Mybook Vs Mycloud Comparison | Which One Is Better?

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Which is more reliable: Mybook Vs Mycloud? MyBook live is a USB disk with various advanced functions, including sharing content over the network. In contrast, MyCloud is a small networked computer with a big disk that shares its disk on your network (you cannot connect this disk to a computer using a USB).

Comparison Between Mybook Vs Mycloud

Mybook Vs Mycloud


A simple-to-use personal cloud storage device called My CloudTM Home connects directly to your Wi-Fi® router at home so you can store all of your digital content in one location.

It’s a straightforward centralized solution instead of a NAS for storing all of your information, images, and movies in one location. You can upload, access, and share your content with the My Cloud Home app from any location with an internet connection.

Everything Has To Be Stored In One Location

When backing up your data, keep it all in one location and save it to external drives, USBs, mobile devices, PCs, and cloud accounts.

Create A Regular Backup Of Your Files

Back up your devices wirelessly. Time Machine, Windows Backup, and the camera roll on your phone are all effortlessly integrated into the My CloudTM Home.

Organize And Make Things Simple To Find

Create photo albums or folders by searching by date, time, or keyword to find your favorite memories quickly.

Universal Access

You may remotely view every file on your My CloudTM Home from any location with an internet connection.

Share And Work Together

To create folders and albums together, invite your family and friends. Share documents, videos, images, and more. Perfect for travel, work, and academic pursuits.

Private, Individual Areas For Each User

Each person you add to your device can create a personal area only they can access. They are completely responsible for organizing, using, and distributing their files.


The Western Digital My Book is an external drive, not a portable one like most of the drives we’ve examined. Although you could transport it, its greater size, dedicated power source, and increased storage capacity suggest that it is an external drive that belongs on your desktop.

In reality, a My Book is a hard drive container with a drive inside. A Western Digital Red hard drive, with a 5,400 rpm spin speed, is located within and serves as an archival option. Western Digital Blue and Western Digital Black drives, which reach their maximum capacity far earlier than their network-attached storage equivalents, also have substantially smaller storage capacities than Red drives.

However, it’s not a straightforward conversion. Online complaints over the enclosure’s inclusion of various types have been reported, with some mentioning HGST drives in particular. However, we know that the My Book 6TB model we tested included a Red drive.

My Book setup is simple, especially now that Windows and macOS are prepared to accept the disk. Two installers are preloaded on the drive. Your computer will immediately display your available storage space after connecting the power cord and USB type A to USB mini type B from the drive.

They are the Western Digital Discovery installers for Windows and Mac. The drivers are preloaded on Windows, so you don’t need to run the installer, but if you’re interested in Western Digital’s utilities, we advise doing so.

Western Digital’s My Book drives are the flagship product, and it’s obvious. In addition to the single drive options of 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, and 10TB, you may buy dual-drive combinations with storage capacities between 12TB and 20TB.

We timed the transfer of a 2.3GB test folder containing videos, music, and documents to test speed further. Our My Book transferred data at an average speed of 17.8 seconds, or 130 megabytes per second, with no variation.

The next step was error checking, and we began with CrystalDiskInfo. Although the tool wasn’t designed for error checking, we may use it to check for serious issues like overheating before performing our expanded error check. Our My Book, thankfully, was uncluttered.

It took us 24 hours to complete our extended error checking, which involved running the Windows “chkdsk” tool and scanning the drive for faults. Even though running the test on the 6TB drive was difficult, no faults were discovered.

Is WD My Book Still Supported?

Western Digital doesn’t sell or support this family of products anymore, but we know that some of our customers have been hurt, and we want to help. If you lose data because of these attacks, we will start to help you get it back in July.

Does WD My Book Have Cloud Storage?

My Book desktop storage keeps your files secure with features like social media and cloud storage import, password protection, and seamless integration with WD Backup or Time Machine1.

Can I Connect WD My Book To WD My Cloud?

Yes. The My Cloud will establish a new Share containing the entire contents of the USB drive when a USB hard drive is attached to the USB port on the device.

Final Summary

The My Book line of portable hard drives is impressive despite its affordable pricing. They have a lot of features, are quick, and have a long guarantee. However, in exchange for those benefits, you have to give up the portability of a portable hard drive, which might be a deal-breaker.

However, a My Book drive is difficult to beat if you’re looking for a desktop option that will provide you with affordable access to seemingly limitless storage. Hopefully, you learned about Mybook Vs Mycloud and which is more reliable.

Do you intend to purchase a My Book drive? If not, what direction are you taking? Please share your thoughts in the section below, and as always, thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WD My Book compatible with My Cloud?

Can I connect a MyBook to MyCloud via the USB port? (4TB and up). Yes. The My Cloud will establish a new Share containing the full contents of the USB drive when a USB hard drive is connected to the USB port on the device.

Has WD My Cloud been dismissed?

Remote access, security upgrades, and technical support for My Cloud OS 3 will stop working on January 15, 2022. On April 15, 2022, Western Digital intends to discontinue all support for devices using My Cloud OS versions before 3.

WD My Cloud: Is it worth it?

The WD My Cloud is one of the finest deals for home users because of its excellent performance and feature set for a low-cost entry-level network storage device.

Has WD Mybook Live been discontinued?

Western Digital no longer sells or supports this product family. However, we know that some of our customers have been negatively impacted, and we want to help. If you have lost data due to these assaults, we will offer data recovery services starting in July.

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