and prevent these occurrences. The following devices are some of the ones we utilize in our networks:


The most used networking equipment nowadays connects local area networks.


This device is used to transfer user data between networks.


It is a security networking device that monitors the network’s incoming and outgoing traffic. Computers are the tools that end users rely on to carry out their daily tasks. These laptops or computers could have various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and others.

These centralized storages, NAS or SAN, are connected to the network and accessible to users with network access. Network printers: These are printers with an assigned IP address that users can access across the network to print documents.

Disadvantages Of Computer Networks

Various disadvantages include:

  • Lack of robustness
  • Implementation issues 
  • Spread of computer virus 
  • Lack of productivity
  • Health issues

Lack Of Robustness

The central server, the primary server in computer networks, is essential. The entire network would cease to operate if there was a problem with the central server or if it malfunctioned. Because of the reliance on a single server, this has many drawbacks.

Spread Of Computer Virus

Due to the interconnected nature of computers in a network, there is a significant chance that if one machine contracts a virus, others will likely follow suit. The system could genuinely suffer from this spread. Additionally, because the network depends on the central server, it is risky if it becomes corrupt.

Independence Issues

It lacks independence because the foundation of the entire networking system is a single server. Therefore, individual users are not free to use the computer in any way they choose.

Lack Of Productivity

Given all of the benefits and applications of networks, it is inevitable that they lead to the concurrent usage of numerous services that are distracting. Therefore, productivity problems are extremely typical as a result of employees concentrating on a variety of jobs.

Health Issues

Access to a combination of services, such as entertainment, games, and movies, is made possible by computer networks. You become dependent on the content due to them, which leads to excessive use of these services. You become tired from spending too much time on screens, which strains your eyes and hurts your body.

What Are The Benefits Of Computer Networking?

If you save data on other linked devices, you can access it remotely or share it with other people with ease. Shared software and networked hardware (including printers, scanners, and copiers) can help you save money.

What Are Network Computers?

Unequipped with a disk drive, CD-ROM drive, or expansion slots, a network computer is a low-cost personal computer made for a centrally managed network in which data are kept and updated on a network server. Network servers provide the processing power and data storage for a network computer.

To Conclude

Is there any What Is A Benefit Of Being On A Networked Computer? Although computer networking will always be a quick and practical way to transfer and share information, individuals need also be aware of its drawbacks. They should remember that frequently relying on this system can expose them to hazards brought on by vulnerabilities and other failures in it.

Frequently Asked Question

What are some advantages to using a network?

We can exchange resources first, thanks to a network. For instance, numerous users in an office may require access to the same files or printers. Communication is a benefit of networking as well.

What are the computer network’s top 5 benefits?

Other advantages include cost-effectiveness, flexibility, storage efficiency, and data security. It also makes it simple for staff to communicate information, enhancing productivity and Efficiency.

What does a computer network serve?

Computer networks make communication possible for all commercial, leisure, and research purposes. Computer networks are responsible for the existence of the internet, email, audio and video sharing, online shopping, live streaming, and social networks.

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