Nextbook Tablet Keeps Shutting Off (Cause+Solution)

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Tablets are widely available due to the wide variety of uses that can be found for these wonderful gadgets. How do you know why Nextbook Tablet Keeps Shutting Off? However, there are some tablets that do have a few drawbacks, no matter how wonderful they are. When the tablet suddenly shuts down, this can be a problem.

Nextbook Tablet Keeps Shutting Off

A malicious app could bring the issue on the smartphone, a virus, or other malware. To test whether the tablet would stay on, I would try starting it in “Safe Mode.” Granted, access will be restricted while in that mode, but if it persists, you will be aware that something on the tablet needs to be removed.

Perhaps you’re running an app or game that your tablet can’t handle or is incompatible with, causing it to shut down frequently. In order to resolve this issue, you may have to remove your tablet’s case or perform a firmware update. Alternatively, you can reboot your tablet to solve the problem.

Nextbook Tablet

There are a variety of hardware & software faults that can cause a tablet to continually shut off. However, these problems can be addressed and aren’t actually critical enough to warrant a lot of concern. Indeed, that is the topic of discussion today.

What’s Wrong With My Nextbook Tablet?

If the battery is deteriorating, it may appear to have a far higher capacity than it actually has. If the tablet is shutting down because of overheating, a faulty app, or another app using up resources, there are a few other possibilities: the tablet itself may malfunction.

This could be due to several factors, the first of which being that the battery is not keeping a charge for an extended period of time. You may need to buy a new battery if this is the case. Another option is that the device is malfunctioning and shutting off unexpectedly because of a problem with the hardware or software.

The Tablet Keeps Shutting Down, So How Can I Fix It?

You’ve learned about some of the causes why your tablet may suddenly shut down, so here are a few repairs that may help you get your tablet back up and running.

Remove the case first. Even though your tablet is capable enough to support a wide range of tasks and applications, the case may be a part of the excessive heat it generates because it prevents the tablet from cooling off effectively. As a result, you may want to experiment with removing or replacing the case to see if it helps.

To prevent the tablet from overheating, close any apps and processes that you aren’t using. Tablets offer several ways of shutting down open programs and processes, depending on the model you’re using. Keeping your tablet cool can be a lot easier if you just close the ports.

The tablet’s firmware should be updated. When you update your tablet’s firmware, it may be possible to run apps and games that were previously incompatible. In some cases, firmware updates might help the tablet work more effectively and avoid overheating by optimizing how it uses its components.

If it’s a software issue, you may want to reset the tablet to factory settings to remove any apps or programs that may be causing the problem. Prevent data loss by making a backup of your files and data before doing the actual restore to the tablet’s factory settings.

For hardware-related concerns, such as a bad battery, take your tablet to the manufacturer’s repair facility. When it comes to improving the performance of your tablet, a simple hardware adjustment or replacement can go a long way.

How To Stop A Nextbook From Shutting Down?

Check the battery of your Nextbook first if it keeps shutting down. An unreliable app can cause this on your smartphone or a virus.


To put it simply, if Nextbook Tablet Keeps Shutting Off, what is the reason for it? In order to get to the bottom of this, we’ve compiled a list of possible causes. In the first place, it’s possible your tablet is overheating.

There are several reasons for this, but one of the most common is the overuse of your tablet. Your tablet’s battery will be depleted faster, and the CPU will have to work harder than it ought to be because of the multiple programs running in the background.

Since your tablet’s processor is working overtime when you have a lot of processes running, it can end up overheating. As a failsafe measure, this will cause it to shut down in order to prevent it from overheating and causing further damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it keep going off for no apparent reason?

An improperly fitted battery is the most prevalent cause of an automated phone shutoff. The size or space of a battery might shrink or grow over time due to normal usage. When you shake or shock your phone, the battery gets a little loose and disconnects from the phone’s connectors.

Can you tell me what is wrong with my Samsung tablet?

If you drop your tablet from a high altitude or even just a few inches, you may end up with a broken system or a broken screen. One or more incompatible applications may have been installed, causing the screen to go black and the apps to keep crashing. The battery in your Samsung phone could be dead, which would explain the black screen.

What’s up with my Lenovo tablet randomly shutting down?

Check to see if the cache partition has been deleted and see if it works. In safe mode, see if the tablet functions properly. The problem is caused by a downloaded app if it operates in safe mode.

What’s up with my phone randomly switching off and on?

Typically, Android phones are built to restart after 8-10 seconds of keeping the power button down. Your device may restart repeatedly or shut off automatically if the power button is faulty. If you have a phone case, take it off for a few minutes to help clear things up.

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