One Ethernet Port Two Computers (Connection Process Guide)

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One Ethernet Port Two Computers are known as “Internet Connection Sharing”. If your first computer has two Ethernet ports but your second one only has one, you can still do this, but you will need a special cable called a “crossover Ethernet cable.”

An ethernet cable is the quickest way to link two computers together without using the internet. The two systems can share files and view and modify them once the link has been made. In this article, we’ll learn step-by-step how to use an Ethernet wire to connect two computers.

One Ethernet Port Two Computers Connection

One Ethernet Port Two Computers Connection

To connect two computers with an Ethernet cable, adhere to these steps:

  • Step 1: Verify that the Ethernet cable is supported by the two systems you’ve chosen.
  • Step 2: An external ethernet adapter is needed if one or both systems cannot support an Ethernet cable.
  • Step 3: Connect the ethernet cable with one end in the first system and the other in the second.
  • Step 4: Launch Control Panel after plugging the Ethernet connections into both PC. To open the control panel, press the start button or press Win+R, then type “control panel” and hit Enter.
  • Step 5: Select “Network and Internet” from the control panel’s menu.
  • Step 6: Then choose “Network sharing center” in step six.
  • Step 7: Choose “modify advanced sharing settings” in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Step 8: Click the “Turn on file and printer sharing” option under “File and printer sharing.”
  • Step 9: Next, select “Save Changes.”
  • Step 10: Select a folder, click on the share tab, choose the recipients, and click done to enable the two connected systems to access or update shared data.
  • Step 11: Open file explorer on the second system, choose the system sharing the file and input the password if necessary if it is password-protected.
  • Step 12: Examine or modify the shared folder’s contents.

How Does Ethernet Cable File Sharing Work Between Two MAC Computers?

There are many similarities between the following instructions and what you’ll need to accomplish on a Mac system when sharing files between two Windows 10 PCs through ethernet. On the Mac, you can modify your “sharing options” through “system preferences” instead of going to the control panel.

You must select “everyone,” toggle read/write rights and allow “sharing” in the system options. Finally, click the “+” button in the “sharing” window to add a shared folder. Open the Finder window, choose the name of the other Mac, then, if necessary, enter its password to access the shared folder on the second Mac.

Additionally, you can link a Windows and a Mac laptop using an ethernet cable using these procedures! This also works with mixed pairs of computers!

Can And Cannot Do With Ethernet-Linked Computers?

So, you’ve now physically connected your two PCs using an Ethernet wire. What are our options from here? Will they combine to form a massive, twice as powerful computer? The capabilities are nonetheless incredibly helpful while being far less spectacular in reality.

You can view and edit data/files saved on computer A with computer B and vice versa, move files to/from computer A from/to computer B, and make a copy of data or files to/from computer A from/to computer B using two computers connected by an Ethernet cable.

You can access data from both computers connected by an Ethernet wire if you have authorization. It isn’t much you can do with an ethernet connection besides sharing and moving files/data between machines.

With two computers connected via computer, there are a few things you can’t do, including sharing the internet between computers, streaming videos, music, and video games to the other computer, mirroring screens between computers, and operating the mouse or keyboard of one computer from the other computer.

One way to transmit files between devices is by connecting two computers with an Ethernet wire. The drawback is that it necessitates changing settings for it to function properly.

The cloud or an external hard drive/USB drive like this Seagate Backup Plus can make data transfer between the PCs simpler if the files you’re moving around are little or the total amount of data you wish to transmit is small (such as a few images) (on Amazon). So, if you are equipped with those tools, use them instead.

How To Connect Ethernet To Multiple Devices?

Ethernet remains the best option for those seeking the fastest and most reliable connection. However, since newer gadgets are reducing the number of available ports, connecting to an Ethernet connection isn’t always simple.

This is particularly right if many of your coworkers also try to use the local router’s few remaining ports. You can use an Ethernet switch or a splitter to get around that issue. These devices can use a single inbound Ethernet connection to provide simultaneous access to several users.

Your branched Ethernet solution may even be powered by a USB connection with the appropriate Ethernet adapter, making it ideal for portable high-speed connections on the go. On one or more devices, do you require connectivity that goes beyond Ethernet? The port choices on your devices can be greatly increased with docking stations.

Ethernet Splitters 101

With a competent Ethernet switch, you can increase your network’s connectivity possibilities whether you’re a gamer wanting to connect all your friends’ PCs at a LAN party or need more Ethernet ports in the office. It transforms an existing wired local network connection into one that more devices can use.

It should be noted that such a device does not offer Internet connectivity unless it is additionally connected to a router or modem. It does, however, enable communication between each connected system.

When wireless connectivity is not possible or desired, this is the best option for accessing network-attached printers, scanners, and other devices, as well as for playing localized games, exchanging large files quickly, and using other devices.

Consider An Ethernet Adapter

There are a ton of excellent switch alternatives available from several reputable networking firms. They almost always require some external power source, which is their one drawback. Due to the additional weight, mass, and socket needs, they are less practical for mobile workers or those moving between conference rooms who want to maintain multi-device Ethernet connectivity.

The innovative 4-Port USB Ethernet adapter from Cable Matters is a fantastic substitute for more conventional Ethernet splitters. Your possibilities for connecting to the local network are greatly increased because it allows you to divide a single Ethernet port into four others.

A USB-C version is also available for people utilizing contemporary gadgets that can only connect via USB-C. They offer full USB 3.1 bandwidth, enabling up to 1Gbps Ethernet rates for any connected device, but using separate USB ports.

Either method enables you to distribute a single Ethernet connection from a wall outlet or a direct connection to your network’s router to numerous devices across the space.

Using USB rather than wall power lessens cable clutter on the tabletop, saves transport weight, and enables the provision of network connections in locations where wall power may not be as convenient. Not to add that both the 4-in-1 and conventional Ethernet adapters give modern thin & light laptops which lack an RJ45 Port Ethernet connectivity.

Maximum Ethernet Switch Speed Without The Clutter

The major drawback of utilizing an Ethernet adapter is that you can still only use the bandwidth of the single connection from the Ethernet switch to the adapter, even at the fastest connection rates. The issue will only worsen if you use the same adapter to connect more devices.

To modify that dynamic, you would often want additional wires, requiring more cables to run through walls or floors. A more complicated setup results from having more cords, especially if you have to add more cables after the fact. However, an Ethernet cable-sharing kit offers a different option.

These ingenious gadgets transmit two Ethernet connections over a single wire. Two splitter devices are included in the sharing kit. One RJ45 cable, combined from two Ethernet connections by the splitter, is then sent to the desired location over a single wall plate connection or a coupler.

The second splitter divides the connection into two Ethernet connectors for two devices. You can quickly connect two devices (or more if using an adapter) with just one more cable.

This device’s setup is a little more difficult than utilizing a straightforward Ethernet splitter, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications are not advised. It only supports connection speeds of up to 100 Mbps, so it cannot fully utilize Gigabit or faster Ethernet networks.

However, where installing extra cables in between is not appropriate, it is the perfect solution for adding network capabilities to existing networks. It is ideal for instances where each item needs its dedicated connection, such as when a laptop and printer are used together.

Can Two Computers Share One Ethernet Cable?

An ethernet cable is the quickest way to link two computers together without using the internet. The two systems can transfer files and view and modify them once the link has been made.

How To Use One Ethernet Port For Two Computers?

  • Step 1: Verify that the Ethernet cable is supported by the two systems you’ve chosen.
  • Step 2: An external ethernet adapter is needed if one or both systems cannot support an Ethernet cable.
  • Step 3: Connect the ethernet cable, with one end in the first system and the other in the second.

How To Connect Two Computers With One Ethernet Cable?

First, see if an Ethernet cable connection between the two computers is possible. Second, an external ethernet adapter will be needed if the systems do not have built-in ethernet support. Third, connect the two computers by plugging the ethernet wire into their network ports.


The only functionality available when connecting One Ethernet Port Two Computers is the sharing and moving of files. Setting up both devices’ settings is required for this to operate, which requires some effort and expertise.

If the files are small and there aren’t many of them, these tasks can be carried out more quickly utilizing cloud sharing or a USB drive to transfer files, but for larger or many small files, this can be a wonderful computer-to-computer transfer solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ethernet cable capable of allowing Internet sharing across computers?

Fortunately, Windows 10 makes it simple to share your Internet connection. You can do this using a direct Ethernet connection or creating a hotspot on the host PC. Even the operating system on the client device need not be Windows.

Could two computers share a single Internet connection?

You may look for it by searching for “Internet Connection Sharing,” which is what this is known as. You can still do this if your first computer has two Ethernet ports and your second one has one, but you will need an additional piece of hardware called a crossover Ethernet cable.

Ethernet tethering: what is it?

Defining tethering a mobile device’s tethering feature allows you to connect other devices to it and share data and the internet with them. You can make this connection using USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet, or WiFi. USB Tethering: Using a USB cable, USB tethering allows you to share your internet connection. The only device you can connect to is that one.

Does using an Ethernet splitter reduce speed?

The splitters won’t slow down the connection if utilized in a 100Mbps network, which answers the query. However, if your router is capable of 1Gbps and you put a splitter in between, the speed will theoretically be significantly decreased to 100Mbps.

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