What Can I Make With A 3D Printer To Sell? Expert Guide

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When you buy a 3D printer, you can make almost anything you can think of. While this can provide hours and days of amusement, it doesn’t exactly cover the costs. Using your new 3D printer, What Can I Make With A 3D Printer To Sell?

What Can I Make With A 3D Printer To Sell?

  • Cosplay items (helmets, armor, props, etc)
  • Miniatures (D&D, Warhammer, etc)
  • Jewelry
  • Architecture models
  • Toys
  • Nerf gun accessories
Make With A 3D Printer To Sell

3D Printer Created Goods To Sell

For starters, I have made a list of the top 3D printer-created goods.

Holder For Toilet Paper And Cell Phone

It’s rare to find someone going to the bathroom without their phone these days, lest you get distracted by the shampoo bottle’s label. There’s a problem with this habit: until you need your hands free to conduct business, there’s practically never anywhere to put your phone.

This long-standing issue has now been resolved with this ingeniously simple roll of toilet paper that doubles as a platform for your smartphone. Double-sided adhesives can be used to attach it to the wall of your bathroom, or you can drill a few holes in the wall to make it more secure. Simply put, it’s a one-stop shop for all of your phone-related needs.

Sound Amplifier And Dock For Mobile Phones

One of the most convenient methods to listen to your favorite music is on a mobile device. Bluetooth speakers can be paired with your phone, but the process takes a few minutes per session, not to mention that your speaker must be fully charged.

Your music may be streamed directly from your phone’s speakers with this Groovi Monster sound boosted. Use the outstretched arms (or ears? ) to direct the sound in a specific direction. This is an excellent amp to keep in the house for spontaneous dance parties when the mood strikes.

A Self-Watering Planter Is Another Option

Is it any easier to imagine caring for an actual plant than it is to do so? Surely no one expected it to be so tough to remember to water your houseplants. Water collects in a perforated inner pot and is released through a perforated outer container in this two-part, self-watering garden pot.

Because of the perforations, your plant can get the water it needs without becoming overly saturated. You may check the reservoir’s water level using the spout on the outside pot. You are not entirely out of the woods yet; it should take approximately a week.

A Hidden Compartment On The Shelf

This small shelf on the wall has the appearance of any other shelf. When the outer sleeve is removed, the base of the sleeve has a little pocket. This is an excellent solution for those searching for a safe place to keep money or their keys. It’s easy to assemble, sturdy enough to be used as a wall-mounted shelf, and conceals the inside compartment well.

The Holder For Your Earbuds

Most of us have had the experience of having to spend several seconds trying to untangle our earbuds after taking them out of our luggage to listen to music. We’ve seen a lot of 3D-printed earphone holders, but this one is the cleanest and most effective we’ve seen.

When you’re done, you’ll have everything neatly tucked away in an outer pocket, with the headphones’ cable wrapped around a central column. The outcome is an earphone holder that is secure, compact, and visually appealing.

Shelf For Wall Outlets

Ever have to check your phone on a power outlet with no place to rest it? Adding insult to injury, your phone’s charging cord may be too short for you to place it on the floor while charging it. It is not very comfortable.

When charging your phone, this wall mount fits into your charger and provides a convenient platform for your device. While charging your phone, you no longer have to shimmy over a chair or pile your baggage under the wall outlet. An often-overlooked problem can be solved with this wall outlet mount.

Mount For Amazon Echo Dot On A Wall

Another item that looks great when mounted is this Amazon Echo wall mount. The Amazon Echo Dot was designed from the ground up to be wall-mounted. Its audio feedback is clearer, it can hear your commands better, and that blue light ring looks cool.

Utilize your Amazon Echo Dot to its fullest potential with the help of this simple wall mount. Talking to the wall is now like talking to a person. Using double-sided adhesives to attach the mount is a breeze, and it looks beautiful in any context.

The Case For Switch Cartridges In The Form Of A Question Block

In the spirit of fun, here’s a cartridge case that’s perfect for Nintendo Switch fans. While a typical leather box is fine for storing your game cartridges, most of these cases are uninteresting and lack any visual interest.

Every time you see this colorful cartridge case, you’ll be reminded of the fun you’ll have in store for the day ahead. Of course, any discerning gamer will recognize the inspiration for this cartridge case’s design.

A Beatles Clock On A Wall

When you’ve had a rough day, you want to see something that would cheer you up. This wall clock honors the iconic Liverpool quartet if you’re a fan. The well-designed clock face features the distinct faces of all four Beatles members. Only 3, 6, 9, and 12 periods are shown on the clock, which has no minute hand. In a post-modern or minimalist setting, this clock will fit right in

Shuffler For Playing Cards

Shuffling a deck with style gives the impression that you can win any card game, regardless of the hand you are dealt. Unfortunately, this is a gift that not everyone is endowed with. Thanks to this bespoke card shuffler, there will soon be no problem with this lack of expertise.

Divide your deck into two halves and place them in this shuffler for a consistently shuffled deck every time. It’s simple to use and gets the job done swiftly. Mastering your card shuffling talents can now be used to enhance your overall game performance (or at least, your poker face).

Boxes For The Pip

It’s so normal to see messy garage workshops that a tidy and organized one makes you feel uneasy. This collection of pip boxes can come in handy if you have a smattering of miscellaneous tools and components in your garage. These pip boxes are stackable and have multiple drawers of varying sizes and forms.

Garage space doesn’t matter because various pip boxes will likely allow you to Tetris out an answer. The models can, of course, be sized to suit your requirements. If you have any further practical suggestions, don’t be afraid to contact the person who came up with the design and offered them.

Hexagonal Drawers In A Variety Of Configurations

We’d want to have a look at The Hive, a set of hex-shaped cabinets that are eternally stacking, as we’re discussing drawers. These drawers have a few differences from conventional drawers. The first is hexagonal shapes, which give some of them the appearance of beehives.

For the second, you can create your custom drawer set using the connecting grooves on the side of the drawers. To preserve room in your residence, you might have as many as ten or twenty of these and arrange them in whatever way you like. No matter how you use them, they are the neatest drawers around.

Pliers That Are Fully Compliant

Using a 3D printer to make pliers may not sound like an exciting project, but there’s something unique about this design. Thanks to compliant mechanism technology, these pliers’ pinching end nearly perfectly translate the force you apply to them.

This is a novel product that will sell well because of its novelty value. With just one component, it’s a breeze to print, making it both practical and convenient. TPU, a flexible filament, is recommended for printing these pliers.

A Grip For The Joy-Cons Of The Nintendo Switch

With the Joy-Cons separated, two players can play any game on the Nintendo Switch at any time. One Joy-Con at a time may be problematic for people with large hands. For a more fluid gaming experience, insert your Joy-Cons into the notch on this easy grip.

Even trigger buttons can be removed from the Joy-Con controllers, so none of the controls are affected. Just a few minutes of utilizing this grip will make a huge impact on both comfort and performance.

Stand For Soldering Iron

The dilemma of having nowhere to put your soldering iron while you’re not using it is a common one for everyone who has ever dabbled in electronics. No more fumbling with a burning hot soldering iron on a haphazard stand, thanks to this handy soldering iron stand. This model is as simple as it gets; there isn’t much to say about it. Remember to adjust the model’s scale to match your soldering iron’s size.

Six-Pack Carrier With A Custom Design

Six bottles of beer can be cumbersome to transport. That this question has not been answered is just mind-boggling. This six-pack carrier is the ideal answer if you frequently have this issue. 330mL longneck beer bottles can be used with the included screw-on handle.

This is a great option if you’re homebrewed and want to offer a few bottles as gifts. Just make sure that the print is as strong as possible (maybe use 100% infill) because you don’t want it to crack and spill any of your precious beer.

A Hanger That Collapses Into Itself

If you plan to travel in a coat, you may need to carry your hanger. Few people enjoy packing a coat hanger in their luggage because of its size and difficulty. This difficulty is addressed by the design of this collapsible coat hanger. Assembled from three independent parts, it is a full-size coat hanger.

They are difficult to put together because the slots are so narrow. However, with practice, this should become easier. Packing and traveling with these is a breeze. If you travel with several sets, you won’t have to worry about taking up much space in your luggage.

Stand For Your Headphones

One of the best examples of a product that solves an issue you weren’t even aware you had is this one here. Most of us wear headphones all the time, yet we never stop considering where we should store them while not in use. When using high-end headphones, it can be a little disturbing to see them lying around on desks and couches.

This headphone stand ensures that your headphones are secure from the desk. This design’s extra-wide base may support even the heaviest headphones. It may look simple, but a lot of time and effort produced this greatest 3D printer headphone stand.

Can You Legally Sell 3D Prints?

If the original creator grants you specific permission, you may sell 3D prints made from any distinctive digital 3D model that doesn’t violate another party’s intellectual property.

Is There A Demand For 3D Printing?

Because of 3D printing, I expect a significant increase in demand for future CAD and 3D modeling employment.


That’s all I have on What Can I Make With A 3D Printer To Sell? Using a 3D Printer to produce money is possible. And there are many methods to do so, like selling 3D printed objects, digital goods, or even providing a 3D Printing service in your neighborhood. Is 3D printing easy to profit from? That is not the case. To succeed in the 3D printing industry, you still need to put in the time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3D printing something you can sell?

If you have the proper copyright status or explicit permission from them before the design, you can sell 3D prints through Thing verse. 3D printed objects can be sold on specialized websites that assure you have the proper legal rights to them.

Is it possible to make money using 3D printing?

Like stocks, real estate, or your knowledge, a 3D printer can provide money for its owner. It does not matter if you want to rent, sell, or hold onto the thing. Use a 3D printer to create money in these ways.

Is 3D printing Warhammer illegal?

In a nutshell, 3D printing is legal as long as it is done only for one’s personal use. An unethical and may be illegal practice is to sell 3D printed products that resemble copyrighted works in any way.

Is it possible to start a company using a 3D printer?

Producing quick-turnaround prototypes for others can help you develop a profitable 3D printing business. If you have an idea or concept that you want to bring to life, you can turn to 3D printing experts for fast, low-cost choices for product development.

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