Nexus 5 Shut Off And Won’t Turn On | Causes + Fix

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Nexus devices have a reputation for being high-quality and well-priced. Nexus phones are known for having powerful features at a reasonable price. However, focusing on making a product more economical might often mean sacrificing the entire user experience. If you are facing Nexus 5 Shut Off And Won’t Turn On, read this post until the end!

Why Nexus 5 Shut Off And Won’t Turn On?

Let’s have a look at the most typical reasons that will render your Nexus 5 useless:

  • Faulty battery
  • Corrupted firmware data
  • Bad charger
  • Broken internal power button
  • Device overheating
  • 3rd party app conflict
  • Dirt or debris in the micro-USB charging port
  • Cache data glitch after OS update
Why Nexus 5 Shut Off And Won’t Turn On

When the Nexus 5 was released in 2013, the Android mobile market instantly embraced it as the best buy. It sold like hotcakes in the first two months after it was released, thanks to its outstanding specs and the fact that it ran on the purest version of Android. However, after a few weeks, reports began to surface that many Nexus 5 smartphones were failing after only a few days of use.

A firmware bug rendered Nexus 5 devices inoperable, not a poorly constructed motherboard or another hardware problem; the high return rate was blamed. Since then, Google has released more than three OTA updates to address software issues, but the problem remains unsolved.

Users are still reporting issues with Nexus 5 smartphones, even though they are much more stable than a few years ago. Apart from the never-ending boot loop issue, some devices appear to turn off and refuse to turn back on. Nexus 5 devices will sometimes refuse to charge in addition to not getting past the initial boot screen.

With this in mind, I’ve put up a series of tips to assist you in troubleshooting and reviving your device. Keep in mind that if the problem is due to a hardware malfunction, you’ll have no choice except to send it in for service.

How To Fix Nexus 5 Shut Off And Won’t Turn On?

Step 1: To See If The Nexus 5 Charges, Plug It In

The battery may have just died. Plugging the gadget in to charge will answer some crucial questions about the true nature of the problem. Check if the charging indicator appears on the screen once you’ve plugged it in.

If it does, our hunch that the problem is due to a depleted battery is confirmed. Allow at least an hour for the phone to charge before attempting to turn it back on. When a phone is charged, it turns on.

However, if your Nexus 5 does not charge or does not show charging symptoms, you must first troubleshoot that issue. You can’t troubleshoot power-related issues unless you know if the phone is charging or not. As I previously stated, the battery may be below, so the phone will not switch on.

Step 2: Troubleshoot Charging Problems

You must determine whether the issue stems from the charging unit or power adapter, the USB cord, or your phone. You’ve tried charging the phone with its original charger, but it won’t work, so it’s time to connect it to your computer.

The machine could not recognize your device since it would not switch on. However, the electricity generated by your computer must be sufficient to charge it gently. If it charges successfully, you’ll need to get a new charger; otherwise, look for a new USB cable and give it a try.

Even using a different charger and USB cord may be a firmware issue if the phone still won’t charge. The electric current passes via a logic board and a series of chips before reaching the battery when the phone is plugged in.

In summary, the firmware plays an important role in this process, and if it is wrong, it may hinder the phone’s capacity to charge effectively, which brings us to the third troubleshooting step.

Step 3: Boot The Device In Recovery Mode

Even if the firmware has problems, you may be able to boot into recovery mode and restore your mobile to factory settings, removing any inconsistencies that may be causing the issue. This is how you do it.

  • For 10 seconds or until the phone turns on, press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys together.
  • If the screen came on and displayed any text, the issue was certainly with the firmware.
  • To bring up the Recovery mode option, press the Volume Down button twice.
  • Press the Power key to select it.
  • To access the Android system recovery menu, hold down the Power button and hit the Volume Up key simultaneously.

You could go as far as performing a master reset on your phone. However, the objective of this troubleshooting is to see if the phone is still capable of powering on, so you should leave that operation for later, especially if your device contains vital data. If your Nexus 5 cannot boot into recovery mode, move on to the next step.

Step 4: Booting Up In Safe Mode

If you have already cleared the cache partition without success, try booting up in Safe Mode to rule out the potential of a third-party app conflict. Safe Mode will allow you to start your device with only the programs and processes that came with it.

This implies that any programs you install after that will be blocked from running. This issue has been solved in recent versions of stock Android. If you’re rooted or have obtained apps from sources other than Google Play, the instructions following are likely to solve your Nexus 5 boot looping problem.

PRO TIP: If the problem is with your computer or laptop/notebook, use Restore Repair to scan the repositories and replace any corrupt or missing files. This works in most cases where a system flaw causes the problem.

If your device gets stuck in a boot loop or shuts down in the middle of one, booting it in Safe Mode can help you figure out if an app is interfering with your system files. This is what you must do:

  1. Press and release the power button at once when your phone is turned off.
  2. Press and hold the Volume down key after you see the initial animation.
  3. Safe Mode should be enabled when your device restarts.
  4. You can tell if it’s in Safe Mode by looking at the bottom of your screen for the icon.
  5. If your device boots up (even if it couldn’t before), you’re dealing with a 3rd-party dispute.
  6. Remove any applications you installed around the time your smartphone malfunctioned. Uninstall them one by one in Settings > Apps (Applications).
  7. Restart your computer or device. It should restart in Normal Mode now. If it boots up without looping, the software conflict has been resolved.

Doing A Factory Reset With The Hardware Keys

If you’ve gotten this far with no luck, there are a few extra things you can try before taking your phone to a professional. A factory reset will fix many issues that may be preventing your device from booting up. The disadvantage is that it will erase all of your data.

All of your data, including music, photographs, apps, and contacts stored on the internal storage, will be permanently deleted. Here are the procedures to follow if you’re ready to commit to a factory reset:

  1. Make sure your gadget is switched off completely.
  2. Hold down the Volume down key while pressing and holding the power button.
  3. When your phone vibrates, release both keys.
  4. When the Android recovery menu appears, tap the Volume down key twice to bring up the Recovery Mode menu.
  5. To enter Recovery Mode, press the power button. After a few seconds, you should notice an icon with a red exclamation mark.
  6. Push and hold the power button for a few seconds, then press and release the Volume up key.
  7. Release the power button once you see the recovery menu.
  8. Using the volume keys, choose Wipe data/factory reset.
  9. To pick the option, press the power button, then use the volume keys to scroll to yes wipe all user data.
  10. To confirm, press the power button once more.
  11. Wait for the procedure to finish. Select Reboot the system now by pressing the power button when it’s finished.

Repair Your Phone

You can’t do much about a phone that won’t turn on. You’ve tried every available troubleshooting process in the hopes of reviving it but to no effect. As a result, it’s time to seek professional assistance, as it’s almost clear that the problem is hardware-related.

Nexus 5 Power Button Stuck

On N5 devices, the power button getting stuck is a documented design issue. Your smartphone will boot loop and become unresponsive if your power button gets stuck and is constantly depressed. What you can do if you determine that the power button is stuck but don’t want to take it to a specialist just yet is as follows:

  • Remove any external cases you may be wearing.
  • Roll your finger around as much as possible to dislodge the power button in all directions.
  • If it still doesn’t work, look for a firm surface. Although it may sound absurd, many customers were able to release the power button by banging it against a hard surface.
  • When you hear the power button pop out, repeatedly bang the rear of your phone against a hard surface near the power button.
  • For a few seconds, roll your thumb around it.
  • Check to see if your device exits the boot loop by pressing the power button once more.

How To Reboot Nexus 5?

  • Shut off the phone.
  • To turn on your phone, press and hold Volume Down while simultaneously hitting the Power button.
  • Recovery mode can be selected by pressing Volume Down twice.
  • To restart in Recovery mode, press the Power button.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up button while maintaining the Power button depressed.


I hope you now understand why your Nexus 5 Shut Off And Won’t Turn On. As a result, you can contact us and share your entire viewpoint. So that we can assist you if you have any further questions, please leave a remark in the space below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Without the power button, how do I restart my Nexus 5?

Hold down the “volume down” button to boot without a power button. And connect your phone to a power supply. It will immediately enter fast boot mode.

What is the best way to restart my Nexus 5?

Turn the gadget off. Pressing and holding the Volume down button while simultaneously pressing and holding the Power button until the phone turns on. When it does, let go of both keys.

Why won’t my Nexus turn on?

Hold the power button for 31 seconds while the device is hooked to a power outlet to perform a soft reset. After that, the device should restart and display a battery icon to indicate that it is charging. Before turning it on again, let it charge for at least an hour.

What do you do when your phone doesn’t power on?

Allow at least 28 minutes for your phone to charge. For a few seconds, press and hold the power button. Tap Restart on your phone’s screen or hold and press the power button for around 30 seconds until it restarts.

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