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Have you ever come across a comment on YouTube that was marked with the word “highlighted” and wondered, What Does Highlighted Comment Mean On YouTube? Our tutorial will answer this issue, as well as others such as how YouTube highlighted comments work, the removal process, the benefits, and more.

You can do this if you have a YouTube channel or are beginning one. Let’s get right to the heart of YouTube’s Highlighted Comments without further ado. We’ve divided this article into different sections to make it easier to grasp.

What Does Highlighted Comment Mean On YouTube?

YouTube will notify you if someone comments on your video. The comment will be highlighted and shown at the top of the comments box when you click through on the notice.

highlighted comment mean on YouTube

What Is A Highlighted Comment On YouTube?

YouTube’s Comment highlighting is a new tool that streamlines the browsing experience. Anyone can highlight a Comment For YouTuber in any video, regardless of whether they are the creator or simply a normal watcher.

All you have to do is go to YouTube and click on the timestamp next to the user’s name. The benefit to a viewer who has highlighted a Comment For YouTuber is straightforward. They’ll get a notification that says “Highlighted Reply” when someone answers their comment.

What Is A Highlighted Comment On YouTube

The true benefit or advantage of this function, however, is for the video’s owner. When the video owner highlights a comment, it is easier for them to respond to it and find it later in a large pool of comments.

It just streamlines and simplifies the browsing experience. The YouTube Highlighted Comments have been positioned above the pinned comment to make it more visible. When you highlight a comment, YouTube generates a unique URL for it. You must restore the URL to its original format to undo it.

YouTubers are finding it easier to shift essential and constructive criticism with the highlighted comment option. It was difficult to navigate and identify significant comments before this functionality, and to respond to them.

What Is The Best Way To Get The URL For A Highlighted Comment?

When a user comments on a video you’ve uploaded to YouTube, you’ll get an email message. A comment link will be emphasized in these alerts. Click on the time next to a commenter’s username if you’re watching a YouTube comments section (e.g. 5 months ago). This shows a highlighted URL for that specific comment.

How Do I Respond To Comments That Have Been Highlighted?

Since this function was created with the user’s convenience in mind, responding to “highlighted comments” on your YouTube channel has become quite simple. You can use your email or the YouTube Dashboard to follow up or respond to such remarks.

When a viewer leaves a new comment on one of your videos, YouTube will send you an email notification if you click the notification bell button. When you open the email, you’ll see a “Reply” button that you can click. You can also browse or reply to highlighted comments directly from the YouTube Dashboard if you follow the comment section.

Have you ever wondered why a highlighted comment usually appears first in the list of comments? Both of the aforementioned methods will take you to the YouTube comment thread. The highlight tag displays the new action to make it easier to find. The goal is to remind you that you’ve come to make a specific comment.

Is It Beneficial To Highlight Comments?

A highlighted comment on YouTube is 100% advantageous as a convenience tool. This is particularly true if you’re looking for strategies to improve your channel’s performance.

YouTube is without a doubt the second most popular search engine on the internet. Highlight comments have the potential to boost your content’s reach and, as a result, your brand’s visibility.

As previously stated, these remarks are always displayed first in the comment area. Needless to say, many viewers browse down to the comments section to start a debate or to read what other viewers have to say about the video.

Along with the conversation, they look at the commentators’ channels or profiles along the process. Viewers frequently visit these channels’ homepages, and if the video content appeals to them, they will subscribe to the YouTuber’s channel. Your YouTube channel might be one of them if your comment is highlighted.

Is A Highlighted Comment On Youtube Bad?

It’s crucial to understand that a highlighted comment on YouTube doesn’t necessarily signify something is good or negative. Additionally, you won’t be able to purposefully add a highlighted comment. It’s a feature that would make it simple for you to locate the comment about which you were notified, to put it briefly.

Who Can Highlight A Comment On Youtube?

A new feature of YouTube that makes browsing easier is comment highlighting. Anyone can highlight a comment in any video, regardless of whether they are the author of the video or simply a normal viewer. On YouTube, all you have to do is click the timestamp next to the user’s name.


YouTube may be a daunting marketing tool, especially for newbies. Every YouTuber hopes that their channel will perform better than it did the day before. Even while the highlighted comment or highlighted reply option has no direct benefits, it can aid in YouTube channel optimization.

It can help you connect with new viewers and boost the number of individuals who watch your channel on a regular basis. How many of them stay and hit the “Subscribe” button, on the other hand, is a different story and is entirely dependent on whether they enjoy what you give through your videos.

So, folks here is the guide we gave on YouTube’s highlighted comment, and we also cover all other issues related to this phrase, such as what a highlighted comment on YouTube is and what a stressed comment on YouTube implies.

So that you can understand all words quickly and correctly, I hope you now understand What Does Highlighted Comment Mean On YouTube? Start a conversation with your pals about something intriguing you’ve read. Post any questions or concerns you have in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can put my YouTube comments in the spotlight?

Anyone can highlight a comment in any video, regardless of whether they are the creator or simply a normal watcher. All you have to do is go to YouTube and click on the timestamp next to the user’s name. When you highlight a comment, YouTube generates a unique URL for it.

On YouTube, how do I see highlighted comments?

When you go to the page, you’ll notice that the comment has been marked with the “Highlighted Comment” tag, making it simpler to find.

How can you know who liked your YouTube comment?

There’s no way to know who liked or disliked your YouTube comment, and there’s no way to see who down voted you.
Although YouTube maintains this comment likes and dislikes private for user safety and security, it’s a good guess that anyone who left a nice comment on your comment liked it as well.

What’s the best way to get rid of a highlighted comment?

Simply delete the part beginning with “&lc” to remove the highlighted comment. The only thing left would be the video’s original URL.

On YouTube, how are the most popular comments determined?

The YouTube commenting system is based on four factors:
When it was published,
A comment’s like/dislike ratio,
The number of responses,
And, believe it or not, WHO was the one who put it up.

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