What Happens If I Delete pagefile.sys? Expert Guide

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When a computer’s storage space is running short, deleting useless files becomes a top priority. But the question is What Happens If I Delete pagefile.sys? This article will reveal it.

What Happens If I Delete pagefile.sys?

No vital system files should be removed during the clean-up procedure, even if it is advantageous in most circumstances. For this reason, many of these files, which ensure that the operating system runs properly, are hidden and require particular access constraints.

One of these files is pagefile.sys, which is used to manage memory in the Windows operating system. What exactly is contained within the pagefile.sys, and why is it generally not a good idea to delete it?

delete pagefile.sys

What Is pagefile.sys?

Pagefile.sys is used by Windows to store data that would otherwise be stored in the computer’s random access memory (RAM). Because RAM doesn’t always have enough capacity to contain all of the essential files, pagefile.sys (C:pagefile.sys) sits on your hard drive or SSD, ready to accept data as needed, and the least-used files in RAM are often ‘paged’ out to this file.

It also serves another purpose: preserving information on the state of the computer in the event of a crash or a power outage. Windows determines the size, but if you know what you’re doing, you can change it manually (and you will if you keep reading).

Can You Remove Pagefile.sys?

Can You Delete pagefile.sys? You might wonder. Yes, but having a page file is preferable to having none at all. You should also be aware that deleting the page file may have unintended consequences. Instead of being swapped out of RAM and into the paging file, if applications run out of all available memory, they will crash from your new laptop.

Can You Remove Pagefile.sys

When running software that requires a lot of memory, such as operating systems, this can cause problems. Some applications may even refuse to start. Furthermore, because of the pagefile.sys file is used by Windows, you cannot just remove it.

When you try to delete the pagefile.sys file with the right-click menu, you’ll get a notice that says “permission denied,” “file in use,” or anything similar. So, How Can You Get Rid Of pagefile.sys? Setting your Virtual Memory to zero is the solution.

What Happens If You Delete pagefile.sys?

As previously stated, this file is needed by your PC to store surplus data in case the RAM is full, and deleting it might result in performance concerns. If you try to delete this file, you should be aware that when the RAM is full, Windows will have nowhere to put the excess data.

Resulting in your PC crashing or the software you were using crashing since the required data for that app has been erased from the hard drive. Also, because this is a Windows-protected file, you will not be able to remove it normally.

You won’t be able to see this file on your hard drive except if you allow the show secret operating system files option, and on Windows 10, you won’t be able to see it even if you uncheck the Secret item’s checkbox, as this is a precautionary measure to prevent you from accidentally deleting it and causing performance degradation.

If you need to free up space, relocate this file to a different disc, not a different partition. If you have both an SSD and a hard drive, you can move the data to the hard drive to free up space on your SSD. If you have plenty of RAM and don’t require virtual memory, you can turn it off, but there’s no use in deleting the pagefile.sys file and risking system instability.

Is Pagefile.sys Safe To Delete?

Is it safe to delete the pagefile sys system file? Sys. Pagefile is generally safe to delete. You’ll need to set your system to use zero virtual memory, and following a reboot, you should be able to remove the file.

Can I Delete The Pagefile.Sys?

Sys.pagefile is generally safe to delete. You’ll need to set your system to use zero virtual memory, and following a reboot, you should be able to remove the file.

What Happens If You Delete Pagefile.sys?

Because the pagefile contains critical information about your PC’s current status and running programs, destroying it could have catastrophic implications and jeopardize the stability of your system. Pagefile is vitally required for properly running your computer, even though it takes up a lot of space on your hard drive.


The bottom line about What Happens If I Delete pagefile.sys? is that pagefile.sys is an essential file for Windows, and deleting it will do nothing except harm to your computer.

You will notice that your PC behaves strangely after you erase it, having problems doing even the most basic activities. As a result, treat this file as a system file and do not remove it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to delete the page file sys system file?

Sys.pagefile is generally safe to delete. You’ll need to set your system to utilize zero virtual memory, and following a reboot, you should be able to remove the file.

Is it OK to remove page file sys and Fiberfil Sys from the system?

The Windows paging file, commonly known as the file that Windows uses as Virtual Memory, is Page file. Sys As a result, fiberfill should not be deleted.

Is it possible to erase the Windows 10 page file SYS file?

Sys is a system file in Windows 10. Essentially, it’s a page file. Sys is a Virtual Memory File (VMF) that is saved locally on your hard drive. When you need more memory, you can remove these files because they won’t destroy your data until you save your unsaved data, but Windows doesn’t advocate it.

What is the best way to free up page file sys?

Double-click the “Shutdown: Clear virtual memory page file” option in the right pane. In the properties panel that displays, select “Enabled” and then “OK.” When you shut down Windows, it will now delete the page file.

Is it safe to remove Fiberfil Sys?

Is it okay to remove fiberfill? Sys. from the system. It’s entirely safe to remove if you don’t utilize the Hibernate feature, however it’s not quite as simple as moving it to the Recycle bin. Those that use Hibernate mode will need to keep the file because the functionality relies on it to store data.

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