Play Station Headphones Keep Cutting Out | Causes + Fix

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This article will guide you about why Play Station Headphones Keep Cutting Out. The amount of time I used to have to unwind on the couch and play video games has decreased. I make sure to decompress and lose myself in the games on my PS5 when I can. Unfortunately, that immersion is gone whenever my headset disconnects, crackles, or drops out. I have to solve this issue, hence.

A low battery, too many objects between the headset and the console, connectivity issues, or software faults can all cause PlayStation headphones to stop working. Such issues can be fixed by charging the battery, upgrading or resetting the headset, changing your wireless network, and removing impediments. Let’s identify the cause of those connection drops and devise some fixes.

Play Station Headphones Keep Cutting Out  (Causes)

It’s possible that your headset is out of reach of your console or that your wireless router is being interfered with by another electronic piece of equipment. Try turning it off and then back on your wireless router. Try resetting your headset if your problems persist.

Why Play Station Headphones Keep Cutting Out

Low Battery

A few years ago, modern platforms no longer supported wired and Bluetooth headphones. Instead, they’ve switched to headphones with robust batteries and dependable WiFi. Even the tiny and inexpensive Pulse 3D headset only has a 12-hour battery life. Battery life is about 30 hours if you spend more and purchase a SteelSeries Arctis 7P+, as I did.

So, running out of battery is uncommon. I occasionally need to remember to charge my headphones, though. The headset has various issues when playing with less than 10% battery. Active noise cancellation and Dolby Atmos cannot be maintained, and the device starts to drop out.

Fix: After playing the game, check sure your headphones are charged. This is the obvious solution to the problem. If you genuinely want to play the game, you can switch to speakers or acquire a pair of wired headphones or earbuds and put them into the headphone jack of the DualSense controller.

Software Bugs

Your PS5 headset employs cutting-edge software and a powerful chip to stream content smoothly and deliver cutting-edge features like Dolby Atmos and ANC. To enhance its functionality, it frequently receives updates.

However, everything with software has the potential to malfunction and break the connection. Flaws introduced by software updates can occasionally ruin a perfect game. There are two approaches to fixing this problem. Try checking for firmware updates for your headset if the issue is a recent bug.

They frequently update their wireless headsets, whether they are Sony’s Pulse headsets or those made by other producers. When you’re connected to the network, Sony upgrades the software on the Playstation, the controller, and the headset without you having to do anything.

Too Many Obstacles

They have a significantly greater range than Bluetooth headsets because the official PS5 headset and other headsets created for the PS5 employ a WiFi connection. There shouldn’t be any range-related connection issues as long as you play in the same room as your console and the space isn’t more significant than a football field.

A WiFi connection is susceptible to impediments, though. You’ll experience connection problems if numerous substantial obstructions are composed of heavy, solid materials like metal or concrete between the headset and the console.

Electronic equipment with numerous strong magnets provides even more resistance to the connection. For instance, my prominent speaker interferes in many ways with the WiFi connections in the space.

Fix: You may resolve this problem by removing those barriers and rearranging the furniture in the space. To ensure a clear line of sight from your headset to your console, anything from significant furniture pieces to huge artwork and other artifacts should be moved or positioned in various parts of the room.

How To Fix Gaming A Headset Cutting Out?

Cutting out can cause the audio to seem tinny, hazy, or even totally stop. You can try some of the troubleshooting techniques listed below to fix it.

Check Your Connection

Try a new audio cord if you are using a wired headset. If you use a USB headset, try connecting your computer’s microphone and headphones through the front or rear jacks. Use a different USB charging cord if you use a wireless headset. Additionally, consider unplugging your wireless headset from any Bluetooth-enabled devices you aren’t using, such as your PC and smartphone.

Update Your Drivers

Outdated drivers frequently need help with headset problems. Windows will automatically check for updates and install any available when you plug in new hardware. You will need to manually download the updates from the manufacturer’s website if Windows cannot find them.

Restart Your Device

Try rebooting your gaming headset to see if it solves the issue or if it keeps cutting out. Restarting your computer or console may help if the problem continues. Sometimes transient malfunctions in your computer or headphones can cause connectivity problems.

Switch To Bluetooth

If you’re tired of defective audio cords, you can buy an adaptor to add Bluetooth connectivity to your PC or console. The 3.5mm jack or USB port on this converter is both compatible. Most of today’s gaming headphones support Bluetooth, so you’ll need to utilize one. User mistakes can quickly destroy USB connections (hitting the wrong button or moving the cord). If no physical obstructions interfere with your signal, Bluetooth doesn’t have this issue.

Try Re-Wiring

Not a bad headset, but a bad cable is typically to blame for cut-outs. This is due to three key factors:

  • The cable is too thin and cannot carry the power required by your headset because it is frayed or broken.
  • The conductivity and cost of the wire are both low.
  • The solution is as simple as purchasing a new audio wire.


Here we conclude all about the reason Play Station Headphones Keep Cutting Out. A superb experience is provided by the PS5 when using wireless headsets equipped with 3D surround sound. Follow the above solutions to any connection problems your headset may have right now. Your only choice is to switch to a new headset if using the troubleshooting method does not resolve the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my headset cutting in and out?

You might try shutting off and then turning back on the device you’re trying to connect your headphones to see if that clears up Bluetooth signal interference. If there is any interference causing your signal to drop out, this could help remove it.

Why does my headset keep glitching out?

We previously discussed how low battery levels might degrade the audio quality and result in audio skips. To prevent this, ensure your Bluetooth headphones and the device they are attached to are at least 30% charged.

Why does my audio randomly cut out?

Audio that comes in and goes out can be brought on by faulty gear or wrong network configuration. The fundamental reason for an issue affecting only one phone can range from hardware to network configuration. Multiple phones experiencing intermittent audio cuts suggest a network-related problem.

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