Keyboard Typing Random Letters (Causes + Solution)

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Do you have a Windows machine that is acting strangely? Is your Keyboard Typing Random Letters. When you’re typing anything and something else appears on the screen, what do you do?

Then some nasty dark spirits have taken control of your systems. Surprisingly, I’m not serious! Your Windows PC is simply having trouble selecting the appropriate language input. This error could be caused by either an unintentional change in settings or by third-party software.

Keyboard Typing Random Letters

In addition, choose Keyboard under Settings > Ease of Access. Ensure that Use Sticky Keys is disabled. Whether feasible, try connecting an external keyboard or see if the faulty keyboard works with other devices.

Keyboard Random Letters

Without a certainty, there is no spirit to blame for your Keyboard Suddenly Entering Incorrect Characters. On the plus side, we offer a tutorial to help you resolve this common Windows issue. All you have to do now is follow the procedures and you’ll be able to resolve the problem. Below are some of the most prevalent issues that users have experienced:

  • Without your intervention, Do you have a Windows machine that is acting strangely? Is your Keyboard Typing Random Letters? When you’re typing anything and something else appears on the screen. in Windows 10 to repair this, simply run the keyboard troubleshooter, and the issue should be fixed.
  • Windows 10 keyboard duplicate typing your keypad can sometimes duplicate letters. If this occurs, make sure to update or reinstall your drivers.
  • Computer keyboard typing alone or typing a slash (/) this issue can be caused by hardware faults, but you may be capable to avoid it by using a USB keyboard.
  • Keyboard typing abruptly this issue can arise for a variety of causes, but one of our remedies should be sufficient to resolve the issue.

How Do I Fix My Windows 10 Keyboard Typing Random Letters?

Based on user reports, users have experienced keyboard glitches such as random characters typing instantly, typing without pressing any keys, or typing a particular letter repeatedly. These problems can arise for a variety of causes. Follow the steps below to get some suggestions for resolving this problem.

Note: Before attempting any of the methods listed here, check to see whether the keycaps have been damaged or if certain keys have been mistakenly pressed due to dust layers.

Solution 1: Unplug The Keyboard And Re-Plug It

Sometimes a simple plug-out & plug-in procedure is enough to remedy a problem. It’s one of the simplest solutions, and you should give it a shot. Remove the keypad from your PC, inspect the connecting cable or USB port for damage, and then reconnect the keyboard to see whether this method fixes the keyboard pushing keys on its own.

Solution 2: Use A Different Computer To Connect The Keyboard Too

You have no plan what to do because your keyboard is writing without tapping any keys. You should check to see if any of the keys are stuck. Remove the key if you discover one and check to see if the problem has been solved. If the issue has been resolved, carefully re-insert the key into your keyboard and see if the problem reappears.

If the problem continues, disconnect the keypad from your pc and connect it to another computer. If the keyboard functions normally, the problem could be caused by a mic configuration in your computer’s settings. If you’re using a computer, you must take it to a repair shop to figure out what’s causing the problem.

Solution 3: Run The Keyboard Troubleshooter

If the problem persists try running the keyboard troubleshooter; Troubleshooting your device allows you to automatically find and correct faults. Follow the instructions below to run the keypad troubleshooter: Choose the Upgrade and Security item from the Configuration window by pressing Win + I on the keyboard.

Update And Security

Select the Keypad option from the Troubleshoot menu on the left side. When you press the Run the Technician button, your computer will begin scanning for problems with the attached keyboard.

Keyboard Troubleshoot

If a problem is detected, Windows will immediately correct it. Proceed to the next option if your keyboard continues to type and the problem has not been remedied.

Solution 4: Reinstall The Keypad Driver

According to user accounts, the keyboard issue can occasionally be caused by an old or defective keyboard driver. After updating your driver, your keyboard may not appear to type random words on Windows 10. As a result, you’ll need to look for any pending keyboard driver upgrades. Check on how to install the driver utilizing Device Manager to learn more about driver updates and procedures.

Solution 5: Update Windows

If your Windows hardware is out of the current, your keyboard may start typing weird letters on Windows 10. In most cases, Windows will immediately install any available updates. You can also simply check for outstanding Windows updates by following the instructions below.

  • To launch the Settings window, click Win + I on ones keyboard.
  • Choose Update and Security from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Check for Updates to see if any pending updates for your Windows edition are available.

Windows Update

Any available update will be immediately downloaded in the meantime if Windows recognizes it. The upgrades will be loaded on your pc after you restart it. If updating Windows doesn’t work, move on to the next step.

Solution 6: Verify If Sticky Keys Are Activated

When the Sticky Keys function is enabled, it can sometimes cause keyboard typing troubles. To rule out the possibility that the problem was caused by the Sticky Keys feature, turn it off. Following these procedures will enable you to eliminate the sticky key function in Windows 10:

  • Choose Ease of Access from the Configuration window by pressing Win + I on your keyboard.
  • From the left panel, select the Keyboard option.
  • Look for the Sticky Key function and turn it off by clicking the toggle button.

Disable Sticky Key

Allow the alternative key to initiate Sticky Keys should be unchecked. Scroll down to the Make it easier to type’ area and disable all options. Disable make it easier to type option to save the changes, click Apply and OK. The keyboard issue should be resolved after removing the Sticky Keys function.

Solution 7: Use An External Keyboard With Your Laptop

One of your keyboard’s keys may be broken or damaged if you have a laptop and your keyboard is typing odd letters in Windows 10. An external keyboard can be used. This is most likely the most effective strategy to avoid such problems. You must first uninstall the built-in keyboard driver. To perform so, just go behind the steps below:

  • In the search box, press Win + R and type devmgmt.MSC.
  • To access the Device Manager window, press Enter.
  • Choose your keyboard driver from the Keyboards section.
  • Choose Uninstall from the background list of options by right-clicking on it.

Uninstall Keyboard Driver

Approve this process in the next box, and your keypad driver will be removed. Connect the external keypad to your laptop after uninstalling the current keyboard driver, and Windows will immediately install the necessary keyboard driver. Disabling the built-in keyboard may aid in the resolution of the keyboard press keys on their own.

Although this is not a permanent solution, it will help you get rid of the problem. You could also use an on-screen keyboard instead of a real keyboard. To launch the on-screen keypad, press Win + R and then type osk into the search bar. When you press Enter, the on-screen keyboard appears.

Why Is My Keyboard Typing Random Letters When I Press Certain Keys?

Ensure that Use Sticky Keys is disabled. Whether feasible, try connecting an external keyboard or see if the faulty keyboard works with other devices. If nothing else works, get the most recent keyboard drivers for your system mode from the laptop manufacturer’s website and install them. I hope this is useful!

Laptop Keyboard Typing Random Letters

Verify that Use Sticky Keys is disabled. If feasible, you may also try connecting an external keyboard or testing the faulty one by inserting it into other devices. If everything else fails, download your system mode’s most recent keyboard drivers from your laptop’s manufacturer’s website. Have a good day!

What To Do When Your Keyboard Is Typing Random Letters?

Disable Sticky Keys. If feasible, try plugging the affected keyboard onto additional devices. If nothing works, download and install keyboard drivers from your laptop’s manufacturer’s website. Thanks!


Now you know why your keyboard on Windows 10 is typing strange letters and how to fix it if you’re Keyboard Typing Random Letters. Leave a comment below to let us understand which of the options worked for you. If your keyboard continues to type after you’ve tried all of the following fixes, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my keyboard begun to type incorrect letters?

Malware infections may cause your keyboard to enter incorrect characters. Remove the keyboard drivers. Although you should rarely need to do so, updating your keyboard’s drivers or deleting and rebuilding them can sometimes help. Go to Start > type ‘Disk Utility’ into the search box, and then double-click the first choice.

What exactly does it mean to type random letters?

The outcome of someone pounding their keyboard in particular circumstances is known as keyboard mashing. For example, when the typist is frustrated, angry, bored, or trying to relieve stress, or when the typist’s hands & arms are in a violent spasm.

How do I restore normalcy to my typing keyboard?

All you must do is hit the ctrl and shift buttons at the same time to return your keyboard to regular mode. If you want to check if it’s back to normal, press the reference mark key. You can shift it again if it’s still acting up. You ought to be back to normal after this procedure.

What’s the deal with my keys doing various things?

If your system’s keyboard drivers are old and out of date and the necessary driver isn’t installed, any key touched on the keyboard may start random programs. Various Ease of Access options (such as Sticky keys) may potentially contribute to the problem.

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