Why Does Sony Vegas Crashing While Rendering? Causes + Fix

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Many customers have reported that Sony Vegas is Crashing While Rendering, it continues crashing. People may lose hours of work from time to time. The good news is that there are some known solutions. Continue reading to find out what they are.

Sony Vegas Crashing While Rendering

Vegas Pro uses a lot of CPU power, and the program can analyze data using all cores by default. However, you might try turning off multi-core rendering if it keeps crashing. According to several customers, changing this setting is especially useful if Vegas Pro crashes while attempting to render their movie.

Vegas Crashing While Rendering

Video Editing Program Crashes are frequently caused by video hardware issues, such as defective drivers, incompatible video drivers or hardware, or insufficient RAM. It’s often quite specialized to a certain arrangement, making it difficult to troubleshoot.

Try disabling GPU acceleration. It may slow things down, but it improves system stability. If your machine doesn’t have enough RAM, you might want to consider adding some (and may improve performance).

You can try updating the video drivers, but be aware that video drivers are notoriously buggy, and the version you install may crash even more than the previous one.

What Can I Do About Sony Vegas Crashing?

You don’t have to attempt all of the solutions; simply work your way down the list until you discover one that works!

What Can I Do About Sony Vegas Crashing

For Vegas Pro, Disable A CPU Processor

As previously stated, video editing programs such as Vegas Pro use a lot of CPU power. Normally, we’d want to give Vegas Pro as much power as possible, but that’s not the case if the application keeps crashing and you can’t figure out why. Instead, try turning off one of the CPU cores in Vegas Pro to see if that helps.

Multi-Core Rendering Is Disabled

Vegas Pro is a CPU-intensive program, and the program is set to use all cores by default. However, if it keeps crashing, you might try disabling multi-core rendering. Some customers have noticed that changing this option is very useful when Vegas Pro crashes while rendering their video.

Customize The Settings In Vegas Pro

There are a few settings in Vegas Pro that you may tweak to lessen the likelihood of crashing. If modifying some of these settings solves your problem, you don’t have to touch the others, although it wouldn’t hurt to try them all.

  1. Make hardware-related adjustments
  2. Turn off the multi-core rendering.

Drivers For Your Graphics Card Needs To Be Updated

A malfunctioning or outdated driver might result in a variety of issues, including application crashes. In our instance, you might want to make sure your graphics card driver is up to date to ensure it’s working properly. There are two ways to get the correct graphics driver for your computer.

Automatically Or Manually

Device Manager can be used to manually update your video card driver. Even if Windows says your driver is up to date, you can use Device Manager to see whether there’s a newer version.

Go to the manufacturer’s website and look for the most up-to-date version of the driver. Make sure you only install drivers that are compatible with the version of Windows you’re using.

Automatic Driver Update

Driver Easy can upgrade your drivers quickly if you don’t have the time, patience, or computer abilities to do so manually. Driver Easy will detect your system automatically and locate the correct driver for your video card and Windows version, which will then download and install appropriately.

System Requirements For Sony Vegas

If you’ve tried everything to fix the problem but Sony Vegas is still not responding, there could be another reason, such as the software’s system requirements. Modern PCs are required for working in Vegas Pro. It’s possible that your video editing computer isn’t up to par.

According to Vegas, you’ll need at least 8 GB of RAM to get started, and 32 GB to edit footage in 4K resolution. A strong visual card and a processor with at least 6th Generation Intel Core i5 or 7th Generation Intel Core i7 are required for the software to function properly.

Install The Most Recent Version Of Vegas Pro

This may appear to be a straightforward task, but if Vegas Pro needs to be upgraded to the newest version, it may not respond. To fix difficulties, developers frequently release software update. Launch Vegas, go to the settings menu and compare your version to the most recent version of Vegas Pro 17.

Multi-Core Rendering Is Disabled

If your machine only meets the bare minimum system requirements, you may experience crashes and issues while editing videos in Sony Vegas. To speed up and simplify the working process, disable multi-core rendering in the program.

Turn Off The Automatic Data Collection Feature

All of our activities are saved in a separate file while we’re editing the video. It may get overburdened with data at some point, causing the program to fail. The program will run faster if you turn off automatic data recording. You will, however, have to manually save all of your data. This info is yours to erase at any time.

Vegas Pro Crashes When Rendering

CPU-intensive Vegas Pro is enabled by default to utilize all cores for processing. However, you might try disabling multi-core rendering in the settings if it keeps crashing. If you’ve ever had Vegas Pro crash while trying to render your movie, you may want to change this option.

Vegas Pro Has Stopped Working

There might be a graphical issue. The graphics system may occasionally experience the “Vegas Pro has stopped working” issue because it is overloaded with the program interface.

Fix Sony Vegas Render Crash

You Need To Make Your Vegas Version Official. Install the most recent version of Vegas Pro, turn off GPU acceleration, and so forth. Turn off multi-core rendering. Switching off one core. There is no use of dynamic RAM preview. Taking away SO4. Cut back on the threads.


This page goes over the causes of Sony Vegas Crashing While Rendering, as well as the fixes for the software, including the vegas pro 13 edition and all previous versions. In this tutorial, we’ve gone through all of the many ways you might fix problems while working with Vegas Pro 17.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Vegas 18 keep crashing?

Vegas Pro is a CPU-intensive tool, and the program’s default settings allow it to process data across all cores. However, if it keeps crashing, you might try disabling multi-core rendering. Then press and hold Ctrl and Shift while clicking Preferences.

Why does my rendering continually come to a halt?

If your renders continue to fail, try turning off this option for the time being and rendering with just your CPU, also known as Software Rendering. On the top menu bar, go to File > Project Settings. Change the Software only drop-down option under Video Rendering and Effects.

Is Sony Vegas capable of auto-saving?

Every five minutes, a backup copy of your work is automatically stored. If your system fails, the next time you start the application, you’ll be requested to open the backup file.

What is causing the grainy rendering in After Effects?

It’s possible that you’re rendering the video at low bitrates. The output becomes increasingly chunky and fuzzy when the bitrates of the video are reduced. The bit rate for 1080p video can’t be lower than 8 Mbps or it will start to look terrible. Increase the bit rate of your render’s output to see if it helps.

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