LG TV Red Light Blinks Three Times | Causes + Solution

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Lg users often found a problem such as LG TV Red Light Blinks Three Times and shuts down when they buy a new TV. We have provided a few solutions for you if you are a victim of such a problem. Typically, this signifies either faulty power (the board, transformer, or caps) or another component, such as the backlight, which frequently fails in such a way that it tries to pull a lot more power than the power rail can provide.

LG TV Red Light Blinks Three Times

Your LG TV flashes three times before turning off because of an electrical problem with the power board.

Lg TV red light blinks

How To Fix LG TV Red Light Blinks Three Times?

Following are different solutions that might support you to resolve your problem:

Solution 1 For LG TV Blinking

LG recommends unplugging the TV for 6 hours (to allow the internal caps to drain) before plugging it back in and turning it on. This resets something on the power board, which could have been the source of the issue.

Aside from that, it’s a hardware issue. I’m not sure whether your warranty is still valid – if it was a one-year or three-year, but if you paid using a credit card, many of them offer a two-year extended warranty on purchases.

Solution 2 For LG TV Flashing Red Light Won’t Turn On

You have the 3.5V on standby, right? Fuse F2 should be checked for continuity, and the voltages to the right side of the transformer should be visible. You could measure the bottom of the board to determine if those are present. There appears to be at least one diode as well as a power transistor in the area where the clicking occurs.

You could double-check those components. For the time being, if everything checks out and your board does not have the 13.2 Voltage, it is likely that the power board is defective (Apart from faulty capacitors). Do you know Spectrum Forwarding? If you don’t know anything about this then will all the information regarding this topic from Technologi Touch.

Solution 3 For LG TV Red Light Blinking

Look for any bulging or leaking capacitors coming from the top vent. An ESR meter can be used to confirm a failure in the caps, but it isn’t required if you don’t have one.

WARNING: Make sure all caps are discharged before tinkering with them!!

Solution 4 For LG TV Red Light Blinks 3 Times

One LG user encountered this problem and he suggested the solution:

“Most of the caps were changed, but not the little ones. Wasn’t that the case? It was working after I replaced the strips, wasn’t it? I have MOSFETs out and components here, but I had to remove the repair station from the dining room table while relatives came to visit. I haven’t had the opportunity to taste them yet. They’re the small components beneath the heat sinks. To be honest, I don’t think it’ll be them.

Anyone who wants to “experiment” with this television should just buy one of the inexpensive ESR meters. I grabbed an MK-328 LCR ESR tester. It cost about $25 and took a few weeks to arrive from China. You can use it to examine the caps without de-soldering them after they’ve been discharged. Caps are inexpensive, but when you factor in shipping, this hit-or-miss item becomes prohibitively expensive.

To be honest, I wish, I had just bought another one—I’ve already spent half of the initial amount, with more to follow. It’s just a matter of time before I lose hope. But now that I have the tester, which can test the items on the board, I’m hoping to come across a bad part when I get back to it! Good luck to me. I’m overdue for some”.

How Do I Reset My LG TV If It Won’t Turn On?

You must reset your LG TV if it doesn’t turn on. Wait 60 full seconds after unplugging your TV. Press and hold the power button for 29 seconds with the TV unplugged. Reconnect your LG TV’s power after the 60 seconds have passed, and it should function.

How Do I Reset My LG TV If It Won't Turn On

Why Is My LG TV Flashing Red And Not Turning On?

The red LED flashes and your LG TV won’t switch on, which may indicate a processor or software issue. When your TV doesn’t turn on, your first instinct should be to perform an electrical reset to fix any potential issues.

What Does It Mean When The Red Light Blinks On An LG TV?

Indeed, a malfunctioning internal component is frequently indicated by flashing red lights; most often, capacitors are to blame (see next part of this article). Then it will be required to warm them up so they can continue playing their role while losing their value.


So, any of the above solutions can help you to fix your LG TV Red Light Blinks Three Times or LG TV Won’t Turn On Red Light Blinks 3 Times. We tried our best to assist you to get rid of this difficulty. Feel free to contact us if you are facing any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my LG TV keep flashing red and refusing to switch on?

The capacitors on the television’s primary power board are most likely old and broken. You’ll have to disassemble the television and inspect all of the capacitors. If you see a capacitor with a domed top instead of a flat top, you’ll need to replace it with a capacitor of the same voltage and farad rating.

Why is the light on my LG TV blinking?

Incorrect image menu settings or external attached devices to the TV are the most common causes of video flickering. The video flickering could be caused by a setting in the Picture menu, Proceed to the TV Picture Test if the problem persists or if the Energy Saving is already turned off.

If my LG TV won’t power on, how can I fix it?

Try unplugging the cord, waiting 10 seconds before plugging it back in. If the status LED on the TV is lit, try turning it on with the power switch on the device rather than the remote. It’s possible that the remote control isn’t working if the TV turns on with the Power button.

Why is my smart TV’s red light flashing?

When a Red LED blinks and the TV isn’t working properly, it signifies the TV has discovered a problem or issue. The majority of Red LED blinking issues necessitates service. NOTE: If the Red LED on the front of the TV blinks 8 times and then repeats, a special reset method is required for specific models.

Why is my TV not turning on, although the red light is blinking?

Constant blinking (no pattern) indicates a power management system malfunction. If the power supply is good, unplug the main board from the power supply board, plug in the power supply board, and you should see some lights in the screw holes.

Why my TV is not turning on, yet the red light is on?

Try unplugging the television from the wall outlet. Hold the power button on the TV for roughly 30 seconds while it’s unplugged. Once the timer has expired, release the button and reconnect it to the power source.

What should I do about my LG TV’s flashing light?

If your wire isn’t working properly, try a new cable (typically HDMI) (or try the same cable on a different device and see if the problem persists). Check the video output settings on the gadget that’s giving you trouble. The image may flicker if the resolution or refresh rate is configured incorrectly.

Why isn’t my LG TV displaying a picture?

Check for a secure connection and retry: Unplug the external component for 30 seconds (if feasible). Remove the HDMI cable from the TV and place it in a different port. Reconnect the device and switch the TV to the new input to determine if the problem has been fixed.

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