Why My TV Is Blank Or Black Screen? Cause + Fix

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You’re enjoying your favorite show or film on TV when all of a sudden, the TV Is Blank Or Black Screen. A blank or black screen could indicate that your television has been turned off. However, if it is making sounds, you know this is not the situation.

When a TV screen does not appear or is blank, it could indicate a variety of problems. Some of these issues can be resolved with little effort, but some may necessitate professional assistance.

TV Is Blank Or Black Screen

The image will be completely dark if the backlight fails or goes out. Make sure your TV is on and turn off the room’s lights to check if the backlight of your TV is causing the issue. Use a flashlight to illuminate the screen to check for any images.

TV Is Blank

Common Causes For Why TV Is Blank Or Black Screen?

The Sleep Timer Is Turned On

The sleep timer on your television is occasionally engaged, leading it to turn off by accident. This is a simple problem to solve. All you have to do is go to your TV’s Setup menu and verify the sleep timer settings.

Loose Connections

When your TV’s screen is both unresponsive and blank, check the link between the power supply and the TV, the DVD player, the TV box, and any other auxiliary devices. The true reasons behind a blank and nonresponsive TV are usually outdated sources of power and losing connections.

There Is An Issue With The TV Panel

If your TV’s Screen Appears Black Or Blank, the panel may have been damaged. If this is the situation, you should carefully consider if purchasing a new TV is preferable to purchasing a replacement screen.

Problems With The Backlight

If you have an LCD television, this could be the cause of your dark screen. Backlight is used in LCD televisions to highlight the pictures on the screen. However, if your backlight malfunctions, you will be unable to see something on your screen.

You’ll need to replace the backlight on your TV to fix this issue. But, sadly, not everyone is aware of this issue. As a result, getting expert assistance is strongly advised. If you bought your TV lately, though, you may be able to get it replaced under the manufacturer’s guarantee.

The Power Distribution Board Has Failed

There are several real reasons for a TV screen turning out unexpectedly, but the most common is a power supply board failure. A TV may feature multiple power supply boards, as well as a T-con board and other internal components. While such parts may appear to be difficult, they are relatively simple to repair.

Other Reasons For A Black Or Blank Television Screen

When you have a black or blank TV screen, something may be wrong with your television, and only a knowledgeable professional can detect and repair it. Based on CNET, among the most prevalent problems with TVs, particularly Samsung TVs is a problem with the capacitor inside the television. Television with its specific issue will not turn on or produce a picture.

How To Fix A Black Screen On A TV?

 Follow these steps to fix a black screen on your television.

  • First, turn off the television with the remote, unhook it from the wall, then press and press the main button on the television for 60 seconds. When you’re done, connect the TV back inside and turn it on.
  • In some circumstances, this will solve the problem; if not, try once more and press the power button for a little longer. If you do have the time unplug the TV for the night and do a power cycle. In some cases, this will solve the problem.
  • Attempt to access the Smart TV’s smart interface or home screen. On your remote, press the Home button. If indeed the Smart Home is still functional, go to the settings menu and look for a Memory Utilization app to clear the TV storage or RAM. When you’re done, turn the TV on & off with the controller to see if it helps.
  • Try downloading a Memory and RAM manager if your TV doesn’t have one by default. You can also do this directly by locating and forcing stopping any apps that are functioning in the background still when they are closed. You can target an app or a group of apps that causes the black screen to appear.
  • Go to Smart Television Home and select Apps, then update all of your apps and delete any that have faults or are no longer needed. The freer resources your television has, the greater it will perform. If a specific program is the source of the issue, uninstall it completely if at all possible.
  • You may be forced to do so under dire circumstances. Reset your TV to factory settings, which will remove all programs you’ve installed and leave only the apps that came with it when you first turned it on.

What Causes A TV Screen To Be Black?

Problems with input devices, cable connections, or out-of-date firmware upgrades are the most frequent causes of TV black screens. In the worst situation, the power supply board might have been broken. A loose cable might cause a TV’s black screen. Connection problems are possibly the most typical reason for a black screen.

What Do You Do When Your Smart TV Screen Goes Black?

You can conduct a soft reset on your Samsung TV to make it responsive again if that’s the case. This can be done by unplugging the TV for 60 seconds, then plugging it back in. This will resolve any problems that might have resulted from a temporary bug. A restart can also resolve the problem.


Hopefully, this article has been of great assistance in resolving whether your TV Is Blank Or Black Screen. Therefore, if you are unsure about your ability to repair your television, it is preferable to engage an expert to minimize more damage. If your TV is still under guarantee, contact the manufacturer’s tech support for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you repair a TV with a blank screen?

Remove the power connection from your electronic box, wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect it. Check to see whether the picture has reappeared when the box has been fully powered on again. If that doesn’t work, try an HDMI handshake if you do have an HDMI cable attached to your TV.

Why isn’t my TV displaying a picture?

If the cable box or DVD player is not displaying an image, likely, the cable attaching the TV to the cable modem or DVD player is faulty or damaged. If you still can’t see anything, the cable is probably broken and requires replacement. Purchase a new cable from your local TV repair shop.

How do you repair a TV that switches on but doesn’t display any images?

Remove the TV’s power cord from the outlet. Leave it disconnected and press and push the Power button of the TV for 25 seconds while it’s unplugged. Release the power switch and reconnect the cord. Check if there is an image on the screen by turning on the TV using the tv remote or manually.

Why won’t my television switch on?

Examine the sides, front, back, and bottom of your television, or consult your television’s handbook. For 30 seconds, remove the TV power cable (power supplies lead) from the outlet. To be sure the problem isn’t originating from your power outlet, try attaching another electrical item to the same power button and see if you can use it.

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