How To Fix Wan Miniport PPTP Error 807? Cause + Solution

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Have you ever thought What Is Wan Miniport PPTP Error 807? How Do I Fix Error 807 When It Says “The Network Connection Between Your Computer And The VPN Server Has Been Interrupted”?

How To Fix Wan Miniport PPTP Error 807?

Ensure that your antivirus software is updated. Check that your firewall is operational. Make sure your router is configured correctly. Make sure your history and cookies are stored safely. You could try a different VPN client. Verify your credentials if you need to log in. Here you can adjust your VPN settings. Changing the VPN address may be beneficial.

How To Fix Wan Miniport PPTP Error 807

Check Your Antivirus

This problem, according to users, is frequently caused by your antivirus or firewall. It’s conceivable that your antivirus interferes with the VPN and creates a problem if you’re experiencing VPN error 807. Check your antivirus settings and disable certain functions to resolve the problem.

If it doesn’t work, you may need to turn off your antivirus completely. Even if you select to disable your antivirus, the problem may linger in some cases. If this is the case, uninstalling your antivirus software may be your only alternative.

Even if you opt to uninstall your antivirus, Windows Defender will safeguard your machine so that you won’t worry about your security. Check if the issue has been solved after removing the antivirus. If uninstalling the antivirus solves the issue, you should consider switching to another one.

Check Your Firewall

If you’re encountering VPN error 807, it’s conceivable that your firewall is to blame. To resolve the issue, locate your VPN client in your firewall and ensure that it is authorized to pass through it. If your VPN is accessible through your firewall, you might want to try turning it off completely.

If you’re using a third-party firewall, turn it off for a while to see if the problem goes away. Check if the problem persists after turning off the firewall. If the problem doesn’t arise, the firewall is likely to blame, so switch it back on and double-check its settings, ensuring that your VPN is let through.

Check Your Router Settings

If you constantly see VPN Error 807 on your computer, the issue may be with your router. According to users, some ports must be open to utilize a VPN successfully. To do so, go to your router’s settings and turn on the following features:

  • Port 1723 for PPTP VPN
  • VPN Pass-Through
  • Protocol 47 GRE

This is a little complicated technique, so consult your router’s instruction manual to learn how to discover the appropriate settings. Remember that PPTP is essential for the VPN function, but you can use the SSTP protocol if you can’t enable it.

Clean Your Cookies, History, And Registry

VPN error 807 might sometimes happen due to cookies or lingering registry entries interfering with your VPN. Users suggest deleting your registry, history, and cookies to resolve the issue. You can do it manually, but it will take some time; this specialized software is normally preferred.

Dedicated registry cleaners automatically examine your PC for unneeded files and delete them. This option is the safest because these tools are designed to remove excessive files and leave everything else alone.

Try Another VPN Client

If the issue notice remains, it could be a good time to consider switching to another VPN client. There are several wonderful VPN apps on the market. However, we recommend PIA – Private Internet Access if you’re searching for simple and dependable VPN software.

Kape Technologies owns the company, which has a good reputation and continues to invest in its servers worldwide. Their client app is excellent, and you will have no problems with it.

You will have an error-free connection, but you’ll also have access to over 3300 servers in 46 countries, allowing you to connect from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, their customer service is dependable, so if you have an issue, they will respond quickly to resolve it. Here are some of our famous things about PIA:

  • We are anonymous because they have over 3000 servers and are still growing.
  • A client that is simple to set up and utilize
  • A wide range of devices and operating systems are supported

Check The Login Credentials

If you’re seeing VPN error 807, your login credentials could be the issue. Your credentials may be incorrect, resulting in this and other issues. If you’re receiving this problem, double-check your login credentials to ensure accuracy. Also, double-check the VPN IP address to make sure it’s correct.

Change VPN Settings

If you see VPN error 807 on your computer, your VPN settings probably are to blame. It is recommended that you update the VPN security settings to resolve the problem. This is a basic process that may be accomplished by following these steps:

  • Activate VPN Properties.
  • Go to the Security section.
  • Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is the new connection type (PPTP).
  • Check if the problem persists after making the adjustments. Some users recommend using Automatic instead of PPTP, so you might want to give that a shot.

Try Changing The VPN Address

According to users, VPN error 807 is sometimes caused by your VPN address. Users recommend eliminating HTTP:// from the VPN address to resolve the issue. Open your VPN settings and look for your VPN address there.

Also, any forward slash symbols at the end of the VPN URL should be removed. Check to see if the issue has been resolved after making these modifications.

Try Connecting To Different VPN Locations

This problem could be caused by the server you’re trying to connect to. Because the server may be down, try switching to another server or location to see if that fixes your problem. If you see this error across all servers and locales, it could be a setting issue.

Try Restarting Your Router

VPN error 807 is sometimes caused by your router, according to customers. If you have any problems with your router, make sure you restart both your modem and router.

To do so, press and hold the Power button on each device for a few seconds. Restart both smartphones by pressing the Power button once more. Check if the problem persists after both devices have been turned on.

Reinstall Your VPN Client

If you are continually experiencing VPN error 807 on your computer, the problem may be with your VPN client. Your installation may become corrupted, resulting in this and other issues. However, simply reinstalling your VPN client will solve the problem.

There are a few choices, but the most effective is installing uninstall software. If you didn’t know, Uninstaller software is a unique program that will completely delete the selected application, including all of its registry and file information. As a result, the software will be uninstalled entirely.

Because leftover files may hinder you from successfully reinstalling your VPN, use one of the finest uninstaller applications to remove unneeded apps from your PC safely. After removing your VPN fully, download and run the installer wizard to determine if the problem has been resolved.

What’s A Wan Miniport?

In Windows XP and the next versions of Windows, a wide area network mini port (WAN mini port) is a driver that enables alternative connection techniques such as point-to-point protocol over Ethernet (PoE) and wireless networking, making WAN configuration possible.

Can’t Establish PPTP VPN Windows 8/8.1

  • Start Windows Firewall by going to Control Panel > System and Security.
  • On the left, click Advanced settings.
  • Pick Outbound Rules.
  • Click New Rule on the right.
  • Click Next after selecting Predefined, Routing, and Remote Access.
  • Click Next after checking all three requirements.
  • Click Finish after selecting Allow the connection.


That’s all we have on Wan Miniport PPTP Error 807. It might cause various issues on your computer, but we hope you were able to resolve the issue with one of our methods. Your VPN program may not work properly, such to an inaccurate network setting, the wrong server, a blocked firewall, or a terrible internet connection. Turn on your VPN software, double-check your network settings, switch servers, and turn off the firewall. A variety of things might cause problems with your VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPTP uses which ports?

TCP port 1723 and IP protocol 47 Generic Routing Encapsulation are used by the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) (GRE). PPTP allows a low-cost, private connection to a corporate network through the Internet. People who work from home or travel and need to access their corporate networks can use PPTP.

What is VPN connection error 800?

The intended VPN tunnels failed; hence the remote connection was not established. The VPN server may be unavailable. The security parameters necessary for IPsec negotiation may not be adequately specified if this connection attempts to use an L2TP/IPsec tunnel.

What is error code 806?

806 is the error code. The most common cause of this issue is that at least one Internet device between your computer and the VPN server (such as a firewall or router) is not configured to allow GRE protocol packets. If the error persists, call your network administrator or Internet service provider.

What is the most likely cause of an 800 error code?

A common VPN error message is “Unable to establish connection” with error code 800. When the VPN client cannot connect to the server, this error occurs. This error is frequently caused by a network connection issue, such as when the network is down or overloaded

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