Lower Part Of The Touch Screen Not Working (Causes + Fix)

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When your mobile device is in use, charging, in a carrying bag, or in your pocket, you may be facing the Lower Part Of The Touch Screen Not Working. With great care, it’s constantly administered. The cause for this is that your touch screen is a crucial aspect of your mobile device, and you can’t afford to deal with the middle portion of your touch screen not working.

Besides the high repair costs, it prevents you from using your device’s functions. Occasionally, it will not respond to any of your taps and become partially or entirely unresponsive. I can sense how irate and enraged you are. You are not alone in your feelings.

With all the precautions, you could be under the impression that nothing could go wrong. However, things could be different. How many times have you tapped your phone’s touch screen when you answer social media messages? Or when you’re using the restroom and listening to pop or another sort of music?

Lower Part Of The Touch Screen Not Working

A water accident is yet another scenario where you can encounter a defective center touch screen. Sometimes you spend most of your time at home using your smartphones. You can unintentionally dive into a pool while working in the kitchen or taking a bath in the bathroom, even with a phone in your pocket.

Your smartphone cannot be used or operated without a third-party provider’s external accessories like the screen protector, earpiece, and USB charger. Not all of these attachments are suggested for your smartphone. If you use an improper external extension with the smartphone, your center touch screen could stop functioning.

Lower Part Of The Touch Screen

How To Fix Lower Part Of The Touch Screen Not Working?

You can find out how to fix a lower area of the touch screen that isn’t working in just a few minutes. How can I fix the touch screen’s lower portion that isn’t working? Your device’s touch screen is most frequently utilized in the middle of the screen.

Even though other elements of your device’s touch screen are essential for many other functions, you may not necessarily need to fix them right away. The central portion of your touch screen, on the other hand, will require some knowledge on your part. You may fix the touch screen’s center section by following these nine simple steps.

Examine The Screen For Any Cracks Or Breaks

You need to analyze the touch screen to see if a sharp crack or area prevents your middle touch from operating. A simple metal piercing or attachment to the touch screen can have a detrimental effect. A bit of dust or a drop of color may look like the damaged middle section to you, but it’s a sign that something has gone wrong.

Among the tips I can provide you is to look for damage on both sides and angles of the center section. If your vision is poor, you may benefit from the use of a magnifying glass. Furthermore, if you’re in a dimly lit area, you’ll need to utilize bright lights to look for scratches. Repairing a minor blemish on the screen may be necessary.

If It’s A Water Accident, Dry With A Clean Cloth

Another possible cause of a malfunctioning center touch screen is water damage. You may find yourself spending most of your time on your devices at home when you’re cooking in the kitchen and taking a bath in the bathroom, perhaps. It’s possible to dive into a pool without realizing that your phone is in your pocket.

A water resistor is a common feature in a wide range of smartphones. However, if you have a smartphone without a water resistor, you’ll need to take extra precautions to see if your center touch screen has been impacted by water.

The back of the battery is where most Androids’ water damage signs may be found. It is possible to dry your phone’s battery using a clean cloth or other clothing if your mobile has a removable battery. However, most modern Android smartphones come equipped with a built-in battery.

If you have a battery-powered device, look for a change in the color of the Sim card slot. A cloth and at least two days of drying time will take care of any residue. To avoid a break in the battery connection, make sure the gadget isn’t turned on during this process.

Unmount SD Card

Do you know that a faulty SD card might cause problems with your device’s touch screen, including the middle of the screen or the entire touch screen? It’s possible, yes. It doesn’t matter if your SD card provides an alternative to your phone’s internal storage that allows you to manually save data such as photographs, videos, and documents.

When your SD Card freezes or becomes corrupt, the central portion of your touch screen, which is likely to be your device’s most often used component, may stop working. When you wish to shut down your phone, you don’t have to tap the middle of your touchscreen to unmount your SD card. Remove the SD card by pressing the airplane mode button at the top of the screen.

Withdraw Other External Attachments

You’ll need third-party accessories such as a screen protector, earphone, and USB charger to utilize your smartphone. Using every one of these attachments at once is strictly prohibited. If you use an improper external attachment with the device, your center touch screen may cease operating. If your device’s middle touch screen isn’t responding, try removing the external attachment first before trying any other solutions.

Apps That Were Recently Installed Should Be Double-Checked

The number of malicious Android apps is on the rise. A few Android apps can pose a risk to your smartphone if they aren’t thoroughly vetted before being loaded. An insecure software loaded on your touch screen can cause problems and malfunctions in the center of the screen.

Enabling Google Play Protect in the Google Play Store on your smartphone is better to avoid and cross-check fraudulent apps. With a waiver for apps that were not downloaded from the Play Store, Google Play Protect can scan numerous apps installed on your device in one day. When your touch screen only responds partially in the middle. Investigate any latencies you’ve experienced after installing a new app.

Restart Your Device

It is possible to restart your device without removing your battery or turn on/off your device immediately for an inbuilt battery, allowing your device to start over. If the problem persists after removing current harmful apps, you should restart your smartphone.

The restart symbol may usually be found in most Android smartphones’ middle of the screen. However, this can be done by simply pressing the power and volume buttons. Every app that has caused a freeze on your touch screen will be restarted when you do this.

Enable Safe Mode

Using the safe mode option is a technique to remove your middle touch screen from the list of things that aren’t working correctly. The approach you use to restart your device can also accomplish this. These simple procedures will allow you to put your device into safe mode.

  • Press the power button.
  • Hold down the control button for several seconds to turn off the computer.
  • Reboot to the Safe Mode button
  • To be sure, say ‘Ok.”

Factory Reset

The best solution you can provide for Android users is to Factory Reset your smartphone if the problem persists. When you perform a factory reset on your smartphone, you will lose all of your data. You will lose all of your data.

The settings are restored to their pre-failure condition. It’s possible that your center touch screen won’t operate at all. Locate a reputable repair shop or official service center and seek assistance. The data on your phone will also be wiped if you reset it.

Top Part Of The Touch Screen Not Working

Utilize a lint-free cloth to clean the screen. Restart the computer. Take off your screen protector or case. Make sure you don’t have any gloves on, and that your hands are clean and dry.

Why Is The Bottom Half Of My iPhone Screen Not Working?

  • Your iPhone may have suffered physical damage from a drop, making the bottom screen or digitizer unresponsive.
  • The bottom half might not have worked because of the impact, which may have led to a communication error between the hardware and software.
  • A problematic app may also cause the malfunctioning of the iPhone’s bottom half.
  • The leading cause of this problem may be a flawed or incomplete software upgrade.
  • Additionally, a poor-quality screen protector can make the screen only partially responsive or completely unresponsive.
  • Although it’s doubtful, there’s a possibility that your iPhone has Touch Disease!


However, removing the screen protector and wiping the screen with a soft, slightly moist, lint-free cloth can alleviate most Android phone touchscreen issues like Lower Part Of The Touch Screen Not Working.

You can also use any of the other ways mentioned in this blog if they work. Android Data Recovery Software should be used to recover data from an Android device whose touch screen has stopped working or has become unresponsive. Alternatively, you may lose crucial and valuable data from your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix a touch screen that isn’t responding?

For this complex problem, a simple reboot may seem like a last resort. However, it’s often the most effective method for repairing an Android phone’s touch screen. Any background services that may have crashed and resulted in your problem can be restored after restarting your phone.

How to fix I can’t touch a portion of my screen that is unclear?

Wait a few seconds before turning the gadget back on. There may be software issues leading the touchscreen to malfunction throughout this procedure. If feasible, remove the device’s battery, wait ten seconds, and then reinstall it if the touchscreen still doesn’t function.

What is it that Ghost has his hands on?

On Android, what does the term “Ghost Touch” mean? When you charge your phone, you’ve probably had the experience yourself. In this case, your phone takes control of itself and responds to some of your actions even though you aren’t touching it. It could be a random touch, a section of the screen, or some elements of the screen freeze.

Is Damage to a touch screen by water possible?

The phone’s screen is sensitive and must be handled carefully. Your phone’s entire screen will be impacted if your phone’s touchscreen is broken by water. The only way to get your touchscreen working again is to replace the screen.

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