Why Does My PC Stutters Every Few Seconds? Causes + Solution

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This article may be able to assist you if your PC Stutters Every Few Seconds. Some consumers have stated that this problem began when they updated their Windows 10 computers. When this problem happens, the mouse lags or becomes immobile for a brief period of time, and audio and video stutter. This makes it tough to utilize the computer.

PC Stutters Every Few Seconds (Fixed)

When using a browser, if the PC stutters every two seconds with audio and video issues, update the browser to the most recent version. If that doesn’t fix it, try turning off all of your browser’s add-ons, plugins, and extensions to see if it solves the problem.

Drivers, operating systems, browsers, and apps that are out of date are the most common causes of Computer Stuttering. These problems could also be caused by faulty hardware. The time between frames varies substantially as a result of this.

PC Stutters

What Is Screen Stuttering?

Stuttering on the screen is produced by random delays between the graphics processing unit (GPU) and the image on your screen. This is especially true when gaming, as it can have a significant negative impact on your experience.

The game will seem slow, appear laggy, and skip frames when dealing with online screen stuttering. This might lead to a lag in player activities, which can wreak havoc on the game.

There are a variety of reasons why you could Stutter While Playing Games. Much of it is determined by the game type. If you’re playing a graphics-intensive game like Cyberpunk 2077 or Control, your GPU is almost certainly at blame. If you’re playing a simulation game like Cities: Skylines, where you need to load a lot of assets at once, your RAM might be the problem.

To repair Stuttering In Games, you may need to explore beyond your PC’s hardware constraints. Aside from your GPU or RAM, you can alter a number of software settings to resolve this issue. As a result, resolving screen stuttering is frequently a difficult task requiring multiple solutions.

Computer Stutters Every Few Seconds

The Stuttering Problem can be resolved by rolling back the Windows update, but this is not a long-term solution because Windows update also includes security updates that safeguard your system from many types of security threats.

The techniques listed below may assist you in resolving the issue without having to remove the Windows update. Before selecting which one or more of the options may apply to you, go over the list first.

BIOS Must Be Updated

If you’ve tried all of the options in this post and the problem persists, you can try updating the BIOS.

Scanning Using SFC

SFC (System File Checker) is a program that scans a computer for flaws and corruption in Windows system files. SFC also restores system files that have been corrupted. As a result, running the SFC scan may assist you in resolving the stuttering issue.

Turn Off The Wallpaper Slideshow

If you have a dual-screen configuration and are using wallpaper slideshow on both screens, turn it off and see if that helps. Some users have reported that the wallpaper slideshow was causing CPU spikes. When Windows is unable to generate the wallpaper slideshow on both screens, this can occur.

Disable Action Center And Notifications

Notifications and Action Center have been identified as the source of the problem by several users. They claim that deactivating the Notification and Action Center in Windows 10 solved their stuttering problem. You can also give this strategy a shot and see if it works for you.

Install The Most Recent Chipset Drivers

Download the latest chipset drivers from your motherboard manufacturer’s official website. After removing the existing drivers, reinstall them on your PC. Restart your computer after you’re finished.

Remove The Software That’s Creating The Issue

This issue can also be caused by a troublesome program running on your computer. Uninstalling the software may assist in this scenario. Open Task Manager and look at the CPU graph.

If the graph shows spikes, you may have installed an application that is producing them. To find out which software is producing the spikes, go to the Processes tab and click on the CPU. Remove it from your computer.

Game Stutters Every Few Seconds

Game Stutters Every Few Seconds

If your PC stutters every two seconds with audio and video problems or your game starts to slow, the display drivers are especially to blame. Installing the most recent PC graphics card drivers is the only option to solve the problem. Either manually or automatically can be done.

Windows 10 Stutters Every Few Seconds

If audio and video stutter every two seconds in a browser, update it. If this doesn’t work, disable all browser extensions, add-ons, and plugins.

Can Motherboard Cause Stutters?

It is unlikely that the stutters you are seeing are caused by your motherboard. There may be a number of causes for this, and CPU bottlenecks may be one of them. If your motherboard is physically harmed, it could be the problem.

Video Guide For Easy Quick Fix


There are numerous options for reducing or completely eliminating PC Stutters Every Few Seconds. Fixing this problem, on the other hand, is a multidimensional procedure that frequently necessitates many remedies and some detective work.

While you should always check the hardware settings and suggested game settings first, you should also manually tweak your game settings to ensure that the game plays as smoothly as possible with your current equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes my computer to lag every few seconds?

Micro stutters are brief pauses in the speech that can be quite irritating. They are most common in Windows and can be caused by a variety of factors. Hardware, software, the operating system, temperature, or something else entirely might cause micro stutters.

Why does my game stutter once in a while?

Stuttering on the screen is produced by random delays between the graphics processing unit (GPU) and the image on your screen. This is especially true when gaming, as it can have a significant negative impact on your enjoyment.

Why does my computer stutter so much?

The most common causes of computer freezing or stuttering are obsolete drivers, operating systems, browsers, or apps. These problems could also be caused by faulty hardware.
The device driver should be updated. Search for device manager in the taskbar’s search box, then select Device Manager.

Why is it that my pc keeps crashing?

It might be a faulty power supply, an overheating CPU, bad memory, or a failing hard drive. It could potentially be your motherboard in some situations, albeit this is an unusual occurrence. When it comes to hardware issues, the freezing usually starts out irregular and then becomes more often over time.

Why is my computer randomly freezing?

What is the cause of my computer’s incessant freezing? It’s usually a software issue, or your computer has too many programs running at the same time, causing it to stop. Additional problems, such as a lack of hard drive space or ‘driver’-related problems, might also cause a computer to freeze.

Is it possible for a CPU to generate stuttering?

For example, a slow CPU limits a game to 60 frames per second. That computer may run 1080p 60fps or 4k 60fps with a monster GPU like a 2080 ti. It’s difficult to figure out why a game is stuttering due to low CPU performance. Due to full core loads, threads are switched indefinitely, and the cache fails.

Can stuttering be caused by overclocking?

Sure, you’ll notice stuttering or worse if your overclock isn’t stable OR if you’re overheating and the CPU or VRMs are being throttled. Stuttering is caused by little throttling. Major thermal difficulties will result in a significant drop in FPS.

What’s the deal with my computer’s micro stuttering?

Micro stuttering is a video quality issue that shows up as unpredictable pauses between GPU frames. It has to do with frame rate (FPS), hardware or driver corruption, and visual performance.

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