LG Nexus 5 Recovery Mode Not Working | Causes + Solution

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Once upon a time, Nexus smartphones were the most popular devices. These were mostly cell phones with a Google Android operating system close to stock. The LG Nexus 5 has attracted millions of users all around the world. Do you know why LG Nexus 5 Recovery Mode Not Working?

It’s been almost five years since it was rendered for the first time, and you’re probably yearning for a new appearance. Of course, you may customize your phone in various ways by using different modes. If your LG Nexus 5 Recovery Mode Not Working, I’ll show you how to boot your LG Nexus 5 into recovery mode using various techniques.

LG Nexus 5 Recovery Mode Not Working

The most typical approaches are those like this. It also makes use of actual buttons. To enter the recovery mode, there is a specific way the user must push the buttons. This strategy is effective while your physical buttons are all functioning correctly. You can’t use this method if any of these buttons are inoperative. This is when you require alternative techniques to enter this mode.

If all buttons are functioning correctly, simply follow the steps listed below to start the Nexus 5 in recovery mode the conventional way:

  • Use the power button to switch off your phone.
  • Press and simultaneously hold the Volume Up, Down, and Power buttons.
  • When the Fastboot/Bootloader menu shows after turning on your phone, release these buttons.
  • Now, navigate to “Recovery Mode” using the Volume buttons.
  • Then, to access this mode, hit the “Power” button.

You are in recovery mode right now.

Why LG Nexus 5 Recovery Mode Not Working

The recovery model should be useful to you whether you want to install a custom ROM or try other approaches to improve overall performance. Different modes on Android smartphones assist users in completing particular tasks. Users could do maintenance and updates in recovery mode the same way they could.

Custom ROMs, mods, resets, firmware backups, and other options. This useful model comes standard on all Android phones, and using it won’t harm your phone. Every smartphone manufacturer includes this feature. You can utilize this mode to keep your mobile performance and stability.

The recovery mode on the LG Nexus 5 smartphone is crucial, and you should learn how to enter it. Throughout this article, we’ll look at various strategies for entering mode whenever you want. Depending on the situation and available resources, you can use one of these strategies.

As a result, you have various options for getting into this state and doing a certain action. The majority of users know one method for entering this mode which involves pressing physical buttons. What if these buttons are damaged, and you still need to access this mode?

Different ways can be used for this goal. As a result, you should continue reading this article to learn about the various techniques for accessing the recovery mode on your Nexus 5 smartphone. You may easily conduct activities such as flashing updates, ROMs, performing a hard reset, and much more after you’ve entered this mode.

This mode is most typically used to flash modified firmware and upgrades. However, it is advised that you flash the TWRP recovery (custom recovery image) on your phone. This will broaden the possibilities of the model and make it more helpful.

It’s important to know that entering and using recovery mode will not void your phone’s warranty. You should not, however, employ this setting inadvertently. This mode contains powerful tools that can instantly delete your phone with no way to undo it.

As a result, you must study everything to know about this mode and do some specialized tasks wisely. We trust that you now have sufficient knowledge of this style, its benefits, and its drawbacks. So, let’s get started learning how to boot LG Nexus 5 into Recovery mode.

How To Enter Recovery Mode On LG Nexus 5?

I’ll go over two different ways to use this smartphone. Depending on your scenario and available resources, you could use one of these strategies. The first way is the most popular, but the other two are useful in certain situations. These methods to access this mode are the same whether you’re on a stock or custom recovery.

Method 1: Using The Physical Buttons

This is the most widely utilized technique. The use of physical buttons is included. There is a specific order in which the user must push the buttons to enter recovery mode. This process works until all of your physical buttons are working properly. If any of these buttons aren’t working, you won’t be able to use this approach.

This is when you’ll need to use another approach to go into this mode. If all of the buttons on your Nexus 5 are working properly, follow the steps below to enter recovery mode via the traditional method:

  1. Using the power button, turn off your phone.
  2. Now press and hold the Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons all at once.
  3. Once your phone is powered on, and the Fastboot/Bootloader menu opens, release these buttons.
  4. Now, navigate to ‘Recovery Mode’ using the Volume buttons.
  5. Then, to enter this mode, hit the ‘Power’ button.

You’ve switched to Recovery mode.

How To Exit From This Mode?

The first option, the Reboot system now, will help you exit this mode. The next option, applying updates from the SD card, is useful for manually flashing updates or installing custom ROMs. If you discover that an update has been put out but will take some time to reach your phone, you can manually flash it with this option.

The ADB apply update performs the same thing, but it is only available to experienced users. It remains undisturbed the entire time for ordinary users like us. The Wipe data/factory reset, which follows, is crucial in several ways. Use this option if you ever need to reset your phone hard.

This will delete all third-party programs, games, downloads, and other data from the internal memory and the cache memory. The final option, wiping the cache partition, is for fine-tuning performance and stability. When you do this operation, it clears up all of the cache memory that has been accumulated by programs and is causing issues.

Remember that emptying the cache will not delete your phone’s apps or other files. This is how you can use the Recovery mode on your phone to complete these tasks. Now it’s time to move on to other approaches.

Method 2: Use The Quick Reboot Application

Such tasks become straightforward for root users. Numerous root programs enhance the user’s experience, productivity, and utility. If you have already rooted your cellphone, you can use a program called Quick Reboot.

This program makes it simple to switch between modes. It allows users to access the recovery mode, but it also provides access to other modes like Safe Mode, Fastboot, and Bootloader. With no effort, you may move between these different modes.

When you first launch this application on your phone, it displays a choice of modes that you can choose. Most significantly, this software is free to download from the Google Play store. It makes switching between modes on Android phones easier.

How Do I Fix My Nexus 5 It Won’t Turn On?

Press and quickly let go of the power button while your phone is off. After the opening animation, hold down the Volume Down key while pressing the key. Safe Mode should start up when your device restarts.

How Do I Turn My Nexus 5 On?

With your phone switched off, push the power button and release it instantly. Press and hold the Volume down key once the opening animation has finished playing—the device rebooting into Safe Mode.


There are several methods for putting the LG Nexus 5 into recovery mode. You must apply these strategies exactly based on the resources and circumstances available to you to solve the LG Nexus 5 Recovery Mode Not Working. Install updates, flash custom ROMs, reset your phone, and clean cache using this mode.

Users of the Nexus 5 should find this tutorial useful. Please express your ideas and opinions in the section below if you agree. I would love to hear your feedback so we can improve our tutorials. Keep in touch with us for more valuable content and apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Recovery Mode refuse to accept any commands?

The “no command” error on Android frequently appears when you try to reach recovery mode or install a new software update. Your phone is usually merely waiting for a command to open recovery options.

Why won’t my Nexus turn on?

Hold the power button for 29 seconds while the device is hooked to a power outlet to perform a soft reset. After that, the device should restart and display a battery icon to indicate that it is charging. Before turning it on again, let it charge for at least an hour.

What’s the best way to get out of recovery mode?

Restart your phone by pressing the power button. Almost all Android phones offer a feature that allows you to turn your phone off and then back on. This method of forcing your phone to reboot can assist you in exiting recovery mode.

How can I exit recovery mode on my Android without using the volume buttons?

Connect your Android to your computer. Open a command prompt on your computer and enable ADB debugging. Enter “ADB devices” without quotation marks, followed by “ADB reboot recovery.” These commands enter recovery mode on your Android.

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