What Are The Danganronpa V3 PC Controls? Expert Guide

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What Are The Danganronpa V3 PC Controls?

  • Left Shift/Mouse scroll – Sprint
  • WASD – Move Around
  • Right Click/Enter – Open Map Overlay
  • Q/E – Look Around
  • Left Click – Inspect
  • Mouse scroll – Select Key Object (when opening a new area)
  • F1 – Ppen Monopod
Danganronpa V3 PC Controls

What Are PC Controls?

  • On computers, being in control generally means being in charge of how things are organized and how they are executed. Input devices, such as a mouse, keyboard, joystick, and gamepad, are used to control a computer. By moving the mouse, for example, you can move and control the mouse cursor on the screen.
  • Ctrl (PC) and Control (Apple) are two abbreviations for the same keyboard key. For more information about the Ctrl key and its associated keyboard shortcuts, see the Ctrl key definition.
  • To learn more about how to use this Windows command, please visit the command page.

Danganronpa V3 Keyboard Controls

“Chapter-Specific Controls” appears towards the end of this list because some of the controls are linked to the plot. The following section is for those who have already completed the game.

Investigation (Walking Around)

  1. WASD – move around           
  2. Q/E – look around
  3. Right Click/Enter – open map overlay
  4. Left Click – inspect
  5. Mouse scroll – select key object (when opening a new area)
  6. F1 – open Monopad
  7. Left Shift/Mouse scroll – sprint

Investigation (In Room)

  1. Hold Right Click and drag mouse – look around
  2. Esc/R – leave room
  3. WASD – look around
  4. E – slap objects around
  5. Left Click – inspect
  6. Q – return objects to normal
  7. F1 – open Monopad
  8. Enter – display checkable objects


  1. Space – autoscroll
  2. Hold Left Click – advance text quickly
  3. Left Click/Enter – advance text
  4. Hold Esc – advance text extremely quickly
  5. F2 – open transcript
  6. F1 – open Monopad

Death Road Of Despair

  1. A – move left
  2. Space – jump
  3. D – move right

Mass Panic Debate And Nonstop Debate

  1. Mouse scroll – select bullet
  2. Repeated Left Click – silence loud voices (MPD only)
  3. Left Click – silencer
  4. Space – focus
  5. Right Click – shoot
  6. F1 – open list of truth bullets

Argument Armament

  1. Space – increase tempo
  2. W – corresponds to Y
  3. S – corresponds to A
  4. A – corresponds to X
  5. D – corresponds to B

Hangman’s Gambit

  1. Right Click – select letter
  2. Hold Left Click – reveal letters in the center of the display
  3. F1 – show question

Psyche Taxi

  1. A – move left
  2. D – move right
  3. S – decelerate
  4. W – accelerate
  5. Space – focus

Debate Scrum

  1. Scroll – select bullet
  2. W – corresponds to Y
  3. S – corresponds to A
  4. A – corresponds to X
  5. D – corresponds to B
  6. Right Click – match bullet

Mind Mine

  1. Single Left Click – select group of blocks
  2. Right Click – select object
  3. 3 Left Clicks – destroy isolated block
  4. F1 – show question

Mono-Mono Machine

  1. Mouse scroll/W/S/up/down – input coins
  2. F1 – check presents
  3. Right Click – spin wheel
  4. Esc/R – return

Casino Game Menus

  • A/D – select difficulty
  • Right Click – max bet
  • Mouse scroll/W/S/up/down – input coins
  • Left Click – begin game

Report Card Menu

  1. Mouse scroll – select section
  2. Q/E – select student

Voting Time

  • Enter – confirm vote
  • Mouse scroll/WASD – select character

Skills List

  1. Left Click – buy/equip skills
  2. Mouse scroll – select skill
  3. Right Click – switch between skill lists

If You’ve Completed All Of Danganronpa V3, How Do You Get Into The Massive Vault?

However, Danganronpa V3 does not require you to complete a safe-cracking mini-game in order to obtain entrance; instead, you must work out what the huge vault combination is… Himiko may be able to help you out if you ask her enough time. A and B are the two dials on the gigantic vault’s right and left sides, respectively.

What Does The B Button On Danganronpa V3 Do?

Use the ENTER key instead of Y-Power or the Right/Left/Middle/Right clicks. It’s less of a hassle this way. B – Clear out some space – ESC.

What Does The V Stand For In Danganronpa V3?

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School and Danganronpa V3 consequently debuted around the same time, with Danganronpa 3 wrapping up the Hope’s Peak Academy tale and Danganronpa V3 starting a new one. The V in V3 distinguishes the game from the anime’s moniker.

What Are The Basic Controls On Roblox PC?

The Default Settings Are:

  • W or the up arrow will move you.
  • You can go backward using the S or down arrow.
  • You can move to the left with the arrows A or LEFT.
  • You can move to the right using D or the right arrow.
  • Jump with the spacebar.


Now it’s time to conclude What Are The Danganronpa V3 PC Controls? Hopefully, our comprehensive guide fully supports you in understanding the V3 Danganronpa controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me if there are any spoilers in the Danganronpa V3 demo?

Answer: It’s not spoiling anything because it’s based on a prior, Japan-exclusive trial of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, titled Danganronpa: Kibo no Gakuen to Zetsubo no Kksei (Trial Version), which included the murder case of Yasuhiro.

Danganronpa V3’s abrupt conclusion begs the question, “Why?”

But the conclusion of V3 reveals that all these characters battled for, including a better world and even the players themselves, was all for nothing. It was a complete waste of time and effort for everything that had gone before.

Is Danganronpa a fabrication from start to finish?

Tsumugi considers Danganronpa V3 the “Ultimate Actual Fiction” since the characters are real people who have had their memories altered to become fictitious characters. Ultimate Real Fiction has not been revealed to have been introduced to the franchise in a certain season.

In Dangan Ronpa, how can you save money?

You can manually save your game by using the Square button to open up your student e-handbook, which will save your progress. To save your game, navigate to the System Menu and select Save Game. Alternatively, you can save it in one of the available vacant slots or overwrite your current progress.

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