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It’s hard to imagine, but you used to have to buy many unnecessary Weird Computer Accessories. Not just keyboards and mice but also various dongles, plug-ins, and peripherals.

In computer culture, there has always been a culture of gadget fetishism. Software is entertaining, but the real endorphin rush comes from purchasing hardware. Therefore, it is no surprise that innovative businesses have released a ton of fascinating crap for us to purchase and install in our USB (or SCSI) ports.

Some of those items evolved into crucial components of our setup, while others vanished into oblivion. Nine of the wackiest, strangest peripherals to ever hit the market will be shared with you in this segment.

Weird Computer Accessories

Not just keyboards and mice but also various dongles, plug-ins, and peripherals. In computer culture, there has always been a culture of gadget fetishism.

  • USB Ghost Radar
  • Raildriver Train Cab Controller
  • Alphagrip iGrip
  • CueCat
  • Zalman FPSGun
  • OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator
  • SafeType Keyboard
  • Titan Sphere
What Are Weird Computer Accessories

What Are Weird PCs Accessories?

Titan Sphere

Let’s continue our brief stay in the gaming world with one of the strangest controllers we’ve ever seen. In the late 1990s, the Titans Sphere (Which opens in a new window) was released, promising a new way to play your famous games. Though the Titan Sphere demonstrates that “completely new” isn’t necessarily excellent, that was probably true.

The device installed two common joystick and button inputs on the opposite side of a cylinder the size of a grapefruit. You have unmatched 3D control since the handles can be freely manipulated in six directions. This innovative new control method didn’t take off.

iSmell DigiScents

Our electronic devices have historically done a pretty excellent job engaging the senses of sight, hearing, and occasionally touch using vibration. What about the other two, though? It’s probably a while before you can taste your PC, but a few years ago, a business sought to market a device that would enable you to experience the Web’s aroma fully.

In 1999, DigiScents raised a startling $20 million to release the iSmell(Opens in a new window). The device, which looked like a curving tower and plugged into your PC, had a “database of odors” that it would mix up and unleash in reaction to code from websites and emails. Unfortunately, iSmell was never commercially successful despite its CES premiere.

Train Cab Controller For Raildriver

Gaming is one of the main factors driving the peripheral market. While almost anything can be played with a keyboard and mouse, some software requires a small addition to provide the full experience. Furthermore, you want your choo-choo to be as realistic as possible if you’re a die-hard fan of train simulations.

We present the deeply mad Raildriver Train Cab Controller, a control system that includes a precise switch, throttle, and brake controls along with 34 large customizable buttons. It won’t be long until someone attempts to use this device to play Dark Souls.

iGrip Alphagrip

A good game controller should have the necessary buttons, nothing more. Consider the original Nintendo gaming pad. As more joysticks and buttons were added over time, casual users found it increasingly uncomfortable.

If you showed them the Alphagrip iGrip, unquestionably the most overstuffed game controller in recent memory, we could only speculate what they might say. You know you’re in for something challenging when the controller’s manufacturer says learning how to operate it will take at least 30 hours.

There are 18 “rocker” switches on the back that correspond to the letters of the alphabet so you can type while playing games, in addition to the trackball and buttons on the front. You need a Ph.D. to operate this controller if you add six Shift keys.

USB Ghost Radar

The market for computer peripherals exploded with the introduction of USB connectors since devices could now be used with any operating system. They operated as long as they could access port power. We wouldn’t be able to function without flash drives, but some USB devices are ridiculous.

Meet the USB Ghost Radar, a plastic gadget with several lights and speakers that makes the bold claim that it can identify and notify you of the presence of paranormal entities nearby. It is beyond our comprehension what technology this monster employs to locate restless spirits.


Manufacturers of peripherals occasionally exude too much confidence in their goods. To meet a need nobody knew, the Digital Convergence Corporation introduced the CueCat to the market in 2000.

It was a barcode scanner, similar to those seen in supermarkets, except it connected to your home computer. Users would scan barcodes on books or catalogs to access websites, which the creator hailed as a revolutionary new way to browse the internet.

Companies like Radio Shack signed on, and millions of devices were created, but no one bought the strange cat-shaped accessories, and they went out of business very quickly. One merchant declared in 2005 that they were selling two million of the items for 30 cents each.

OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator

Let’s face it: using our hands to operate a computer is rather archaic. Aren’t we already residing in the future? The OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator advertises that it can transform electrical brain activity into digital signals.

Still, in reality, it picks up various signals, including skin movement, muscle activity, and other things. From 2008 until 2011, the product was sold, and the reviews weren’t quite kind.

According to the advertising materials, the OCZ might shorten your reaction time by as much as 60%, providing you with a competitive edge. It is arduous to remember the various facial expressions and “mind fingers” you need to perform actions.

Keyboard SafeType

In general, the keyboard market does not offer much room for innovation. Although a few firms continue to produce Dvorak layouts, and some may have extra function keys and odd things like video editors, most typing devices are essentially the same.

On the other hand, safety would essentially happen if you created a medieval torture apparatus that could also be used to write a résumé. You hold your arms out in front of you, palms facing each other, and type on the keys outside the two elevated platforms rather than bending your wrists. You’ll soon figure it out if you can’t see the keys you’re pushing.

Zalman FPSGun

Gaming mice are in a class of their own, with an array of ever-weirder functions and designs to give you maximum fragility. The Zalman FPSGun, which features a form factor to make you feel like you’re holding a weapon in your sweaty mitts as you shoot and strafe, is probably the craziest we’ve seen.

The FPSGun has an optical sensor on the bottom and resembles something that may be held upside down like a sci-fi laser gun. It appears to have decent horizontal accuracy but poor vertical precision, making it more suited for classic games like Doom, where you don’t need to look up or down.

What Are Some Cool PC Accessories?

  • Power Supply.
  • Monitor Arm.
  • Wrist Rest
  • Ergonomic Mouse
  • Headphone Stand
  • Ergonomic Keyboard.

What Is Included Within A Computer?

  • Memory (RAM)
  • The central processing unit (CPU)
  • Power supply unit (PSU)
  • Motherboard.
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU)
  • Gaming peripherals.
  • Storage.
  • System cooling.

What Devices Did You Utilize For Voice Communication When Using A PC?

A microphone headset is a necessary computer device if you spend a lot of time online conversing with others as you work or play. You can talk and work simultaneously if you wear a headset with a microphone.

What Accessories Go With A Gaming PC?

  • Keyboards
  • Headphones and Headsets
  • Mouse
  • Speakers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Webcam
  • USB Drives
  • Microphones

What Is A PC Accessory?

Any accessory attached to a computer provides an optional additional capability or feature. The computer printer enables the computer to print and is a good illustration of an addition.

To Conclude

It’s hard to believe, but before touch screens became the preferred information device, you had to buy an entire bundle of Weird Computer Accessories for your PC. Dongles, modules, and peripherals could accomplish various functions, together with consoles and mice. In PC culture, there has always been a culture of device fetishism.

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