Why Razer Keyboard Numbers Not Working? (Causes + Fix)

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Here is a detailed article about Razer Keyboard Numbers Not Working. The number keys on keyboards can sometimes not work. This applies to the number keys above the alphanumeric keys, the number keys in the Numpad on the right side of the ordinary keyboard, and (in some situations) both.

The number keys on your keyboard may cease working for several causes, the most common of which are a hardware problem, a driver issue, or an abnormality in your keypad settings that has made the number keys useless.

This is a known issue that affects all editions of the Windows Os; hence, owning a specific model of Windows does not make you vulnerable to it. Because there are so many potential causes for this issue, there are also numerous potential treatments.

Why Razer Keyboard Numbers Not Working?

The number keys on your keyboard’s right side won’t function if the NumLock key is not engaged. Try pressing the NumLock key for around 5 seconds if the NumLock key is enabled and the number keys are still not functioning. This has worked for some people.

Razer Keyboard Numbers

Why Isn’t My Keyboard’s Number Pad Working?

There are a variety of reasons for this, but the most prevalent is that the Num Lock key is not pushed. To use these keys for input, they must first be correctly enabled. Your preferences are likely messing with the Numpad in some cases.

Finally, double-check that all of the required drivers are up to date. If the numeric keys on your Razor keypad have stopped working, try the following solutions to try to solve the problem:

Keyboard Issues

If the Razor keyboard keys continue to cease working despite attempting all of the previously stated options, it’s more than likely that the device is the issue. In this instance, you should approach support if it’s a new keyboard so they can offer remedies or a refund, or obtain a new one if you’ve had this one for a long because difficulties with older keyboards are common.

The Synapse Is Turned Off

If you utilize Razor Synapse in conjunction with all of your brand’s peripherals, you should consider turning it off for a bit. To check that Synapse isn’t still operating in the background after you’ve turned it off, open the task manager and finish any software-related processes that are still running.

Now test your keypad with any program or video game to determine if it works properly. If the problem has been resolved, the issue was created by Synapse, which means you should either verify the app’s settings or uninstall it all together before reinstalling it.

Clean Up Your Keyboard

If you have a manual Razor keyboard and only a few particular keys randomly cease working while you’re using it, debris or other dirt lodged between the keys is most likely the cause of the problem.

This is a typical problem with mechanical keyboards, but it is quite simple to fix. All customers need to do is safely extract the faulty keys or all of them, and then clean the keyboard completely but carefully. It’s a lot easier than you might think, so you won’t require professional assistance.

Problem With The Driver

When issues like these arise with a Razer keyboard or any other keypad for that matter, the problem is nearly usually traced back to driver issues. Fortunately, this isn’t a major issue because driver issues are rather simple to resolve. All customers have is to go to the control center and delete all of their keyboard drivers.

After that, run Windows Updater to check for all of the programs that are required for the devices you’ve linked to the device. This will also cause the Windows Updater to install all of the necessary drivers, allowing your Razor keypad to function properly in the future. The keyboard’s drivers should be uninstalled (and then reinstalled).

  • Open a Run window by pressing the Windows logo key + R.
  • In the Run dialogue, type devmgmt.MSC and press Enter to open the Device Manager.
  • Double-click the Keyboards section in the Device Manager to enlarge it.
  • Correct the keyboard that is causing the issue and select Uninstall from the context menu that appears.
  • To confirm the deletion, click OK.
  • Restart your computer after deleting the keyboard and associated drivers.

Note: If the problem is with your pc or laptop/notebook, use Restore Repair to scan the archives and replace any corrupt or missing files. When the problem is created by a system flaw, this method works in the overwhelming majority of circumstances.

Restore can be downloaded by clicking here. When the computer starts up, it will instantly detect and download the latest drivers for the affected keyboard. Check to verify if the problem has been resolved once the drivers have indeed been correctly installed.

Why Is My Razer Keyboard Not Working?

Check if the lighting effects are turned on by opening the Razer Synapse. Razer Synapse needs to be updated. Consider removing Synapse and installing the most recent version. Check if the problem still exists after restarting the device.

The Right Side Keyboard Numbers Are Not Working

Find the NumLock key on your keyboard and press it to activate it. The right-hand side of your keyboard’s number pad will be inoperable unless the NumLock key is enabled.


One of the most serious issues is Razer Keyboard Numbers Not Working. Razer makes a bunch of amazing keyboards, and they’re all worth checking out. However, just like any other piece of gear, these keyboards are not without flaws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t the numbers on my keyboard working?

The number keys on the right-hand side of your keypad will not work if the Num Lock key is disabled. You can try pressing the Num Lock key for approximately 5 seconds if the number buttons don’t work if you do have the Num Lock key engaged.

On my Razer keyboard, how can I activate Num Lock?

Switch these features on (lock) then off (unlock) by pressing the appropriate key on your keyboard (Scroll Lock, Num Lock, or Caps Lock). Toggle the keyboard function by pressing the key.

Why isn’t my computer typing numbers but symbols?

Because most laptops lack separate numeric keypads, Num Lock behaves differently. It changes a part of the QWERTY characters on the keypad into a virtual numeric keypad instead of transforming cursor keys to numbers. Since the Num Lock key is turned on, you’re entering numbers rather than letters in this situation.

What’s wrong with my Razer laptop keyboard?

A faulty driver or a dirty keyboard and touchpad could be the source of the problem. Check to see if the keypad or trackpad is clean and free of dirt or debris. To clean your keyboard or touchpad, use compressed air and a clean soft cloth (ideally a microfiber cloth).

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